"Look at me! My hamstring and I are having relationship issues! Weeeeee!"

“Look at me! My hamstring and I are having relationship issues! Weeeeee!”

See what I did there with the title? Yes you did. Yesterday, there were some concerns that the Bills’ LeSean McCoy may not be ready for Week 1 after suffering a hamstring injury early in the preseason. And now Rex Ryan has expressed doubt as well:

I hope,… if not then the next man has to step up. So we will see. If he is not ready to go, he won’t be in there.”

It appears that McCoy is dealing with a “small tear” in the hamstring (proving that anything can sound delicious when combined with the word ham), tearing in a spot “that couldn’t have been better”. Okay. I’m no longer hungry, so I have to ask, even if it’s best possible tear in the history of all hamstrings (nope, I’m hungry again), it’s still a tear of the hamstring, right? I have to hand it to them though, a lot of hustle here to play this story down. Yes he tore his hamstring. But it’s the best possible tear ever! If McCoy is a no-go, which seems likely at this point, it’ll be Bryce Brown and Anthony Dixon getting most of the carries, as Karlos Williams is still recovering from an undisclosed leg injury. No worries though, I hear Fred Jackson is available…

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