You’ve heard enough about this game by now that I’m not going to be able to give you much enlightenment. My take on today’s bout is pretty simple. I believe the Giants have the more well rounded team with a strong defense and offense while the Patriots have a stronger offense and a slightly weaker defense. I believe the game will be extremely close and whoever has the ball last will most likely be the winner. I’m going to predict that that team is the Giants. I seriously have never felt that a Super Bowl was this evenly matched. It should be an awesome one so don’t get so drunk that you miss out on what should be an awesome finish!

Giants 24 – Patriots 21


Our ESPN Playoff League is coming down to the wire. The winner gets this awesome Razzball mug:

Good luck all!

I’d now like to announce the 2011 Razzball Commenter League Champion – – KJ Is The Man wins! He amazingly won the overall prize while not winning his league with an amazing 13 win season while no other team topped 11 wins. Quite a run KJ! Congrats.

Check out how you finished here and if you won your league send me an email at doc at razzball dot com with your address and league name.

Fantasy Sports Trophies is graciously giving us an overall trophy and individual league trophies. You will someday be able to show your grand kids these trophies and talk about the good old days when fantasy football was a gentleman’s game and everyone wore top hats and kids didn’t have droid helpers and the air didn’t smell of sulphur.

Fantasy Sports Trophies offer a variety of fantasy trophies such as Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Auto Racing along with fantasy football draft boards for those that like to gather their fantasy clan together for a few brews and some good old fashioned ego depleting put downs. They also carry trophies of the less glorious type. Like, the Biggest Crybaby Award or the Bull Shit Trade Award. So take a look see at their site. There’s something for everyone.

Here is KJ’s trophy in all its glory:


  1. josh says:

    Great call on the super dock, it’s like, you can see into the future or something…

  2. JimParkey says:

    Theoretical physicists claim the simplest theory/analysis/explanation is usually the best. That’s why doc rocks and is usually right.

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