I had a scheduled laid out for the preseason where I would write four different streaming columns on quarterbacks, tight ends, defenses and kickers.  To be honest, though, if I were to write about just defense or kickers, it would be about 150 words total, which isn’t even enough to get the article picked up on Google News.  Kickers and defenses just don’t make good streamers.

So instead, let’s combine the two positions that mean nothing and put them into one article.  If you can’t tell by the headline, I hate playing in leagues that use team defenses and kickers.  It’s 2015, bro.  Get rid of them in your league.  It’s the old-school thought that we don’t want to venture into unknown territory.  That’s why you see resistance to auctions at first, or even two-QB leagues.  Team defenses and kickers have been a part of fantasy forever, and leagues continue to keep them around.


Please, blog, may I have some more?