I must admit on some occasions I went out like a punk
and a chump or a sucka or something to that effect

The Pharcyde, Runnin’ circa 1995

I got punked (World Star is NSFW) by Drew Stanton last week as he pushed aside my doubts and gave Michael Floyd and John Brown the gift of points while Aaron Rodgers is making Davante Adams owners double heckle him for his malfeasance. Marques Colston still sucks going 4 for 56 on 8 targets, and backing up my drop him for someone with upside or handcuff capabilities. OK, enough about last week. It hurts too much. I lost to Sky in our writers league by a count of 137 to 141.34. With that score, I would of beat any other team but his. On a good note, I wouldn’t want to lose to any one else, and yes, that’s me crushing on that hairy beast from the PNW.

Please, blog, may I have some more?