Finally at the exact mid-point of the season this year, we have a very good understanding of the personalities of teams and their defenses. There are certainly some great matchups this week and also plenty of matchups that are avoidable if possible. It will be interesting to see how Pittsburgh and Baltimore fare against each other this time around compared to the romping in Baltimore we saw the first week of the season. I am cautious about starting either this week, with the Steelers getting more upside than the Ravens.

The favorable matchups this week are against the usual suspects and should be profitable as they usually are. I’ve discovered that every week I recommend streaming New Orleans (last week and week 6), they end up losing… So I’ve decided to hold off this week for all the Nawlins’ fans out there.

Atlanta vs. IND

Alright, well it’s no secret that just about every week, you should look to stream the defense playing against the Colts, and this week is no different. The Colts are averaging a miserable 294.9 total yards a game on offense and only have 12 total touchdowns this season.  That said- this will benefit any defense that can hold their ground as Atlanta has 13 sacks, 9 interceptions, and 6 forced fumbles thus far.

Kansas City vs. MIA

Miami has given up large leads in its last two games due to their poor defense and an inconsistent offense. This week they face the Chiefs that have a knack for picking off poor passers with 13 total interceptions this season. Although KC only has 9 sacks on the year, they should be able to get to Moore with the Dolphins giving up close to 4 sacks a game.

Dallas vs. SEA

Surprisingly, Dallas is available in many leagues out there and needs to be on all rosters this week against a pitiful excuse for an offense in Seattle. Dallas is averaging 3 sacks a game and this week they face the most sack-friendly offense in the league; allowing 28 sacks. Seattle’s horrid offense has only scored 11 tds this season and average 15.6 pts a game. Start Dallas with confidence this weekend.

Surprise Streamer of the Week

Oakland vs. DEN

This might be an ugly match up after what we saw last week with Tebow and week 7 with Carson Palmer. Never the less, this should be a great match up for the Raiders’ defense. They have 7 interceptions and 16 sacks, but keep in mind that Tebow has been sacked 14 times in the last two games and fumbled 4 times. Seems like a good matchup for any defense…


  1. Jason says:

    Are these Def rank in order? Cause I picked up Oakland, but Atlanta and KC are available.

  2. zandercage says:

    Lining up my DST’s for some weeks ahead where CIN doesn’t match up favorably. Hope you can help.

    Sorry to steal any thunder for any upcoming weeks. ;)

    Week 10 => CLE v stl, KC v den, WSH @ mia, or JAC @ ind
    Week 11 => JAC @ cle or CLE v jac
    Week 13 => MIN v den or NE v ind


  3. B.o.B. says:

    @ Jason: was wondering the same thing. I just picked up KC but Atl is available. Is Atl the better option here?

  4. Jhern says:

    Would you start Matt Hasselbeck against a hard Cin defense or pick up Cassel on the waivers who is playing Miami?

  5. @Jason: No they aren’t in any order. Ive streamed KC this week, but I like Oakland just as much

    @B.o.B.: Very close call, both are good, but i like KC at home a little more than ATL at IND

    @Jhern: Cassel

  6. @zandercage: well looking at the mtachups youve given and where the season is now, id say

    week 10: KC
    week 13: CLE
    week 13: MIN

    Now if tebow gets benched or manning comes back or whatever, these can all change

  7. @Mark Lee: correction, thats supposed to be week 11 in the middle there, my b

  8. paulzone says:

    so out of KC, Oak and Atl, which do you consider to have the most upside?

  9. @paulzone: well based on the fact that tebow has been sacked 7 times each of the last two games, i’d say that oakland has the best upside out of the three

  10. paulzone says:

    @Mark Lee: oak or stl d now that skelton is leading the cards?

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