Week 6 of the NFL is here folks! I hope everyone is enjoying the ups and downs of a season without much needed offseason work outs. It seems as if the lockout has had a greater impact on players, teams and Fantasy Football than many anticipated as we have seen a slew of injuries and slow starts. But this has also created a very interesting season from a Fantasy perspective; full of sleepers and duds.  If it looks like your defense might end up being a dud this week, this article was written for you.

Week 6 is full of Divisional and Conference matchups and you can bet that means defenses will be playing with an extra chip on their shoulder. Every game is important, but when it comes to wild cards and playoff standings, they know that divisional and conference standings are the kickers that decide who is in and who is out.  So here are some team Defenses that can replace some iffy matchups:

Cincinnati vs. IND

It seems that every week, I suggest streaming the defense that is playing the Colts, and last week was certainly an upset w KC getting scored upon left and right. This week, however, IND faces the 6th ranked DEF in terms of points allowed and the #1 ranked in total yards allowed. Although the Bengals have only gotten 1 int thus far, they’ve racked up 13 sacks and forced 7 fumbles. This week will definitely prove to be tougher for Painter and the Colts than last week’s matchup.

Detroit v. SF

This is going to be a real test for the 49ers offensively and defensively against the undefeated Lions. Suh and company will keep the pressure on Alex Smith and also do their best to keep Gore at bay. They have totaled 12 sacks, 7 interceptions, 2 int for touchdowns, and 5 forced fumbles. If Detroit gets ahead on the scoreboard, San Fran will really struggle to keep it close, which will only bode well for the Lions’ Defense.

New Orleans vs. TB

More teams actually own Detroit Defense than those who own New Orleans, and this week the Saints have a very favorable matchup against Division Rival Tampa Bay. It looks as if the Buccs offense will be without Blount this week and the Saints will force Freeman throw it more than he wants to. And although the Saints are about average for total yards allowed, we saw the Buccs struggle last week to get anything accomplished through the air and we could see similar results this week against the Saints.

Surprise Streamer of the Week  

Minnesota vs. CHI

Although the odds of the Vikings actually coming out on top of this game are fairly slim, the Bears are a nightmare at protecting their QB by allowing 18 total sacks. You can expect Minnesota to keep the pressure on Cutler in hopes of him turning over the ball. The Vikings have already amassed 16 sacks, 6 interceptions, 4 forced fumbles, and are only allowing about 21 pts per game. Look for them to continue this trend this weekend.

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  1. Greg says:

    What about Buffalo? I know that they’ve allowed TONS of yardage and have had easy picks (i.e. Vick last weekend), but they seem to be capitalizing very well on their opportunities. Would you say it’s worth riding this train for another week?

  2. Shippity says:

    thanks for the streaming d info, but for those streaming defenses, we usually have to make this decision before friday comes around to have the best choice of what’s available. just a suggestion if your analysis isn’t sensitive to mid week changes

  3. Mark Lee

    Mark Lee says:

    @Shippity: duly noted

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