Aaron Rodgers’ collarbone injury impacts everyone in fantasy football. Rodgers is one of the most consistent and healthiest quarterbacks in the league. He’s going to be out up to six weeks with a fractured collarbone.

At least that’s an injury fantasy owners can cope with. It’s serious enough to miss a few games but not enough to put him on the shelf for the season. The other nice thing about it is that Rodgers should be healthy when it comes to fantasy playoff time. So should Randall Cobb.

This kind of an injury (even in the non-throwing shoulder) is one that the Packers will have to be careful on how to treat him and let him heal. Rodgers probably won’t even run for the next three weeks because you want the rehab of this to not be bumpy and jarring. He’s going to spend a lot of time on the bike to keep in shape while he waits for his collarbone to heal up. Even something like a speed bump, if taken too fast, will send waves of pain into his collarbone. It’s going to take time and a lot of softness to get Rodgers healed.

That said, the Packers are accepting donations of bubble wrap to protect their quarterback in for the next four to six weeks.

Please, blog, may I have some more?

It’s amazing how many euphemisms we have in this world for the act of coitus. Some would say too much, others would say not enough but needless to say, urban dictionary is pretty much 80% sexual references so I’ll say there’s plenty to go around either way. And after the night Aaron Rodgers left on his fantasy owners and the receivers by proxy, I’m sure there’ll be more innuendos built to describe the act of getting funked over. Aaron left the game early in the first quarter with a left shoulder injury. Seriously, I’m typing this about 4 hours after the fact and that’s really all that can be shared at this point. Rodgers left the game with the doctor in the 1st and the doctor returned without Rodgers in the 2nd quarter and McCarthy gave a sneer when the news was relayed to him. But again, we have zero news at this point to really say what exactly the problem is. Then Aaron returned to the sidelines late in the 3rd in a jacket with no clear sling involved in the ensemble which further led to the questioning of just how injured he was. Now Rodgers played with a separated non-throwing shoulder in 2008 and didn’t miss a game so we could speculate that’s not the issue. At this point, it’s TBD whether your team is FML or FTW ROS as a Rodgers owner but I’d be making backup plans. Foles available? No? How about Keenum? Grim times, I know. Of all things people count on from their top tier QB, it’s 16 games. Here’s to the innuendo not ending in your end-o, friends. In other news from Monday Night Football…

Please, blog, may I have some more?