Another year, another Absolutely FAABulous back at cha! I’m your host, Phil B. ready to help you make the best, cost-effective additions using your Free Agent Acquisition Budget (Though I also like Free Agent Auction Bidding), or FAAB. FAAB allows every player a chance to get any free agent every week (as long as you have the cash) and that’s why it’s the best. If you read my Auction Draft Primer you know I like using fake money for fantasy football and FAAB is more of the same. 

I did A Zero Week primer back in ‘17 (it feels much longer ago if an apostrophe is used) and you can read that here. I’ll try not to re-hash too much of that, so to quickly sum it up, it works like so: After the draft, every team is given a certain dollar amount (for our purposes that is going to be $100) and then, after each week, each team can bid any amount (up to $100) for any unowned players.When your team wins a player, then your budget is reduced by that cost. So you win a guy for $7; now you have $93 to spend the rest of the season. However all leagues are different and let’s say your league gives $250 FAAB. If so, just multiply the values here by 2.5. If you need further assistance, just drop a line in the comments as to the quirks of your league.

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