It wasn’t really my intention to write about this topic, but we’ve been getting plenty of questions about this scoring format and I wanted to make sure I had a concrete answer to give. Though, I do prefer wood a bit more. (That’s what she said.) Plus, if a reader asks about this type of format, all I have to do is link them this post. It’s always nice to answer things back in hyperlinks, because blue is a great color, you get a free underline, and you can interact with them! You only get one out of those three when paying $54.00 to go see the Blue Man Group. What. A. Steal. Regardless, we’re here to talk about how a 6 Point Passing Touchdown affects the scoring of your Quarterbacks, and how that changes where they sit in the rankings, and furthermore, how you should react in the draft based off of all this information. So let’s get this party started.

Please, blog, may I have some more?