Greetings! What a splendid treat it is to fill in for my esteemed editor and boss, Jay (Wrong) the Elder blessed! Let us pray that he’s not too hung over to properly edit the gibberish I tend to submit. [Jay’s Note: Let us pray indeed…] Let us ALSO pray that sweet Jay blacked out well before that Chargers game ended, for, as you know, Jay is a die-hard Chargers fan, an animal rights activist, and, did I mention, it was his birthday? It huuuuuuuuurts! Who would have thought that after a good hour or so of Steelers fans calling for Landry Jones on Twitter, that Ron Mexico would rise like the Phoenix and proverbially neuter whatever fans the Chargers have left. At least San Diego-ens will still have some super solid Mexican food  and whatever is left of the upcoming fire-sale of the Padres roster to look forward to when they move the Chargers to Los Angeles. It’s important to always look on the bright side, even when things look bleaker than Christian Slater’s acting career, and for the 2-3 Chargers, that is very much the case.

Please, blog, may I have some more?