If you’re still reading at this point, you either really love fantasy football, or you’re within a game or two (stop playing into Week 17!) of winning your fantasy championship. Ideally, your lineup is set at the typical streamer positions at this point.  Well, unless you somehow managed to advance after Andy Dalton’s early injury last week.  More than likely you didn’t, but perhaps you did.

I know I did.

Yes, despite Dalton’s one-point performance, I was able to survive my first-round playoff matchup to move on to the semifinals.  It’s also a league where every team thinks it’s necessary to hold two or three quarterbacks, so the pickings were slim.  More than any other time this year, I’m desperate for some streamers.


Kirk Cousins (23 percent) vs. Baltimore — Luckily, the Cousins owner in the aforementioned league just dropped him for A.J. McCarron.  Why?  Don’t know, don’t care.  But Cousins is at home, where he has performed the best this year against a woeful Baltimore secondary.  He should perform well.

T.J. Yates (3 percent) at Indianapolis — I’d prefer a Ryan Fitzpatrick or an Alex Smith this week, but Yates was the best available for me.  The Colts secondary is horrible, and he did score 19 points (not pretty) against the Jets earlier this year.  With Nuk Hopkins, he has the chance for a big game.

Tight Ends

Richard Rodgers (62 percent) at Oakland — He may not be available in your league now after his past two weeks, but if he is, quit your job if you have to and pick him up now.  He faces Oakland, who gives up the second-most fantasy points to tight ends on the year.  Start him with confidence.

Zach Miller (33 percent) at Minnesota — Miller scored again last week, and with the state of tight end being what it is, he’s a fringe TE1 the rest of the season.

Kicker/Defense and Special Teams

Chris Boswell (23 percent) vs. Denver — Since Connor Barth played Thursday, I actually have to pick someone else for the kicker spot this week.  Go with Chris Boswell, who has put up double-digit points in fantasy in the past five games.  It’s a high-scoring offense, and the Steelers could be stymied a few times in the red zone against the elite defense.

Jacksonville (5 percent) vs. Atlanta — Houston is the defense you want this week, but they are 70 percent owned, so let’s look at the Jaguars.  It’s easy to say this is chasing points, being that the Jags put up 23 points last week against the Colts.  But, it’s more that they are facing Matt Ryan outdoors.  He’s the most overrated player in football, and is almost guaranteed to throw at least one interception outdoors.



I’ll be traveling for the holidays over the weekend, so best way to send me your questions is on Twitter @MichaelWaterloo.

  1. Randy says:

    I have C West, Langford, DMC, Ryan Mathews, Bryce Brown, CJA, J-Stew at RB; Dez, Diggs, Parker, Michael Floyd at WR. Kelce at TE. I’m starting West/Michael Floyd; who would you pick for 1 more RB, 1 more WR, and would you pick up a guy like Zach Miller to play over Kelce? I’m a significant underdog this week for obvious reasons, if it helps. Thanks! : )

    • @Randy: I would play Miller over Kelce. Hope the WR spot isn’t too late with Dez. I would go Brown > Mathews > Langford. WR I would go Diggs > Parker.

  2. Wacha Wacha says:

    I play in a league with an OP and have always started a QB in that spot. Unfortunately pickings are slim this week for me as well. I’ll be starting Fitzpatrick in the QB spot but who is my best OP option for this week?

    AJ, Yates, M Ryan, Cutler, Mariota or just start a position player that would be on my bench like Forte, Mcfadden or D Baldwin?

    Also would you start Texans D over Broncos D this week?

    Thanks and good luck!

  3. Onemoretime says:

    Sammy Watkins or Tim Hightower at flex?

    Matt prater or josh brown at kicker (I don’t think Colin Boswell is available, but if he is where would you rank him. I own antonio brown too not sure if that matters)

  4. cubjet says:

    Amari Cooper vs green bay or
    Willie Snead vs detroit?

    Also kicker question
    Boswell or McManus?

    Thanks in advance

    • @cubjet: Cooper > Snead. I was faced with same kicker dilemma . Went Boswell > McManus.

  5. Hoss says:

    PPR League and I’ve got McFaddon and J. White starting at RB as of right now. For my last flex spot who I need to make a decision between B. Bolden, B. Brown, B. LaFell, F. Whittaker, Jordan Matthews, and DaVante Parker. Any advice would be appreciated.

    • @Hoss: For me: Bolden > Brown > LaFell > Whittaker > Parker > Matthews.

  6. Money Mike says:

    Sup Waterloo,
    *Let’s make it to the Super Bowl my friend!!*
    PPR league need 2 WR: Cobb, Watkins, Hilton, Snead
    …Also need a Flex: Brandon Bolden, D. Walker, or any of the above WR?
    Probably a no brainer but Alex Smith or Philip Rivers?
    Thanks and great work!

    • @Money Mike: Watkins > Cobb > Hilton > Bolden > Snead > Walker.

      Rivers > Smith.

  7. Steve Stevenson says:

    Top 2 wk 16 DST stashes: Det vSF, Oak vSD, BUF vDal, Mia v Ind.

  8. Pukastubby says:

    Cousins vs Bal huh??

  9. I got $100 for groceries, $1400 for liquor, and $6,000 for you to bail a couple of shit puppets out of jail says:

    who overrates ryan? he’s ranked pretty low for a while now (deservingly so)

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