We’ve got a lot of questions to answer this week.  Will Julius Jones take away carries from Justin Forsett against the hapless Rams? Will Cedric Benson be ready to go against the horrid Cleveland defense or do we get some more Bernard Scott? Does Michael Turner have any chance to get in there against the sorry Tampa rush defense or do we get another good week out of Jason Snelling? Will Ricky Williams score 5 or just 4 touchdowns against the sad Bisons’ rush “defense.”

We also have some Thanksgiving questions which we’ll find the answers to very soon.  Such as, can Marion Barber have a good game against a bad defense or is he just completely worthless? Will the Raiders have one running back come up and get most of the carries and will that be Darren McFadden because I own him? Will Kevin Smith be killed with Saint Stafford and Megatron on the sidelines? Will Ryan Grant keep making me look stupid? Will Danny Ware get enough carries to be fantasy relevant with Ahmad Bradshaw out? Will Knowshon Moreno hold onto the ball while going across the goal line so my team won’t lose by 3 points?

So, there are some questions that might be worth contemplating in say, a sweat lodge, while doing Tai-Chi, yoga, whatever your  spiritual reflection of choice.