Another week is in the books and the numbers are setting like that dirty picture you took of your wife with the Polaroid.  Shake it, Shake it! and we’ll see what we have, oh, it’s a bunch of defensive stats! I thought we were going to get some Bernard Berrian Twitter action! Oh well, you’ll have to settle for some voluptuous matchups.

I have taken three statistics and mushed them up.  The first is the old constant, yards given up per game, passing or rushing.  The second is fantasy points given up to QBs/RBs per game (standard scoring).   The third is yards per attempt, passing or rushing. The higher the average the more pathetic the defense.  Pass defenses on top, rush defenses on bottom. Go!

Here is what quarterbacks have to face this week:


Now let’s take a look at the running backs and how they might fare:


  1. hammerbros says:

    Never commented before, though I followed the baseball side of the site all season and loved the diversity and depth of content there. The football stuff is the same way, but nicely tailored to a game with different nuances.

    So here’s my question:

    My LT/Bowe for
    His Calvin Johnson, Fred Jackson, and Tony Romo

    League is standard scoring with 3WR and 2RB (i.e. no flex) starting.

    My team:
    QB: Schaub, Hasselbeck
    RB: Chris Johnson, LT, Leon Washington, Tim Hightower, Julius Jones
    WR: Bowe, Cotchery, Harvin, Manningham, Eddie Royal

    The catch is, trading Bowe for Calvin Johnson leaves me with only 3 WR’s playing this week (Johnson and Royal have byes); Cotchery, Manningham, Harvin are all injury risks. Do I sacrifice the security of having a sure starter, Bowe, in the lineup this week for a superior player going forward?

    I’ll also have to drop Hasselbeck, so taking back Romo doesn’t really help me much. I want to make a counter-offer for a different piece, but I’m also afraid this deal might not last long.

  2. Asdrubal Bastardo says:

    I’ve got a mini conundrum. I have 3 players I am considering starting in 2 spots. I will list reasons for and against starting them.

    Kevin Walter vs. SF – I am skeptical because he has given me nothing so far. But I want to start him because he is playing my televised Niners and if he gets shut out, it will benefit them (win-win).

    Devin Hester vs. CIN – With the Bengals best pass rusher going down last week, I figure Cutler will have more time to find him, right? (boom or bust)

    Sidney Rice vs. PIT – Tough matchup that I think will be handled with the ground game. But I also have a feeling he could reel in a TD or 2 because Favre seems to favor him (playing the hot hand(s))

    Any thoughts? Thanks

  3. danimal35 says:

    I was offered Bowe/Walter for Caddy/Donald Brown

    Caddy and Brown are bench players for me and while they significantly thin out my bench, I would still have AP/Ronnie B/Slaton starting and Mendenhall/Felix Jones on the bench

    my current starting wide receivers are D Mason/Avery/Harvin with Ginn on the bench

    we start 2 RB/ 3 WR/ 1 FLEX but it is PPR and .5 Pt per carry…do I take this deal??? I think I should becaues I will never use caddy or DBrown, but should I be going after better WR? please advise

  4. Schlitzy says:

    I have no TE (had to pick up Randy McMike for the week). One owner has Celek as his backup. I have some good bench RB’s- should I offer him Bradshaw or Lynch for Celek? Chris Johnson and Ronnie B (thanks!) are my 2 starters.

  5. MarkM says:

    I just traded Lee Evans and Donald Driver for Matt Hassalbeck and Julius Jones in a 2WR 2RB 2Flex 14 team. I’ve got a very strong RB core and plan on using Jones in the final Flex spot.

    I’ve got McNabb and Garrard too and plan on trying to flip McNabb for a Sims-Walker/Colston type receiver. Am I asking too much and was I too itchy with the trigger on that trade?

  6. Josh says:

    @Schlitzy: I wouldn’t do this. If McMichael is really the best thing you can get off the waiver wire, maybe you ought to look at a larger trade with someone where you’d get a tight end as one of the pieces. But giving up one of those RBs for Celek seems really uneven.

    @hammerbros: I would make this move, but then actively start shopping Romo as soon as I got him. There’s no reason for you to carry both him and Schaub.

  7. MarkM says:

    @Schlitzy: I don’t like moving either of those RBs for any TE short of maybe Tony Gonz or Owen Daniels. In my 14 team, Benjamin Watson, Zach Miller, and Kevin Boss are all FA. I’d rather have any of them at TE and keep those RBs.

  8. BP says:

    I cant seem to understand how this chart works….do the teams at the top of the charts have better matchups?

    And, if so, with the running backs – MINN @ PITT is a better statistical matchup than SD @ KC?

    Maybe I’m reading it wrong

  9. Ian says:

    Beanie Wells and Chester Taylor were both dropped in my league (10 team, PPR). Should I add either one? I could drop D. Ward or Fred Jackson.

    Also, should I bench Pierre Thomas or Mendenhall for Choice (he has a better matchup)?

  10. Byron says:

    im really thin at rb- my rbs are kevin smith, moreno,mccoy, and mcfadden- with smith and moreno on bye and mcfadden hurt im in a bad spot this week- there is nothin on the waiver as im in a 12 team league that favors rbs- im stacked at wr with fitz, moss, hines ward, nicks, moore, and massaquoia- i offered the westbrook owner in our league hines ward and mccoy for benson and jamal lewis- what does everyone think?

  11. Joe Cooper says:

    Any thoughts on Michael Crabtree? He’s available in several of my leagues and I was debating whether or not he constituted immediate pick-up. I’m pretty much in the dark in regards to his role in the offense though it seems like anyone starting with that talent should be owned. But should he be started?

  12. SANCHEZ says:


    Who would you start in PPR this week?

    Kevin Walter or Lance Moore

  13. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Joe Cooper: i have to believe he will get targeted,you have gore coming back and he should get a few shots down field,id only start him if bye weeks had me really thin at wr until we see what he does,but id own him

  14. stumanji says:

    Currently have Collie as my WR2 with some guys on bye. Any of these guys a better play/pickup?

    Lance Moore, Caldwell, Coles, Wallace, Meachem, Crayton, Bennett, Ginn, Bess…

    I’m leaning towards one of the NO guys. Prob Moore (since it’s a PPR).

  15. stumanji says:

    @stumanji: Remove Moore and add Devery Henderson and Nate Washington to the above list of FA WRs.

  16. Jo says:

    So i didn’t plan this bye week correctly and i’m stuck picking up a free agent for my flex position. My top options, from what i own or could pick up, include:

    Antonio Bryant
    Larry Johnson
    Ted Ginn
    Mark Clayton
    Correll Buckhalter
    Jamaal charles
    bobby wade

    (This is PPR)

  17. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @stumanji: i like vs rams

  18. generic says:

    Need a flex player for this week at WR/TE and don’t see any great WR on the wire.

    Heath Miller or Owen Daniels?

  19. nate says:

    @generic: Miller. Vikings are one of the worst in the league against TEs, 49ers are good against TEs.

  20. Probable Party Starter says:

    I’m pondering starting Ryan over Big Ben (even though Ben has been solid). Do I need to cut back on my crack intake?

  21. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    @Probable Party Starter: Yes, immediately. I’m staging an intervention right now. There’s no way that Pittsburgh runs on that Vikings D line, and Minnesota is 24th in passing yardage against. I’m expecting a big day from Roethlisberger. Ryan has a nice matchup too, but not good enough to leapfrog Roethlisberger.

  22. Doc

    Doc says:

    @hammerbros: I like the way you are going here, but I wouldn’t take Romo. He will put up numbers, but you don’t need him. Try to work something out without him and maybe upgrade from F. Jackson. If you can’t I could see going ahead with it.

    @Asdrubal Bastardo: I think you need to go with the hot hand in Rice.

    @danimal35: I don’t love it for you, but I can understand why you would want to upgrade at WR. I would put a couple feelers out with those two to someone who is hurting for RB.

    @Schlitzy: That’s too much for a TE. I like Celek a lot and see him as a bottom #1 TE, but RB’s are worth a lot.

    @BP: The lower the number the better the defense. So as you get toward the bottom the better the matchup.

    @Ian: A long as you don’t need them starting right now I’d drop Ward for Wells. I like his playoff matchups and he is starting to see more work on passing downs.

    @Byron: I think that is fine. I hate Lewis, but what ev!

    @Joe Cooper: I support Al’s answer!

    @stumanji: I like Henderson’s matchup.

    @Jo: LJ, he’s been bad, but he is still getting plenty of work.

    @generic: I like Miller’s matchup, but Daniels is too good to sit.

    @Probable Party Starter: What mgeoffriau said.

  23. Matt B says:

    Need some help in a 10-Team PPR
    RB: (Pick 2) C Benson vs CHI, LT @ KC, Addai @ STL, M Lynch @ CAR
    Flex: (Pick 1) also include WR P Garcon @ STL, WR J Cotchery @ OAK, WR J Knox @ CIN

  24. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Matt B: Lynch, Benson

    Cotchery if he is healthy

  25. Nick says:

    Who do you start next week alongside Fitzgerald…I have R Williams, Garcon & Breaston…need to choose 2. & Start Mendenhall over Choice/McCoy, right?

  26. david says:

    For a Weekl 7 flex position (non-yoga), would you go with Breaston or Mike Bell?

  27. Ian says:

    Choice or Pierre Thomas in a PPR?

  28. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Ian: i really like thomas,every week

  29. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Doc: compared to gates,what kind of production do you see from miller?i own both and have consisered trading gates for a wr

  30. hammerbros says:

    @Doc: thanks for the reply

    Which of these could be upgrades my potential trading partner has over Romo/F. Jackson at RB: Mendenhall, Maroney, Westbrook, Willie Parker?

    He already rejected Mendenhall/Calvin Johnson for LT/Bowe. I doubt he would do Westbrook/CJ. Is Maroney/CJ worth it?

    Otherwise, I might try this next week, after LT goes against the Chiefs and Bowe, the Chargers. If Mendenhall struggles against Minn., I might be able to revisit my initial counter-offer.

  31. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Nick: Breaston, Mendy

    @david: Bell

    @Ian: I think it is very close, but I like PT

    @AL KOHOLIC: I like the idea and if you can get a top WR go for it, but Miller isn’t going to be as good as Gates.

    @hammerbros: I think that is a good idea. Mendy will have trouble against Minny.

  32. Nick says:

    @Doc: Roy Williams or Garcon for the last receiver?

  33. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Nick: Williams

  34. ryan says:

    Trade Burleson for Anquan. I have Housh as well and just cant see playing two SEA WRs, especially after last weeks performance.

    What do you think guys ??

  35. Doc

    Doc says:

    @ryan: I would do that in a second. Even if Boldin doesn’t go this week he shouldn’t be out any longer than that.

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