So that 49ers/Saints bout was amazing! I haven’t seen a game that good in a opossums’ age. I was wrong on the outcome but I was right that it would be a good one. The Niners brought the hard hitting and the Saints brought the high flying but in the end it was Alex Smith and Vernon Davis that made the difference. I didn’t think Smith had it in him but he certainly did yesterday.

The Patriots/Broncos game went about as I thought but the Patriots defense came to play and completely shut down Tim Tebow even more than I expected they would. And of course Tom Brady went all Y.A. Tittle with 6 touchdown passes, 5 in the first half and 3 of those to Rob Gronkowski. Belichick and Brady were tired of Tebowmania and just tore the bandwagon apart, set it on fire and then pissed on the ashes.

The first game brings Flacco vs. Yates which isn’t exactly a matchup of monumental proportions, but these two defenses are in the top of the rankings and we should see some hard hitting football. The Ravens are set up to win this one at home but I do think it will be a close one. In the end this will most likely come down to which quarterback can make the most plays because the running games and defenses are close to a wash. I’m going to take the Ravens at home with Flacco’s experience trumping Yates.

Ravens 17 – Texans 16

The main event pits the Giants vs the Packers. These two met earlier this season in what was a close fought game with the Packers edging them out. This should be a high scoring affair and the Giants are playing very well right now. It wouldn’t be a total shock if they pull this one out up in Lambeau but I don’t see any real reason the odds shouldn’t be in the Packers favor at home. Aaron Rodgers is much more consistent than Eli Manning and if I’m betting on one or the other it will always be Rodgers. That’s not to say that Eli isn’t able to beat Rodgers but I’m not going to put my hard earned nickel on it. When you look at the talent at the skill positions it’s close to a wash. Lambeau and Rodgers tip the scales for me in this one.

Packers 37 – Giants 27

Carl of course is a die hard Giants fan and is not a fan of the “belt move.” I can’t say I disagree.