Like always, this week entailed some shock, some disappointments, and some anger and confusion. I’d like to reach out to anyone who played Jamaal Charles on Sunday. I was one of them, and it sucks. However, there’s nothing you can do. Injuries happen, and you cannot prevent them. I get it. Fantasy sports is exciting stuff. I go bananas over season-long fantasy football, so I can understand how people go bananas over DFS. It’s serious fun. I even have played DFS Golf, MLB, NASCAR, MMA, and NHL, trying to win more money than I have ever made in my entire life. And you do the same. So where do I come in? I want people to listen to me, to play that player at that position, and to walk away 25,000 times richer than they already are. I really do. However, certain people don’t (and that’s okay), certain people do, and then someone like Sam Bradford throws three interceptions. What I don’t want people to do is to consider putting food on the table for their kids, or to deposit an extra $10 to try, and fail at winning $25K because they are certain that Owen Daniels will have a great game against the defense that allows the most fantasy points to TE’s. I want people to enjoy doing this, and most importantly, have fun. Fantasy Football should be an escape from any drama that is occurring in one’s life. Have fun. Enjoy the smack talk, the late nights, the waiver wire, messing with your lineup at 5:00 AM on Sunday before you turn on NFL GameDay morning. Enjoy it. Let’s review Week 4, shall we?

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