One of the best things about the Super Bowl is the prop bets. Not only are they a fun assortment of both football and miscellaneous bets, but friends and family that wouldn’t know a parlay from a quinella enthusiastically place bets. I compiled my favorites for an extra thick Propageddon. Here are some bets I find particularly interesting:

Will Dilly Dilly be said during a commercial?

  • Yes (-200)
  • No (+150)

Bud Light’s Dilly Dilly campaign was sweeping the nation last winter. There was an enormous over on the number of time Dilly would be said in 2018’s broadcast. It feels like lock we get at least one Dilly Dilly this year.

Will Bill Belichick be wearing a grey hoodie at the beginning of the game?

  • Yes (-105)
  • No (-105)

Maybe I love this prop so much because it fascinates me that Belichick can pull off looking like a slob in the spectacular fashion that he does. Grey or blue is the question.

Which team will punt first?

This one depends largely on who wins the coin toss and if they want the ball to start. The Patriots love deferring for the second half, so there’s value on the Rams here.

Which QB will record more passing yards?

Brady hasn’t been up to his normal standards most of this season, in large part due to his surrounding cast. Belichick does prefer to run the ball if able. All that said, it’s hard to forget what Brady did last year in catch up mode.

Who will record the most receiving yards?

This is such a wide open prop. Edelman makes tons of sense, but either Rams stud could outproduce him. That all makes me want to reach for a long shot at better odds like Phillip Dorsett.

Who will win the Super Bowl MVP award?

Is it just me, or is that a crazy number for Edelman? He could easily dominate the Patriots targets and even get involved with special teams or a trick play. Brady getting minus odds tells you everything you need to know about the award, though. It’s going to the winning QB.