Period Accuracy Rank High Low Percentile
Week 6 62.6% 2 out of 21 65.2% 26.9% Top 10%
2015 58.5% 3 out of 20 60.4% 50.0% Top 15%

By all accounts this has been a weird year for Fantasy Football. On the offensive side of the ball, the combination of high profile injuries and disappointments, as well as the Devonta Freeman Experience, have pre-draft rankings looking like shots in the dark at best. In the IDP world, we had our share of surprises over the first five weeks as well. Some of the unexpected results so far will hold true through the season, but we finally saw some positive regression in Week 6, and that was most evident in Miami. I’ll cover the Ndamukong Suh situation at a different time, but Cameron Wake and Olivier Vernon were the stories of the week to me. Prior to playing Tennessee, these two preseason DL1s had put up a total of 5 tackles, with only one coming from Wake. In one game, they flipped the script and put up a whopping 8 tackles and 5 sacks between them. This is obviously great news for those who held on for that terrible first month, but if for some reason either of these guys were dropped, pick them up immediately.  The same goes for Cameron Jordan, who wasn’t nearly as disappointing as the Miami duo, but finally exploded with 6 tackles, 3 sacks, and a forced fumble that he recovered. I say it every year, but it bares repeating: Don’t panic if a highly drafted IDP isn’t producing in the first few weeks (especially a DL). You drafted them for a reason, and unless there is significant injury, your patience will likely pay off.

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2014 In-Season Accuracy: 57.7% (3rd out of 21 Experts, 60.6% Highest, 44.5% Lowest).

We are now six weeks into the NFL season, a time when most fantasy squads should be officially locking down their rotations and planning for bye weeks. Instead, we are dealing with a run of major injuries the likes of which have not been seen for a long time. Losing guys like Sean Lee and Navorro Bowman before the season was bad enough, but since Week 1 we’ve lost guys like Derrick Johnson, Stephen Tulloch, Tyvon Branch and Jairus Byrd. Things continued to get worse last week, with Jerod Mayo going down for the year with a leg injury, and honestly IDPs everywhere have to be afraid that they’re next. Even the seemingly indestructible J.J. Watt looks vulnerable to a hamstring injury if he keeps running for long TD returns.

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By this point in the season, your roster is pretty much set. Bye weeks will change things, as will injuries, but your team shouldn’t be relying too heavily on the waiver wire for success. If you are, then I’d imagine your playoff hopes are similar to those of the Giants, and your face is likely as red as Tom Coughlin’s.

With your roster set, the toughest choices become who to start each week. While you could just sit back and let my rankings do the work for you, thinking about matchups can make your choices easier. Certain offenses tend to provide more opportunities for IDP stats, and depending on your scoring system, this knowledge can help you decide between two close options on your roster.

Here are some teams and scoring systems that have yielded great results so far:

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