After an entertaining 2012 NFL season Fantasy Football fans begin to shift their focus to the talent displayed in the upcoming NFL draft. With the high level of success by NFL rookie quarterbacks you have to think teams like the Oakland Raiders are shaking their heads in disappointment for giving up what turned out to be valuable opportunities to gain immediate impact players. Of the twelve playoff teams in 2012 six of those teams had either first or second year quarterbacks and almost all of which were an asset to many fantasy teams as well. The first order of business in the grueling months of NFL scouting is the Senior Bowl and although there weren’t any standout performances from a group that has been most recently described as “mediocre” we did learn a few things other than the most popular topic of top prospects Geno Smith and Matt Barkley choosing for better or worse not to participate. Best potential Fantasy QB? I have mixed feelings and think it’s too early to tell but here are some assessments of what we have seen so far for the 2013 NFL Draft and some things to think about for 2013 Fantasy Football.

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