Is your league still going in week 17? I’m not quite sure what to make of that quite honestly. On one hand I want to denounce you and watch my chicken viciously peck at your children, and on the other hand, can I, Tehol Beddict, fantasy writer extraordinaire, really blame you for wanting to extend fantasy football another week? Fantasy football is fantastic, maybe even better than pure columbian blow(that may be going too far), but some will state it unwise that your league is set up to play when numerous teams are usually set up to play meaningless games. When I say that the games are meaningless, I mean that a few of your fantasy stud muffins may be riding the pine this week in preparation for the playoffs. Talk to your league manager about it. When I say talk, I mean take him in a dark room and stroke him/her with a couple blows to the kidneys while sporting brass knuckles. Nothing like going into a title game having to start the likes of Harry Douglas. Either way, you get another Beddict post, and being that I am the Razzball fantasy football champion, how can you not heed my advice? You almost have no choice at this point. So, no matter that I don’t agree with your league set up. Just win Baby.

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