Streaming on a Team Plan

All my teams are packed

I’m ready to go

I’m standing here waiting for Thursday

I hate to wake you up to say goodbye

But your playoffs are breakin’

It’s early no more

The teams awaiting

He’s blowin his own horn

Already I’m so lonesome atop

I could die (if I lose)

But I’m streaming on a team plan

Don’t know when I’ll ever lose again

Oh babe, I hate to lose

Please, blog, may I have some more?

Happy Halloween! Or belated Halloween since you’ll be reading this after all the kids have gotten loaded up on sugar and the adults have let out their inner child, demon, or slut. At least a couple of the Razzball crew had sports themed costumes. Who would’ve guessed that sports obsessed people would then look to sports for a costume. My office costume this year was Bill Murray from Space Jam, unfortunately, I do not have any photos. However, I won’t leave you hanging on photos, as this is a former sports Halloween costume that I wore when I went as Kim Jung and hanging with my friend, Dennis Rodman.

Please, blog, may I have some more?

Sometimes you pick up a streamer and it’s just like a Tinder hookup. You use them and then toss them back before the night (aka waivers) are over. Other times, it’s more like John Denver and you have to tear yourself away from your streaming options, and you find yourself singing, “I’m streaming, on a jet plane. Don’t know when I’ll be back again. Oh babe, I hate to go.” The best case scenario is that you find yourself falling in love with a new starter, or starting option, that you can roster all season. While most streaming options fall into the Tinder hookup category, I hope some others have given you at least a couple weeks of production.

Jameis Winston and Cameron Brate may have you thinking about putting a ring on it. Will Dissly, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Jesse James, got their numbers put in the phone, but then we ghosted them after a couple weeks. Fitz lost his job and “No, I don’t want no scrubs.” Dissly got injured, and Jesse James was a victim of the hot ex coming back into the picture.  Most streaming options will be more like Jimmy Garoppolo’s preseason date than Reese Witherspoon/Katherine Heigel rom-com characters, but keep your eye out for THE ONE that could be potential season long difference makers as you look for bye week fill ins and streamers.

Please, blog, may I have some more?


Welcome to the Razzball Streamer series… I am writing this a day later than usual because Game 7 of the World Series had me too stressed yesterday.  I’ve been a Cubs fan since a kid, one of my favorite memories from when I was young was seeing Sammy Sosa hit a game changing home run in the 7th inning against the Diamondbacks while me and my dad cheered from seats down the 3rd baseline at Wrigley Field.  Last year, we went to a couple Cubs games at Miller Park in early August when they were in the heat of the Wild Card race.

Nothing compares to last night.  I wasn’t within a 300 mile radius of Cleveland, but the energy at my house was unreal.  I got to watch it unfold with my wife, my dad, my kid, and a couple of my good friends.  It is still surreal that I cared about baseball in November.  I’m 28 years old and can’t imagine what it was like for fans twice or three times my age to finally see the Cubs win the World Series.  I guess it is just nice to be in the winner’s circle for once.  I’ve never been in a better mood.  So I’ll try and pass you these good vibes with some good streamers for Week 9!

Please, blog, may I have some more?


Well that was a weird week. When Corey Coleman outscores both Antonio Brown and Odell Beckham, and Justin Hardy outscores Julio, you know it’s time to sit back, and ask ourselves, what on Earth went wrong?

I’d like to take this time in the intro to talk about the most important aspect of Fantasy Football: Patience.

Championships aren’t won at the draft, and they are certainly not won during the first two weeks of the NFL season. We have to have patience when deciding who to add, who to cut, and who to trade for or trade away. We have to have patience, and think for the long term. Take Coby Fleener, for instance. Right now, many are cutting him, trading him, and giving up all hope. I am confident, without a single doubt in my mind, that Coby Fleener is a Top-10, maybe even still a Top-5 TE on the year. Remember, this is a guy that looked solid with Dwayne Allen in Indy, really stellar without Allen (due to injury), and someone the Saints paid over the offseason. They did that for a reason. Now, Brees has come out and said that they are slowly building chemistry, and they can’t wait until it blooms. And unfortunately for us, it means rostering him and waiting.

Please, blog, may I have some more?