B_Don and Donkey Teeth are back on the precipice of the RazzBowl playoffs to review week 9 action, and look forward to week 10 and the rest of the season. We go over the week 9 injuries and any potential fallout for CMC, Nick Chubb, David Johnson, and more. 

With the return of Michael Thomas to the Saints lineup, where does he rank among other top WRs like Keenan Allen, Stefon Diggs, Julio Jones, etc. Chase Claypool coming off a 13 target game has been one of the highest risers in dynasty rankings, but where does he actually fit for DT and B_Don? 

Donkey Teeth takes a victory lap on Kyler Murray, and then we talk about where he fits in the ROS QB rankings. Speaking of ROS rankings, the guys discuss whether we would take anyone over Dalvin as we look at the top RB schedules down the stretch run. We finish the show with our usual, fan favorite, A**hole of the Week. 

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Welcome back podcast fans. B_Don and Donkey Teeth are back to recap week 8 and look forward to the rest of the season. We start with some injury discussion as teams are going to miss George Kittle for the rest of the season, and some lesser injuries, but meaningful nonetheless to Kenny Golladay, Calvin Ridley, and Diontae Johnson. 

The guys move on to talk about some of the RB situations in flux including the Rams, Colts, Ravens, Bills, and Chiefs. We discuss where we value the various pieces of the shared backfields, and how we expect the snaps and touches to break out over the remainder of the season. We move on to talk about the sell window for Adam Thielen along with our thoughts on the re-re-re-re-appearance of Corey Davis as a potential starter. The shows wraps with some QB talk and whether we’d rather have Joe Burrow or Justin Herbert for the rest of the season and looking forward for dynasty purposes. 

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B_Don and Donkey Teeth are back to review week 6 as they await the double header of Monday Night Football. We start by going over some injuries and talk about their replacements legitimacy. The Eagles continue to lose offense weapons with Miles Sanders and Zach Ertz possibly missing time. Raheem Mostert was off to a hot start before going down with an ankle injury (we now know it was a high ankle sprain and he’s likely heading to the IR). Then, we talk about Baker Mayfield’s “benching” and how we view the young QB moving forward. 

Speaking of young players, the guys talk move on to discuss the NFL ROY and the fantasy football ROY. Plenty of candidates from James Robinson, Justin Jefferson, CeeDee Lamb, Justin Herbert, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, and more. We finish up the show talking about some potential waiver wire targets and where they rank among some of the other big performers from week 6. The two discuss the Bengals WR situation, the Lions and Ravens RB situation, Travis Fulgham, Tee Higgins, Preston Williams, and o yeah, we talk about Le’Veon. 

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Donkey Teeth is back to discuss week 5 with B_Don. Dak Prescott is down for the season and the guys discuss what it means for the receiving threats, Ezekiel Elliott, and where Andy Dalton fits in with some of the other possible FA QBs. Dalton Schultz was a big riser last week for B_Don, but the TE may be falling as the TE position seems harder to find each week. 

We discuss the Dalvin Cook injury and where Alexander Mattison fits in for week 6. We move on to talk about some of the big performances from week 5 in Chase Claypool, Henry Ruggs, and Travis Fulgham. B_Don asks DT about a couple statements from his week 5 recap article where he says Miles Sanders is a 1st rounder and Calvin Ridley is a WR1 all season. 

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I’m not saying I heard that B_Don and JB Barry were going to be given a shot to run the Texans after Bill O’Brien was fired, but I’m also not saying I didn’t hear that. Fine I didn’t hear that, but ding dong, BoB is gone. 

While Donkey Teeth is off with a bunch of guys playing with sticks and balls….he’s playing golf, get your mind out of the gutter, Razzball’s own, JB Barry, join the podcast. Together, B_Don and JB Barry break down the injuries, the RB situations, and replacement options for Austin Ekeler, Nick Chubb, and Kenyan Drake. 

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B_Don and Donkey Teeth are after week 3. They start with some injuries and reactions, and how some of those situations may change.

Then, it’s on to some Buy, Sell, Hold as we approach the quarter mark of the season and see where we’re valuing some of the more controversial players. We talk about a few top players from each position including D.J. Moore, Odell Beckham Jr., Joe Mixon, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, James Robinson, Cam Newton, Drew Brees, Jonnu Smith, Mark Andrews, and many more. 

We wrap up with some quick waiver wire talk with a less than scintillating set of pickups for the week. Finally, we bring back everyone’s favorite part of the show, A**hole of the Week! 

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Jay, Tehol, and new Razzball contributor Evan join me to talk about the penultimate episode of the current season of Game of Thrones. We give our thoughts on what we thought of the big battle, Night King Theories, and what’s going on with Arya and Sansa. [Jay’s Note: I STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT THE EF IS GOING ON THERE.]

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Viz joins the normal crew for a “RazzLit” episode, which could be the new name because Jay LOVES it.  Along with the occasional “your mom” joke or a “that’s what she said”, Jay has really taking a liking to the millennial vernacular it seems.

Viz tells us about what he has in store for two of the fastest growing fantasy sports, Basketball and Hockey, this upcoming season.  Luckily for Razzball, we have some of the best fantasy sports advice for literally any fantasy sport that you want to play.

Viz tells us why he wasn’t in on this Game of Thrones season up until this past episode, which by the way, was easily one of the best in it’s 70+ episode run.  We talk about the Starks and also the crazy battle that took place setting the tone for the final three episodes of the season.  Finally, we wrap up a short episode (but it’s the motion in the ocean that counts), by talking about RCL leagues.  SIGN UP, BEAT TEHOL, WIN AWESOME PRIZES.

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I am joined once again by the boss man and his not-so-secret lover, Tehol.  Tehol and I talk about the Miami Dolphins quarterback situation and why it’s absurd that Kaepernick hasn’t been signed yet.  After that, Jay dives into what we can expect this upcoming year from the RCL leagues.  Tune in to find out the major changes in rosters that we have in store this year before Jay opens up the leagues on Monday! We then move on to Game of Thrones with plenty of spoilers including a deep dive into the past two episodes. Enjoy!

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An introduction to a gentleman who needs no introduction…. He’s a staff writer at NFL.com, a writer at footballguys.com, and the creator of Reception Perception and Back Yard Banter. Matt Harmon joins me for a solid 40-minute conversation about wide receivers, weight loss, and his love/hate relationship with the Carolina Panthers.

Zach joins me for a few minutes at the end of the episode to talk about a wild couple of days in news and what else we have in store for our readers and listeners in the coming weeks!

I hope you enjoy this as much as we did…

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