Josh Gordon, Aqib Talib

Don’t worry, I got five on it.

Despite pre-season nearly over and the media being inundated with “best shape of my life” stories and covering the on-going suicide watch of the Chiefs defense, there is one story, in particular, that was being watched closely by both the NFL and fantasy football fans alike. And that story was the Indianapolis Colts cutting LaVon Brazil after being suspended for the year after a second drug violation, while Jim Irsay, you know, does his thing. Oh, no, wait, that wasn’t it. The story being watched closely was Janay Rice’s apology for being knocked out and dragged unconscious on the floor by Ray Rice (to be fair, he only carried her two yards before falling down…), with the fallout of this incident being Rice suspended for two games. So I guess one game per one black eye is the going rate these days. Oh, wait, that’s not the story either. No, THE story which is under the NFL and fantasy sports nation’s microscope (it’s bedazzled, because, of course) is the status of Josh Gordon‘s appeal of his one year suspension. We can now all breathe easy and draft accordingly, for there has been a decision…

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