Now that the draft has passed we are officially in what is called the dead zone of football. I feel a Top Gun remix coming soon to bring in this awful time of year. “Highway to the NFL Dead Zone, I’ll take you Right into the NFL Dead Zone“…ok that was bad and I’ll stop because Sky has already told me that my singing is not welcome in any of the Razzball platforms including the football podcast which is a bit disappointing. Speaking of singing did you hear the big news? Apparently the breaking story for the NFL is that Carrie Underwood will be replacing Faith Hill for Sunday Night Football…Not impressed but as long as it’s not Cee Lo on Thursdays I’m ok with any musical changes they make, and is that not the worst intro in the history of television? I guess it could be worse; we could have Nicki Minaj accompanied by the Screaming Spurs lady. Seriously if that happened I might have to stop watching football all together and start watching soccer. Hmm fantasy soccer…not sure how that would work. Seems like there would be a lot of ties. But enough of that, I don’t think that I could give up football so we will try to pass the time and I’ll be giving you my take on this year’s dynasty rankings by position so lets look at some of the top quarterbacks for 2013.

When compiling my rankings, I took several things into account but one thing that can’t be overlooked is the age and long term potential of a player. When building your dynasty team, it is just as important to look at your quarterback’s potential for years ahead as well as their immediate potential and find a balance between the two. For instance, Peyton Manning has the immediate potential to be the top fantasy scoring passer this year but you might not get muck more than a couple years out of the veteran. Compare that to up and comer Russell Wilson that could post similar numbers but with this being his second year you could have your franchise quarterback locked up for the next 10-12 years. You also need to observe the back up situation for aging quarterbacks and what type offense the back up will be stepping into. With this being said, there are very different opinions on how to rank dynasty players, especially quarterbacks, so lets take a look at my top 60 for 2013 and feel free to comment on players you feel should be lower or higher and why.

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