We have a NFL 2015 Schedule folks! But before we jump on that and some other tidbits around the league, thus feeding on the table scraps the NFL has given to us (mmm, football scraps) this week, first we’ll have to talk about Tim Tebow. God… (LITERALLY.) So yeah, what a way to celebrate Hitler’s Birthday Stoner Christmas Holidays in Philadelphia. Let it be known, from on high, that Tim Tebow has signed with the Eagles, and what has been said shall be done, just in time for their offseason program, in His name, amen. I think that’s how the prayer goes. I was actually told that you could hear Skip Bayless orgasming from roughly 400-miles away when the news broke, but seeing as how I’m within that radius of Bristol, based on what I’m able to gather, I’m not quite if it wasn’t Peter King instead.

Please, blog, may I have some more?