“Everybody loves a winner!
Cause when it all begins
My eyes on the prize so it’s on again
I refuse to loose I ain’t gon pretend
I thought I told you I was born to win
Everybody loves a winner!

Victory I choose
Ain’t no turning back cause I paid my dues
I tighten up my laces when I tie my shoes
Born to win, I refuse to lose
Everybody loves a winner!”

-Papoose “Born to Win” (featured on Madden NFL 2006)

It’s championship week in most leagues and hopefully, you’re still in it. Last week provided a very epic set of upsets and wacky results that could have shaken up your league’s playoffs. You know when New Orleans and its Swiss cheese defense throws a shutout that the unexpected will ensue.

At one extreme, I saw a 14-0 team that was rolling over teams all season long take a face-plant and lose by nearly 40 points in a standard league. I had an 11-2 team of mine get bounced out of an eight-team playoff by a 5-8 squad where the owner hadn’t looked at his lineup in months and got extremely lucky. Clearly, the meek might be inheriting the fantasy football earth.

By this week, you should know who you will be trotting out as your starters for this final game. However, if teams choose to rest some players you still need to have a backup plan in place. That’s what this edition of the waiver wire is about, calling for backup.

Keep in mind that there is no Thursday night game this week for the first time all season. The only game before Sunday is Detroit-Atlanta on Saturday. Availability is based on ESPN leagues and FAAB is basically whatever you have left.

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