Earlier in the pre-season, I talked about the importance of staggering your fantasy football beats, much like J Dilla took his programmed hip-hop beats and swung them into a new genre. Sure, it’s easy enough to say, “Draft good guys,” but it’s also important to have players who fill roles when the veterans disappear or the good guys go bad. It’s like The Avengers series — you need enough characters to carry the franchise so that when there’s a snap…you get the idea. For every Black Panther, we need an Ant Man to move the series forward. You just keep rolling with the B-squad until the third act, and then fantasy glory is at hand! 

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Tight End is an interesting position in Fantasy Football. With the game’s predilection for the passing, one might think that all pass-catchers (Tight Ends included) would have a great deal of appeal for managers of fantasy football teams, but they haven’t. Many of these players will likely accrue aroudn500 yards receiving and five touchdowns and […]

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Another snooze fest of a Thursday Night Football game in the books. The 2021 rematch of Super Bowl 51 did not have any of the excitement that the 2017 game had with this version of the Falcons unable to get anything going. There was no lead to blow since they couldn’t even put points on the board. The Patriots defense completely dominated this game and at the end of the night, the Patriots had 4 interceptions and walked away with a 25-0 shutout win.

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I’ve been married for seven years now, but we’ve been together much longer. Through our relationship, I’ll often turn to her, look deep into her eyes and say, “You know those dogs from Homeward Bound are dead now right?” I get the death stare every time, but readers of Wright on Waivers I have a secret to tell you. I sort of love Homeward Bound. I believe this is the second time I have referenced it in my short time here at Razzball. The scene I like most (spoilers) is when Shadow comes over the hill and sees Peter after their long time apart. It gets me all misty. I mean who does not love a story of someone finally making their way back home. Our lead name in this week’s waiver article is a lot like Shadow. He still has a few journeys and walks ahead of him. It is just nice to see him taking his final trips in a familiar place. Welcome home Cam.

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So, they think they found the Zodiac Killer huh? I had this case solved in 2007 after seven marathon viewings of David Fincher’s Zodiac. The eighteen-hour film festival of sorts guided me to another cinematic treasure and the true greatest San Francisco based film of all-time, Homeward Bound II: Lost In San Francisco. Every clue to every cipher can be found there. All those exhausted detectives. All those man hours. One viewing of HB: Dos with Sassy, Chance, and Shadow would’ve solved all your problems. You know what else is exhausting? Trying to find the right person on your waiver wire. Lucky for you, I patterned my work ethic this week after Robert Downey Jr. and Jake Gyllenhaal in Zodiac (Seriously the best San Francisco based film or maybe it is Vertigo. Yeah, it’s Vertigo), pounded the coffee to find some of this week’s best options on the waiver wire.

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Ah, well. That was a rough week one. Some amazing games, spectacular moments, and lots of injuries. It’s always a bit of shell-shock from the offseason to week one, seeing all the guys you’ve salivated over (no innuendo intended) suddenly go down with an injury, erasing all the precious production you were waiting for. But this is football after all and injuries will happen. Profound right? Maybe not but whatever, you just want to know who’s gonna post those precious stats on the board, huh? You goddamned sicko? These are human beings! You just want that sweet, sweet fantasy advice, huh dirtbag?  Well, here it is!

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Ah, yes. We’re almost there folks.


In these final days before the beginning of regular season football, let’s take inventory and hear those glorious hot takes that we thrive on in these waning days of the offseason. And who better to direct your vitriol at than the ragamuffins here at Razzball while we walk through their boldest, most hot-blooded predictions for the coming season.  

Let’s hear from 13 of your favorite very handsome fantasy writers, shall we? 

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Before you go any further if you haven’t read the previous articles from this series, we recommend you do so. You can find some of those articles here:

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 Fantasy Points Per Reception – Wide Receiver Edition Part 2

In this article we break down Fantasy Points Per Reception or FPPR regression candidates from 2020 at the tight end position. The goal of this article is to help you identify players who you should potentially fade at their ADP in 2021.

A couple things you might want to know first. The league average FPPR for tight ends over the past 10 seasons is 1.93. For a tight end to see one point less per game they need to average three receptions per game and see an increase in FPPR of .35.


2021 FPPR Regression Candidates


Player: Travis Kelce

2020 FPPR: 2.48

Career avg. FPPR: 2.26

FPPR Variance: 10%


2020 PPG
2021 Projected PPG
17.3 15.8


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