An interesting factoid that you may not be aware of is that since 2009, Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth have called exactly half of all the Giants vs. Cowboys games. Which essentially means that if you’ve watched Sunday Night Football since 2009, you also watched exactly half of all the Giants vs. Cowboys games. What can I say? Sometimes math is very kind to me. Granted, this math probably applies equally to any Cowboys/Eagles, Ravens/Steelers, and Manning/Brady games, with a few Pats/Colts and Seahawks/49ers match-ups thrown in, so what I’m basically saying I guess is that NBC loves ratings and schedules their games accordingly. This incredible deduction by yours truly may or may not have been because I’m a fan of BBC’s Sherlock… but it certainly didn’t hurt.


By the Numbers


5,789 – The amount of times news outlets have announced that Darren McFadden and Joseph Randle will be the lead back in tonight game.

1989 – The year Jason Garrett graduated from Princeton.

1989 – Times that Jason Garrett has called an outside shovel pass on 3rd and long.

1988 – The number of times that said shovel passes have not worked…

28 – The amount of juice boxes Eli Manning drinks per day.


Drinking Game


Take one sip of beer if…

The camera shows Tony Romo sitting on the bench causally watching the jumbotron.

If they show the jumbotron.

Coughlin is chewing gum, cocks his sideways, and puts his hands on his hips.

Jason Garrett calls a dumb toss, reverse, or draw on a 3rd-and-five or more.

During every shameless plug for NBC’s sh*tty shows. (Take two sips if it’s for that stupid Heroes: Reborn nonsense. Take three sips if it’s for that equally stupid Blind Spot show.)

Take one shot of liquor if…

Jerry Jones is seen in the booth with a surly look.

Eliface happens.

You see a Giants defensive player put up his hands in confusion.

The Giants get into the redzone and end up settling for a field goal.

Finish all the alchohal in your house if…

Romonobyl happens.


Totally Legitmate Game Prediction


Giants – 327

Cowboys – 401 

  1. Dorian says:

    Just found out that McCown went down with that only Browns type of injury, and now I entirely regret having dropped Manziel.

    Ugh. What a rough weekend fantasy wise. Game wise, has been pretty good.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Dorian: To be fair, Manziel didn’t really show much. And sadness for the Browns is common place at this point.

      • Dorian says:

        Oh, I know. Just we have a flex that can have a QB, and they put up the most points (even the bad ones), so yeah. Just regretting it.

        Especially since outside of Kelce, my team is so terrible it isn’t funny.

        • Jay

          Jay says:

          @Dorian: Yeah, I hear ya, in those superflex leagues, you gotta start two QB’s as much as possible.

  2. Chicken Dinner says:

    Need a flex for tomorrow’s games. It’s BIG.

    R Matthews/ Rudolph/ Beasley/ Donnell

    Who’s going HAM?

  3. Clos says:

    Jay whuddup you think I should drop colston or Mike Wallace for eifert?

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Clos: Colston I think.

  4. Tehol Beddict says:

    What would you do for an ODJ 3 TD GAME?

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Tehol Beddict: I don’t really own him any where, so nothing?

  5. Jojo says:

    Andre Ellington down.

    Should I drop C. Michael for david or Chris Johnson?


    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Jojo: Leaning David there.

  6. I got $100 for groceries, $1400 for liquor, and $6,000 for you to bail a couple of shit puppets out of jail says:

    2 QB league where i have this roster (max 6 RB and WR). dynasty also, thought i was getting a steal where i grabbed manning (this is even as i told other people in dynasties to sell this dude for 50 cents on last year’s dollar values). 12 teamer. PPR with 6 PT passing TD’s. start 3 WR, 2 RB, 2 flex and those can be TE.
    QB Rodgers/P.Manning/Taylor
    RB forte/ivory/j.bell/woodhead/k.davis (seems good dynasty piece)
    WR – k.allen/edelman/d-jax (yikes)/cruz/m.floyd (ARI, yikes i have to play him next week)/nelson (IR)
    TE ertz/julius thomas/donnell
    thinking i kinda need a 4th QB with manning looking like it’s about over soon. I’m willing to go with Ertz for awhile here if need be. Any idea how much my bids (i have 99/100 left, won donnell for $1 this week) should be for these (i’ll only go with one, dropping donnell)
    sanchez (can probably get this one for free)

      • I got $100 for groceries, $1400 for liquor, and $6,000 for you to bail a couple of shit puppets out of jail says:

        @Jay: his long throws were completely terrible, and some short ones too. So long term i should save the money that mallett will definitely cost and bid like $4 or so on Oswelier. brand new league and the only thing i have to go off of with bids is most are for 1 or 2, but these cost:
        – hoyer for $11 by some twit that drafted glennon first?
        – D.will for $20 by some moron who’s best RB #2 is T.Coleman, and after that has nothing resembling a starter, and who doesn’t have L.Bell
        -big IDP names like mayo/trevathan/mathieu/d.johnson (we only start 4 IDP of any type) went for 3-5$.
        – yet a backup 2 days ago manziel went for free.

        Good god Romo has made some junk short passes, and NYG have apparently benched Jennings due to that fumble when he fell into his own blocker’s ass and got striped.

  7. Nick says:

    Hey Jay,

    PPR league, who would you rather have as an RB2: Woodhead or Yeldon.

    Sproles and Hill are my other backs.

    Thanks in advance,

  8. JcSnake says:

    With Dez injury update now 8 – 12 weeks, should I be looking to replace Romo?

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      He still has weapons, I think he’ll be okay.

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