Donkey Teeth and B_Don reconvene to discuss DT’s dynasty RB ranks. Of course, any discussion with Donkey about running backs has to include some Kerryon Johnson. 

The guys are split on a number of running backs including Joe Mixon, Melvin Gordon, and Austin Ekeler. DT gives us his case for Jonathan Taylor as a top 10 dynasty RB, and why he hates Marlon Mack. 

We take a look at the Cardinals situation for this year and beyond before jumping into some late round guys and 2019 rookies that people may be ready to throw into the garbage pile. Stay tuned for the end as DT has an exciting announcement (that he almost forgot) about a new platform coming to Razzball Football! 

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Clyde Edwards-Helaire – Louisiana State University – 5’7″ 207 lbs. – April 11, 1999 (21 years old)

  • Short area agility is the standout feature for Clyde Edwards-Helaire.
  • Ability to fake or jump laterally helps him avoid tacklers and in route running.
  • Neither acceleration nor top speed is overly impressive, but can use his tools to set guys up and make them miss. 
  • Uses blocks downfield and sees the cut back lanes open up.
  • Times where he will put his head down when running the interior and run into the back of his lineman.
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Cam Akers – Florida St. – 5’10” 217 lbs. – 6/22/99 (20 years old)

Fair warning up front, I’m a ‘Noles fan. And yes, it’s been a terrible few years. For the duration of Akers time at FSU, the Seminoles were a mess from scheme to play calling to the offensive line, and just general motivation. However, Akers was one of the few bright spots of these teams. He doesn’t have the highest top end speed or the best acceleration, but he brings a combination of balanced running with explosive play ability along with a natural receiving ability. Donkey Teeth recently ranked Akers #18 overall in his top 20 dynasty running back rankings and Alfred ranked him #4 among rookie running backs in his post combine running back rankings. Here’s what I saw from Akers in my film review:

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Taylor comes into the draft after a college career where he averaged 308 carries and 2,058 yards per season. He’s on the more physical side of running styles and has developed into a more complete back.

  • Power running scheme at Wisconsin with a terrific O line. Taylor utilizes his strong line and is a patient running back. He will wait for his O line rather than simply running head first into battle where the play is designed.
  • Lateral quickness as a whole is average. In short area lateral moves, he showed the ability to maintain, or get back up to speed quickly. However, in larger jump cuts, he slows more than other backs and gives defenders time to catch up.
  • He utilizes a stiff arm with those short area lateral moves to break free or get the defender off balance.
  • While Taylor doesn’t have the acceleration of other backs in this class, his initial burst is strong. It’s something I’d equate to a basketball player with a good first step. 
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Football season is ov…never ends! Next up is the combine (2/24-3/2) where grown men watch other grown men work out. Then, we get free agency (3/18) where billion dollar entities tell us they don’t have any money to spend. Finally, we’ll get to the draft (4/23-4/25) where talented 20+ year olds who were earning millions for a university will finally make some money for themselves.

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Weighted opportunity is a metric that recalibrates the value of touches based on the expected fantasy points for carries (less valuable) and receptions (more valuable). Thanks to player profiler, I was able to see if there was a strong correlation between running back weighted opportunities per game (WO) and fantasy points per game (FP) in 2018. Sure enough, there was a strong correlation with an r2 value of 0.8864.

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We made it! We finally made it, it’s the heart of draft season and I couldn’t be more ecstatic. If you’re like me, you’ve been consuming every bit of FF content since the NFL Draft, and have participated in countless mock drafts. Shhh…don’t tell my girlfriend how many mock drafts I’ve completed. By now, you’ve tinkered around with different draft strategies and hopefully you landed on one that will lead you to the promise land. Before it’s too late, I want to make sure you are not forgetting a critical component that can set you up for a slam dunk on draft day– the handcuff.

As a new writer for my main focus will be providing you with a weekly RB handcuff report. I look forward to interacting with you all as the season progresses. Let me know if there is a topic or player you would like me to comment on. Today, we will focus on how handcuffs can impact your overall draft day strategy and give you a couple of the top RB handcuffs. Are you ready? Let’s do this!

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The NFL preseason has officially kicked into full gear. In honor of this, the Ditka boys are talking running backs on this week’s podcast. There are many ways to approach this all important position on draft day but one thing is certain, you’ll need a strong running back core by playoff time if you want to reach the fabled fantasy football championship immortality. Listen in as B_Don and Donkey Teeth walk you through everything you need to know about the running back position for 2018 fantasy football.

In this episode, you’ll find in depth player profiles of Jay Ajayi, Alex Collins and Chris Carson. The guys also delve into their respective running back rankings (see below) hitting on Melvin Gordon, Dalvin Cook, LeSean McCoy, Tarik Cohen (DA BEARS!) and many more. Taste the saaaaasage right here!

Plus, the guys make a stogie bet with Donkey Teeth taking Alex Collins and B_Don taking Jay Ajayi.

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Green Bay Packers starting running back Ty Montgomery, a converted slot-receiver selected in the 3rd round of the 2015 NFL Draft, certainly doesn’t have the body-type, resume, and hype of a NFL workhorse running back. However, Montgomery’s rare blend of elite rushing vision and smooth receiving abilities make him the perfect running back in Green Bay’s offense, a scheme centered around short, high-percentage passes that serve as a proxy running game. Montgomery punctuated his breakout campaign with 121 combined touches for 805 yards and 3 touchdowns after he took the reigns as the starting running back for injured Eddie Lacy in Week 6 of 2016.

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This might be old news or you might have been on a staycation and turned off all your electronic devices for the last week, but damn, why did the Colts trade for T-Rich? Donald Brown looked really good last week and being that he is averaging 5.9 YPC to T-Rich’s 2.8 you would think he would be the starter and the trade bust would be the waterboy. Oh wait a minute, wrong boy, not the waterboy, the piss boy. I know what you are all thinking, why talk about a guy that is the obvious add when we all know better than to play T-Rich? Because we here at razzball like to beat a dead horse till it’s all glue and dog food….and we still get lots of should I play T-Rich questions. Drop his ass like your internet date dropped you when she went to “the bathroom” and never came back. Last week and part of this week it was all raining Rainey up in here after that suspenseful build up and amazing delivery by the guy who got CUT by the Browns back in October. The Browns should’ve had Donald Brown thrown into the deal. Could you imagine the merch sales of the Brown Browns jersey?

The season is winding down, playoffs are a few hangovers away and Sky is starting to lose it. We need to stay sharp and start going with our best players, study our schedules weeks ahead, and maybe grab some handcuffs in case a stud gets shut down, injured or demoted. I’m not saying to go grab Gerhart in case AP gets hurt but I would stash Bryce Brown, Robert Turbin, Christian Michael, Montee Ball, Dennis Johnson, Bernard Pierce, and Kendall Hunter….oh what the hell, grab Gerhart if you’re really feeling an AP injury is coming. Before you all go WTF J-FOH, I’m not saying to drop someone usable, but if you have 6 WR’s and you are only going to play 3 or 4 of them, and the 6th guy won’t hurt you on someone else’s team then yeah go grab a stash. Rid yourself of your back up kickers and 3rd team defense. You want to be ahead of the game and think about situations that may occur in the last 2 weeks of the season. Most especially if your championship week is the last week of the season. By the way, I think that is the dumbest thing ever and damn all commishes that make the championship week the last week of the year. I can hear it now, ” Hey, I have Peyton, and he’s only playing a couple series this week and I need to start either EJ Manuel or Geno Smith for my championship matchup” I don’t want to see that and will only answer questions like that with really stupid questions. Be smart FFB’s and start stashing good upside guys that MIGHT get some PT. This also goes for WR’s. Lastly, I was really disappointed we had zero hecklers for Prezzi’s freestyles in football bash last weekend. I invite him back again to lay it down like an underground MC in an abandoned warehouse.

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