I’m not 100% sure why I wanted to know who the top guys were in fantasy points per target, but I decided I needed to know damnit! I suppose it was a way to look at players who are getting their fair share of looks but just aren’t getting the fantasy points along with them. I probably should look at red zone targets as well. Ok, I’ll do that too. But for now here are the wide receivers and tight ends that are the most productive per target, or least, depending on how you sort the little doo dad.

You sure can see plenty of under performing dudes at the bottom or top, I don’t know your preferences. Mike Williams, Mario Manningham, Michael Crabtree, Greg Little, Mike Thomas, Antonio Brown, Ed Dickson, Reggie Wayne, Brandon Lloyd and Roddy White to name a whole bunch. I do think that all of these guys have the potential to get their act in gear since they are at the very least getting their targets. We shall see.

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  1. Random Collmenter says:

    You like Antonio Gates + David Nelson for Miles Austin?

    I need WR help. .5 PPR. Thanks.

    (my TE now is gresham, and cook is still on the wire too)

  2. Random Collmenter says:

    Also, you like Little or Baldwin better?

  3. pigskinporker says:


    12 team keeper league. One point per reception. 2 bonus points for over 100 yds.

    Who do you like better rest of this year and over next 3 seasons, Mike Wallace or Hakeem Nicks?

  4. Jeagle says:

    i think you may be onto something.. i could see taking the median and mean for fantasy points per target on this list.

    Then with both of those values you could take the league average and project how many points a guy like lloyd or roddy should have based on the number of targets multiplied by the points per target of the league’s average.

    It could be helpful almost as like an XFIP thing where your trying to reduce some of the luck involved and see how much each player should decline or increase. Im thinking after work i might look into this.. very cool stuff Doc.

  5. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Jeagle: It looks like last year the top guys were around 1.3 to 1.6. Wallace at 1.9 and Wayne at .9 were the outliers. Give me an email [email protected] if you want me to send you any data.

    @pigskinporker: That’s a tough one. I’m going to lean Wallace, but it’s almost a coin flip.

    @Random Collmenter: Little

    @Random Collmenter: Yes

  6. tony says:

    I’m trying to see who should I start this week.

    Non ppr. 2 rbs 1 flex 2wrEli or cam, both look like they can have good games.

    Arian foster, lesean mccoy ryan grant or j battle

    Calvin johnson wes welker desean jackson julio jones santana moss mario manningham
    I’m kinda lookin at cam over manning

    Rbs foster n mccoy

    Wrs megatron welker

    But flex is what’s just up in the air. What do u think?

    Thanks in advance!

  7. WillieMayesHayes says:

    Hey Doc,
    Whatcha think of this trade? Newton for S. Jackson. I’m dealing from a postition of strength. I also have Rivers. It’s a 12 team PPR league. Am I getting enough in return?

  8. Cracker Baggins says:

    .5 PPR, non-keeper, waiver budget $100 ($61 left)

    I need a WR for this week, so I am dropping Spiller for Little…how much would you bid for him?

    Also, who would you drop and how much would you bid on Tebow?

    QB- Eli, Flacco
    RBx2- Gore, Best
    Flex- Felix Jones
    WRx3- Welker, Vincent Jackson, Lloyd
    TE- Witten

    BN RB- Hunter, Ridley, Spiller
    BN WR- Titus Young
    BN TE- Gresham

  9. MattW says:

    @Doc: In a deep non-PPR league, I need help with WR…would you trade Forte/Holmes for Austin/Mendenhall? If not, how wide is the value gap?

  10. Jeagle says:

    @Doc: awesome ill shoot you an email now. Where did you get the stats from and do they keep track of red zone targets?

  11. emceeperiod says:

    Alright doc, I’m guessing u don’t like the posts with whole teams posted but I gotta do it…
    My team:
    QB rivers
    RB f.Jackson a. Foster
    Flex sproles
    WR Marshall nicks Lance Moore
    TE Gates

    BN d. Thomas torain d. Nelson Fitzpatrick j. Cook

    I’m offering sproles, Nelson, Moore and Fitzpatrick for Roddy and East coast Williams. 1ppr…u like it on my end? Basically sliding in roddy for Moore and Thomas or torain for sproles and thinning out my bench a bit.

  12. Plainview says:

    Who do you like as a flex play this week:

    Lance Moore
    Mike Thomas
    Jabar Gaffney
    Hines Ward

    Also, LT or Helu (lots of my regulars are on a bye)

  13. Mungfisher says:

    Yo Doc,

    I’m on the WR5 merry-go-round. Is Doug Baldwin superior to Titus Young?

    We start 3 WRs plus a flex so waiver wire options are pretty poor.

  14. Carl says:

    In a bit of a quandary here. In a 2 QB league, I have Rodgers/Newton as my starters with Schaub on the bench.
    I was just offered Gore for Schaub. Now I have Forte/McCoy at RB, but my RB depth after that is a little murky, lead by the likes of Torain/Hightower and Ingram.
    Gore would likely take my flex spot, currently held by Bowe and Aj Green.
    Would you do that deal? Do I give up my fill-in for the bye weeks, or hold? Standard scoring 10 team H2H league.
    Many thanks Doc.

  15. Steve Stevenson says:

    @Carl: I’d take that deal and run. If the other guy has a QB that’d be a better bye fill in for you than the FA options, you may try to get him to add in exchange for one of your bench RBs.

  16. Steve Stevenson says:

    Mendenhall vs Beanie, .5 PPR

  17. Steve Stevenson says:

    @Mungfisher: I’m holding Young in a similar position.

  18. Doc

    Doc says:

    @tony: Gotcha on the other post.

    @Plainview: Moore and LT

    @Carl: I’d probably do it. It will things tough, but Gore has looked good recently and Schaub hasn’t.

    @Mungfisher: I think you have to stick with Young due to the offenses, but it’s going to be a coin flip week to week.

    @emceeperiod: Yeah, boost up your starters at the expense of your bench. Always a little risky, but I like it usually.

    @MattW: It’s pretty close in non-ppr. I like Forte enough to lean against it, but still close.

    @Cracker Baggins: Spiller and Young. I’d bid 40 on Tebow, 5-10 on Little

    @WillieMayesHayes: It could work, but I like Cam more.

  19. trick dad says:

    Trade Mike Wallace away for James Starks & Stevie Johnson? I’m shallow at RB (non-ppr)

  20. Steve Stevenson says:

    @Doc: Sorry for the repeat – Mendenhall vs Beanie, .5 PPR? How close are they?

  21. Chris says:

    Better hold (.5 PPR): Heyward-Bey or James Jones?

  22. Ken Plane says:

    Looking to trade DeAngelo Williams for a WR – would Holmes be about right? 12 team non ppr.

  23. Tim says:

    @Doc: How do you think Decker will be affected by Tebow starting? More of last week’s crap?

  24. Cracker Baggins says:

    @Doc: .5 PPR, non-keeper, waiver budget $100 ($61 left)

    Who would you drop out of Ridley, Hunter (Gore handcuff), and Gresham for Tebow?

    QB- Eli
    RBx2- Gore, Best
    WR/RB/TE- Felix Jones
    WRx3- Welker, Vincent Jackson, Lloyd
    TE- Witten

    BN QB- Flacco
    BN RB- Hunter, Ridley
    BN WR- Titus Young (need him for the bye week)
    BN TE- Gresham

  25. Struggetown says:

    Looking to deal Brady for WR1 and lower tier QB1. Should I consider one of the following? Let me know your thoughts for best return.

    Roddy White/Romo
    Roddy White/Cutler
    Andre Johnson/Romo
    Andre Johnson/Cutler

  26. standuptriple says:

    I have Cam and Stafford, both with the same bye week. Would you be shopping one over the other (I’m scared of Cam getting injured a-la Vick)? I’m thinking for an under-performing QB with an alternate bye week (Ryan or Rivers) plus upgrading at WR (I have B. Marshall and S. Johnson).
    Non-PPR, 2RB, 2WR and 1 Flex. Currently undefeated, so finding trading partners sucks right now.

  27. paulzone says:

    i was offered finley & 49ers DST for Shonne Greene. Pull the trigger?

    I don’t care about 49ers, i usually stream DST and have the Saints for this week.

    qb: vick, stafford, newton
    rb: gore, bradshaw, greene, starks, redman
    wr: weslker, megatron, floyd, decker
    te: fred davis

    0.5 ppr

  28. Randy says:

    Any thoughts on Derrick Mason to the Texans?

  29. djbooyah20 says:

    Just scored Miles Austin and Rashard Mendenhall in a trade for my VJax and Felix Jones..Its a PPR League and this is how my team shakes out:

    Vick, Eli
    DMC, Forte, Mendenhall, JBest, DeAngelo Williams
    Roddy White, Miles Austin, BMarsh, V.Cruz, Mike Thomas, Robert Meachem
    Owen Daniels

    How do you think I did? I lost VJax as a keeper, but it would of been a 4th rounder next year so I hardly feel that’s a great keeper to begin with. I still have Vick as a 10th, and DMC as a 7th rounder next year. As well as a possible V.Cruz stash for a 12th round keeper next year.

  30. Commish Cauda says:

    12-team, 0.5ppr, Start QB/2RB/3WR/TE

    I grabbed Tebow through waivers last night. My team is below.

    Trade Tebow & Hunter FOR Bradford & Little?

    I’d then drop Kolb (and maybe Burleson?) and pick up some more bench depth: E. Ducet, Damien Williams, B. Scott, F. Davis, J. Cook or E. Dickson.

    QB: Brees, Kolb
    RB: AP, Ingram, Starks, Hunter, D. Murray
    WR: DJax, Mike Williams (TB), Lloyd, Crabtree, Burleson
    TE: Graham



  31. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Commish Cauda: I’d rather have Tebow than Bradford.

    @djbooyah20: I like it for you.

    @Randy: I think AJ will be back before he grasps the offense enough to be of much fantasy use.

    @paulzone: Do it.

    @standuptriple: If you can get value for Cam I’d go for it.

    @Struggetown: White/Romo would be the one I would consider. If White is a huge upgrade on a starter I’d go for it.

    @Cracker Baggins: I’d drop Gresham

    @Tim: I think he hurts him

    @Ken Plane: Yeah.

    @Chris: Bey

    @Steve Stevenson: Really close. I’d lean Mendy.

    @trick dad: I wouldn’t

  32. Killer Joe says:

    Would you drop Reggie Bush for Tebow? I have Stafford and Newton already, but Bush is a giant pile of suckiness.

    Additionally, when does it become a good idea to start Newton over Stafford? Stafford has been good every week, but Newton keeps outscoring him. Frustrating (but not in a bad way)!

  33. Art Vandelay says:

    Would you drop LT for any or all of Delone Carter, Battle, or Doucet?

  34. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Art Vandelay: I would for Battle

    @Killer Joe: I would. Yeah, it is frustrating. I think we can start starting him based on matchups now. SF at home is probably too good a matchup.

  35. Public Enemy #1 says:

    Need a trade opinion, Doc. This trade was agreed to in a standard 12 team league. Is this veto worthy? Which side wins?

    Lloyd, DWilliams and Tate


    DBryant and Lynch

  36. Project badass says:

    .5 PPR

    Please rank for this week: James Jones, Little, Heyward-Bay?

  37. nick says:

    @Doc: who to start at flex, Torrain, Redman, Starks or LT? Also in this 10 team h2h nonppr, would you drop Redman, DHB, LT or Sanchez (qb3 behind Schahb/Tebow) for any of these guys…D. Moore, James Jones, Doucet, Bernard Scott, Ridley, Hunter? Any suggestions?

  38. The Vaporizers says:

    Hey doc, I’m looking to upgrade at WR and am looking to deal Felix Jones. I was offered Jeremy Maclin for Felix. And I am almost positive I can get Dez for him instead. Who do you want on your team the most for the rest of the season? Felix? Dez? or Maclin?

  39. rascal says:

    Would you trade Stafford and Harvin for Rivers and Dez? The owner could also use RB help.

    I’m 1-4 with this team:

    Stafford, Ryan
    DMC, Mendenhall, Torain, McGahee, Ridley, Ingram, JStew
    Lloyd, Steve Johnson, Holmes, Harvin

    start QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 2 Flex

  40. B-Real says:

    Hey Doc,

    This ain’t going to be pretty….I need a second RB between S. Ridley, D. Brown, R. Williams and Roy Helu?

    Also, I need a 3rd WR between G. Little, J. Avant, H. Douglas, Greg Jones A. Caldwell and K. Walter.

    What do you think?


  41. ABM says:

    Got a trade offer

    I give up: Jimmy Graham & V-Jax
    I get: Either Matthews or Best & Stevie Johnson

    Current RBs: Arian Foster, Felix Jones, Mike Tolbert, Jackie Battle
    Current Wrs: V-Jax, Hakeem Nicks, A.J. Green, Julio Jones, Heyward-Bey
    Current TEs: Jimmy graham, Jermichael Finley & Jason Witten

    Should I pull the trigger and if so who the better guy to take.

  42. Nick says:

    Being offered Jahvid Best and Anquan Boldin for my Michael Turner and Dwayne Bowe. I’d of course be selling high on both and depending on Boldin to start putting up some better numbers. Worth the deal? He also has McFadden–should I try to get him to sub run-DMC for Best?

  43. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Nick: If it’s full PPR I’d do it.

    @ABM: PPR?

    @B-Real: I like it. I’d lean Best in PPR.

    @B-Real: Ridley, who is Greg Jones?

    @rascal: I wouldn’t. Don’t like Rivers playoff schedule.

    @The Vaporizers: I want Felix, but if you need a WR more I’d go with Dez.

    @nick: Torain, and drop LT/Redman for Ridley/Scott and then go watch Aliens.

    @Project badass: Bey (Haden is out), Jones, Little

    @Public Enemy #1: I’d lean to the Bryant side, but not veto worthy at all.

  44. B-Real says:


    I meant James Jones.


  45. B-Real says:

    As a 3rd WR who do you like this week? G. Little, J. Avant, H. Douglas, James Jones, A. Caldwell and K. Walter.


  46. Blain Train says:

    Hey Doc, I’m in a puzzle… I gotta drop 2 of these to pick up Manningham & Tate. I’m thinking it’s between Carter, Ridley, Grossman, or Nelson.

    QB: Freeman, Tebow, Grossman
    RB: Foster, Blount, Felix, Tolbert, Ridley, Carter
    WR: Roddy, Santana, Nelson
    TE: Gates, Pettigrew

    Is the injury to D. Jones and the subsequent move to the outside gonna help or hurt Nelson? Manningham has to be a better WR3 than Nelson right?

  47. ABM says:

    Not PPR

  48. DeeMan says:

    RB1 Gore
    RB2? Daniel Thomas, or J. Starks?

    I’m no believer in Harvin’s situation anymore. Would you waive him for any of these:
    Decker, Manningham, Doug Baldwin or Meachem?

    I’m good otherwise, just want a good bye week candidate. I have two studs the other times between (Maclin, Austin and Nicks).

  49. Ron Paul says:

    Who would you start @ flex in a ppr league? Tough matchups this week and I need a win. Yikes.

    Already starting: RB: Forte WR: White

    Have 2 R/W to fill – D. Thomas @ NYJ / Best vs. SFO / Harvin @ CHI / J. Nelson @ STL / L. Moore @ TBB / G. Little @ OAK

    Normally it would be Best without a thought but the 49ers run D scares me. They won’t let him break off a big one like the Bears.

  50. James says:

    Should I start Bradshaw or Maclin as my flex in a 12 team PPR league?

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