As I’ve been alluding to in some past content, or peppering, if you will, and I might, because steak, the projections, like winter, were coming. There is no more alluding anymore folks. DEATH TO ALL ALLUSIONS. Because someone once told me that time is a flat circle. Everything we’ve done or will do, we’re going to do over and over again. Alright-alright-alright. In this regard, I wouldn’t mind if this day kept repeating itself. Because of steak, the end of allusions, and the 2014 Fantasy Football Projections are here. Could use more boobs though. I’ll look into that. (Life story bro.)

Note: I’d like to thank Rudy, for whom this would not be possible. I’m just going to assume dark wizardry was involved, and just keep my mouth shut. I shall sacrifice several Twix bars in your honor!

I am very happy to introduce Razzball’s 2014 Fantasy Football Projections

Please, blog, may I have some more?