After a somewhat surprising and certainly entertaining Week 1 of the NFL, your team could be in desperate need of something special to create the competitive edge in your matchup this week.  If you had a highly ranked defense like the Steelers fall (extremely) flat and spark the downward spiral into last place in your league, you may want to start looking at the waivers for a defense that could put the life back into your team.

Besides the stout Defenses that are taken in majority of leagues, there are favorable matchups each week that could be your Sherpa to the post season this year. Fearing the worst for your defense, here are some Defenses that are likely waiver pickups in your league that could be the game changer for Week 2:

Dallas DEF vs. SF

Barring another Ted Ginn Jr miracle this week, I like the matchup that the Dallas Defense has against a dreadful San Francisco offense.  In Week 1, we saw the Dallas D hold the typically run heavy Jets to a mere 45 total rushing yards, granted they did throw the ball 44 times. Still, they were able to swarm the pocket, force 2 fumbles, and sack the QB a total of 4 times against a very stout offensive line.  I saw a very weak and lackluster offense in San Francisco last week who only managed to put in one offensive touchdown (a rush by QB Alex Smith) against Seattle’s Defense and expect the Cowboys to come out with an extra chip on their shoulder after a very tough loss in Week 1.

Houston DEF vs. MIA

After acquiring DEF Coordinator Wade Phillips, who molded DeMarcus Ware into the sack-monster he is today, the Houston Defense displayed their dominance against a Peyton-less Colts offense from start to finish. Although Hou was adjusting to the 3-4 scheme, they were able to collapse the pocket, force turnovers, and completely eliminate Indy’s hopes of establishing any sort of rhythm.  Mario Williams looked like a natural at the OLB position and sacked the statuesque Collins twice and also forced a fumble. Although the matchup against Miami isn’t as favorable this week, Houston should be able to put pressure on Henne and create turnovers as we saw the past weekend in Houston.

Detroit DEF vs. KC

I know, this matchup could easily turn out to be a shoot out this week, leaving both defenses with large Points Scored Against numbers. However, based on the performance that Kansas City had last week against a Buffalo defense that used to be the punching bag of plug ‘n’ play, this could possibly be a huge pickup off the waiver wire. Last week, Detroit’s solid defensive line was able to keep Tampa Bay to only a total of 56 rushing, while the Chiefs’ explosive run game was only able to peel off 108 total rushing yards against a defense that was ranked last against the run just a season ago.  I expect Suh to be a dominating force on the line, creating chaos and confusion for Kansas City, who are clearly having trouble getting things started this season.

Surprise Streamer of the Week:

Buffalo DEF vs. OAK

Here’s something you never thought you would read coming into the 2011 season, someone might actually start the Bills’ Defense.  WHAT? After routing the Kansas City Chiefs last week, Buffalo has proven that they have the ability to stop a high octane offense by allowing only 213 total yards.  It was clear in the 2011 Draft that Buffalo’s main focus this off season was to improve their defense by spending 7 of their 9 picks on defensive players. Although Terrence McGee may be out this week, their corners should be able to shut down a rather unexciting passing game in Oakland.  The Bills managed to hold their ground against the Chiefs’ elite running game and could very well do the same against McFadden and the Raiders this week. Another thing to consider is that Oakland allowed a return for a TD last week in Denver and the Bills have a very elusive return man in CJ Spiller that is capable of taking it to the house on any given return.  If Buffalo is able to get out in front again this week, which is very possible with Fitzpatrick at the helm, Oakland will be stuck in the same situation as KC was on Sunday.

  1. Rob says:

    Great article! I’m in a 12 team league and just had a huge week starting the San Fran defense. Should I drop San Fran because they play the Cowboys this week and pickup Houston or Detroit?

    Or should i stay put with San Fran as my defense this year? It is nice having the home run threat of Teddy Ginn each week.

  2. Eisy says:

    What do you think about the Denver D as compared to Buffalo this week? If Gradkowski is starting, couldn’t you see Dumervil teeing off on him?

  3. Wilson says:

    What about picking up the Giants against an injury plagued St. Louis offense?

  4. Mark Lee

    Mark Lee says:

    San Fran definitely has a strong Run Def, holding Seattle to only 64 yds on the ground, but they got burnt in the secondary twice by T. Jackson of all people. Romo and his receivers are not even comparable to the pass game in Seattle. So, I would say that Ginn JR is the best looking part of this matchup- if you wanna bet on that- HEY it could happen.

    If you want to hold on to SF and maybe take a look at a better matchup, it would be worth putting them on the bench for this week.

  5. Rags says:

    Anyone who wants to help, advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Non-PPR, two RB, three WR, plus flex.

    Drafted McFadden, Hillis, DeAngelo Williams, Starks, and Tolbert in non-PPR keeper league.

    Megatron and Mike Williams (TB) are my WR 1 and 2, but Meachem is my WR3. I’m fine with Meachem while Colston and Moore are out, but I think I should look for another WR with all the RB talent sitting on my bench.

    Which RB would you trade and who would you target? I’d lean towards keeping Starks because he was drafted low and might be a good keeper for next year if his stock keeps rising. I’d be happy to trade Williams but I don’t know if anyone will take him.

    What kind of WR do you think I could get from Tolbert? Or do you think I should keep Tolbert and Starks as my flex and see if anyone emerges from the wire? Mike Thomas is on there now, pick him up and drop Delone Carter or Kendall Hunter?


  6. Random Collmenter says:

    Start Beanie or Reggie Bush this week?

    Kolb or Eli?

    Percy, Burleson, or Bess?


  7. Chunk says:

    @Rags: Definitely drop hunter to add Thomas, you don’t need that kind of depth at RB. I’d try to move Williams, and maybe package him with tolbert or starks but keep one for your flex. I like them both more than williams anyways. target a WR2 that underperformed this week on a team that needs RBs.

    @Mark Lee: whats the reasoning for crediting a defense with a return TD? Most returners and don’t even play defense. I’d argue that the moment the returner has the ball is the moment that the team is no longer on defense, but now on offense. The returner should get the points, not the D, which is how we score in my league. Thoughts?

  8. Mark Lee

    Mark Lee says:

    @Chunk: I apologize that I did not clarify that the sections regarding return TD should only be applied to leagues where the Team Defenses also record stats for the special teams as well. The leagues I have joined have points for blocked kicks, return tds, etc. Therefore, if your league does not include special teams in your Team Defense, please disregard the information regarding the return TDs.

  9. Chunk says:

    @Mark Lee: Gotcha. Thanks for the clarification, and good luck in all your leagues this year!

  10. Jeremy says:

    should I play the bears D vs a potent NO offense, or go down and grab the texans d vs mia, or dallas vs sf? I’d drop the injured lance moore proabably. I just don’t want to lose on account of defense

  11. Mr2Bits says:

    Whats your thoughts on Cleveland?

  12. Rob says:

    Alrighty Mark, you led me to victory last week with dropping San Fran for Detriot. Same question this week:

    You starting Detroit Defense @ Min or San Fran D @ Cin?

  13. Mark Lee

    Mark Lee says:

    @Rob. I like Detroit better out of the two. However, my post for streaming defenses for this week should be coming up. Glad I could help you get the win last week.

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