Ryan McDowell of Dynasty League Football stops by to talk all sorts of football goodness. We start with the Cam Newton signing where Ryan and B_Don are on the opposite side from Donkey Teeth. 

Ryan is un-officially, well, we assigned him the title, VP of the Scott Fish Bowl (SFBX), so, we asked him about his involvement and what kind of workload this event puts on him.

Then, on to the good stuff, we talk to the SFB vet about his SFBX draft strategy with some of the interesting wrinkles that Scott put in this season. Ryan discusses his plan with the adjustments to the scoring, specifically toward QBs.

In both SFB and standard re-drafts, we discuss how to fight the urge to go with dynasty rankings, and avoid the shiny bobble. Speaking of WRs, we ask Ryan if the current class, and looking foward, the 2021 class, can keep up with the seasons our ’19 rookies provided. And of course, we have to ask Ryan about our ongoing Andrews/Waller debate. 

Please, blog, may I have some more?

Donkey Teeth and B_Don are joined by a special guest on this week’s podcast, Ryan McDowell of Dynasty League Football (DLF).

While B_Don fights technical difficulties, DT and Ryan discuss the Scott Fish Bowl draft. They talk about some of the more convoluted situations including the NE and SF running back situations along with expectations for top tight ends this season. Once the whole crew is together, the guys look at B_Don’s approach to super flex/OP drafting, and then get into some rookie rankings with the dynasty guru.

Please, blog, may I have some more?