If you’re looking at your team defense and feelin’ a little iffy about their upcoming matchup, have no fear, I’ve got some fillers for ya! This week, if you own Pittsburgh or you own Dallas or you own Detroit, you know that they could potentially be your downfall, and at this point in the season you need all the help you can get.  Yes, the Steelers and Cowboys can rack up the sacks on indecisive QBs, but they’re also facing teams that know how to rack up the score. So here are some other options on defense that aren’t owned in the majority of leagues out there and could easily lead you to victory.

Tampa Bay vs. IND

If there’s one thing that is certain so far this year, it is that the Colts are a completely different team when they are without Peyton Manning. Last week, they almost managed to pull off a surprising win against the Steelers, but I don’t think they will have a repeat this week. With racking up turnovers and sacks left and right, the colts have almost turned into a guaranteed offense to stream a defense. With the questions they face at QB this week and a dominating Buccaneers’ defense; you should see a big game for this defense.

 Atlanta vs. SEA

Seattle is struggling this year on offense and that is not an understatement. Even with the return of Sydney Rice, they still have trouble moving the ball and scoring. In their win last week, they still only put up 13 pts against Arizona, bringing their average pts per game to just 10 points per game. Atlanta should be able to turn the ball over and add a few sacks while keeping Seattle’s score low and thus making them a very viable option to plug if your defense is facing a strong offense this week.

Minnesota vs. KC

I hate to kick ‘em when they’re down, but the Chiefs are in very sad situation this season; just one year after having one of the most electrifying offenses in the league. In their defense, they’ve lost some key starters and finally got a Bowe his first touchdown of the season; so there are some positives. But if the Vikings are smart, they’ll shutdown Bowe and try to let KC run the ball without Jamaal Charles. Expect Jared Allen and the recently healed defense to bring the heat and cause a huge headache of Cassel and the Chiefs.

Surprise Streamer of the Week

Tennessee vs. CLE

The Titans defense is doing surprisingly well this year and has played a huge role in their wins by allowing the second fewest points scored in the league. They have also allowed the fewest total yards this season by averaging 89 rushing yards allowed and 172 passing. Cleveland will struggle against this defense with its passing game and try to rely on Hillis to pound his way through their D-Line. All and all this will be a hard fought battle and I expect the Tennessee defense to hold its ground and give little way to Hillis and the Browns.

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  1. Mungfisher says:

    Each of these teams is available in my league but I’m rolling with the Saints this week. Could be available in many other leagues as their match ups last week (HOU) and week one (GB) were terrible. But from now through week 9 their match ups are juicy (JAX, CAR, TB, IND, STL, TB).

    Hopefully done streaming for a while.

  2. Mark Lee

    Mark Lee says:

    @Mungfisher: Thats a good call. The only matchup I’d shy away from would be CAR, but thats all depending on how Newton holds up.

  3. Cobby says:

    Would you use any of these over Chicago (vs. CAR) this week?

  4. Mario says:

    You forgot about Houston

  5. Mark Lee

    Mark Lee says:

    @Cobby: I would definitely consider streaming a def over chicago, yes they might INT Newton and sack the hell out of him, but Newton could also go off like he did against GB and ARIZ

  6. jacques colston says:

    GOD I LOVE A STREAMER !!!!!!!!

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