Guten Tag razzballers.  It was a wild week in the target department with some studs slipping into stagnation and some young guns jockeying for fantasy jubilation.  Let’s try to make heads or tails of this coin flip flop and put the odds in your favor.

Rut Row

What happened to Roddy White and Antonio Gates?  Perennial target paramounts were left at the base of mountain this week.  Roddy rocked 3 targets and Gates limped in with one, yeah, one target.  The Pats made it a point to double and triple team him all game which fared well for V-Jax.  Fantasy owners of Gates are hoping that coaches don’t like to watch game tape.  Before you find a rope and a rafter don’t accept any ridiculous trades for these studs, they will bounce back.

Weekimiss Twoemiss Studimiss Maximus

A.J. Green-A.J. is showing early that he is no Green thumb, torching the steers for 10 catches, 124 yards and a monstrous touchdown, all on a league second best 14 targets.  His size and athleticism is freakish and my guess is that he will be solid all year, though with a rookie quarterback you can’t expect huge numbers every week despite how solid Dalton looks.  He is, however, a great matchup play and next week they play my beleaguered Niners whose pass defense is nothing short of defenseless.  For the record Jerome Simpson also lit it up which was predicted in my column last week—go me—and he is 16th among all offensive players in receiving yards.  He also has 18 targets so far this year.  I like both guys as matchup plays going forward.

Eric Decker-dropping double Decker fantasy numbers for the second straight week, this former Golden Gopher keeps finding holes in the secondary.  He is a must add after the injury to Eddie Royal as he figures to grab the starting spot opposite Brandon Lloyd and will likely remain there for the season.  His five catches for 113 yards and two scores was the result of a team high 9 targets.  Water him with a waiver claim and watch him grow.

Deion Branch-many owners went out on a limb when they drafted Branch in spite of Ocho’s expectations and now they are being rewarded.  With 19 targets over the last two weeks, Branch is 6th among offensive players with 222 receiving yards and 2nd in catches (15).  Though there are a lot of mouths to feed in Foxboro, you should count on Branch to continue to produce going forward.  They have a great matchup in what should be a shootout inBuffalo and Hernandez’s injury seem to be more severe than anticipated.  The latest reports suggest that he will be out 4-6 weeks with an MCL sprain.  Play the Pat.

Steve Smith-Those who snagged Smith in the mid to late rounds have certainly struck fantasy gold.  Partying like it’s 2008, Steve Smith is leading the league in targets (24) and receiving yards (334).  Many thought for sure that the Packers would paralyze Smith and turn Cam into a Fig Newton but neither happened which suggests that there is a high probability of Smith being matchup proof and WR1/2 worthy.  A home game this week against the pussy cats ofJacksonville should ensure huge numbers.

Fred Davis-I’m becoming a believer in the Redskins passing game and in Davis in general.  Even with Cooley on the field, right said Fred was 6th among tight ends in targets with seven, catching six passes for 86 yards and a touchdown.  I like him this week against a Cowboys D that is still trying to find its way.

Jeremy Maclin-Maclin was a monster on Sunday night, looking fully healthy and back to 2010 form.  Tied with Miles Austin and Vincent Jackson, Maclin garnered 15 targets, hauling in 13 for 173 yards and 2 touchdowns.  He looked fast and furious and even with Vick out, Kafka targeted Maclin on every passing down (five times) but two (McCoy).  If you’ve got him, good for you, if you don’t have him, get him.

Nate Washington-alright, unlike my Jerome Simpson plug I was wrong about General Washington.  It turns out that his performance was anything but smoke and mirrors as he put up 99 yards on seven catches (11 targets).  Hasselbeck looks rejuvenated and with CJ floundering early they have taken to the air.  Britt has also been a true Titan.  He is second in the league in targets (23) and receiving yards (271) to Steve Smith and he is clearly the undisputed #1.  However, with this—dare I say—formidable passing attack, there could be two tangoing in Titan town.

Mike Sims-Walker-coming off a dismal opening day performance,Walker won the hearts of fantasy owners by catching 6 passes of 92 yards on 11 targets.  Brandon Gibson looked strong at times as well, but it wasWalker who commanded more targets and who made bigger plays.  The Giants’ secondary is nothing stellar however andBradford has been shaky since the start of the season.  There is hope for the hyphen however and with the Ravens coming to town you know the Rams are going to have to air it out.

Preston Parker-the man with the Catholic schoolboy name took Viking defenders to Sunday school while catching six passes for 98 yards on seven targets.  He now has 13 targets on the year and seems to be filling the void left by an absent Mike Williams.  He’s a slot guy who seems to have benefited from the double teams on Williams and by no means should he be considered the air apparent.  However, I would keep an eye on him over the next couple of weeks.  We’ll see if he’s still in the mix after Sammie Stroughter comes back from his foot issues.

Ted Ginn-Though I wouldn’t endorse starting any Niners’ receiver with any confidence, this talented return man commanded seven targets in week two, catching four passes for 38 yards.  He is dangerous when he gets the ball in his hands and he may have a future in Harbaugh’s regime.  I’ll come to your home and slap you if you waste a claim on him, but there is no harm in keeping an eye on him.

  1. Radiohead says:

    For the rest of the season, how would you rank WRs who were drafted or are currently owned — guys like Burleson, J. Nelson, Branch, Green and L. Moore — versus waiver wire guys like D. Moore, Decker, D. Nelson, MSW and Washington? Would you drop any of the guys in the first group to pick up someone in the second?

  2. fred haase says:

    Tough call:
    Start Hightower or Blount PPR this week?

  3. John Barleycorn says:

    I’m trying to fill in JC of KC’s RB spot. I only have D’Will to fill in, but have Roddy White, V-Jax, and Maclin at WR/Flex. This is a PPR/PPC keeper (3 players) league. I’ve been offered Daniel Thomas & Bush for V-Jax. It would break my heart to lose V-Jax, but is it worth it to get the Miami committee? I have DMC at RB1. Would White be a better counter?

  4. Jones

    Jones says:

    @Radiohead-the only guy I would consider grabbing is Decker or MSW and possibly dropping Moore. I would not consider dropping any other guy on that list. Moore has been banged up but seems close to healthy and he is a guy that I loved coming in to the season. I actually drafting him in almost all of my leagues. I’m trying to be patient and you should do the same but one or two more weeks of lackluster play and you should consider cutting ties. Remember, Moore only played about 20 out of 67 offensive plays last week as they were easing him back in.

    @Fred Haase-that is a tough call. Helu was getting into the mix last week so Hightower’s value could be dwindling. I’m not a huge Blount fan in ppr leagues and he won’t catch any passes so that is a risk. I would most likely play Hightower but I would personally start shopping him while the going is good. His value is high at the moment but Shanahan and his committee are lurking.

    @John-you can’t play Bush and Thomas can you? I do think Thomas has some value going forward but I couldn’t see myself giving up Jax or White for those guys. Thomas could end up being a good keeper for you but I may counter with Maclin though I like him a lot too. Does he have anyone other than Bush that he could give up? I couldn’t see myself pulling the trigger on that trade.

  5. MrHappyTime says:

    I just lost Charles and picked up Daniel Thomas. I wanna pick up another guy but who do you like best out of Brandon Jacobs, Jonathan Stewart, Roy Helu, and Dexter McCluster? Thanks!

  6. Bern says:

    Parker doesn’t deserve to be on the list. Minnesota has been using a strategy of rolling their safeties to the outside WR’s leaving the middle open for slot guys (see Vincent Jackson week 1). Don’t waste your waiver claim.

  7. abe says:

    hey, who do you like more in a 14 team non ppr league – jacoby ford, danario alexander, or brandon lafell? We only start 2 wrs and right now I have mike williams, ochocinco, sidney rice, antonio brown, and roy williams. so pretty much I’m looking for a second wr with the most upside.

  8. Chet "The Rocket" Steadman says:

    Morning. Would you trade Dez Bryant for Mark Ingram and Fred Davis if you had no clear needs? Davis would be an upgrade at TE, and I’d drop my current one.

  9. Jones

    Jones says:

    @Mr. HappyTime-I like Brandon Jacobs, J-Stew, Helu and McCluster in that order.

    @Abe-I like Ford or Lafell. I’m not sure what Ford’s status is so you might want to do a bit of research. I’d say Ford has the most upside, followed by Lafell and then Alexander. Danario was pretty close to getting cut before the season and MSW and Gibson seem to be the go to guys.

  10. Projectbass says:

    .5 PPR, $100 waiver wire budget

    How much would you bid on Decker?

  11. MikeB says:

    Please rank: N. Washington, J. Ford, or J. Simpson

  12. BonerJams03 says:

    In a 12 team non-ppr league. My starting WR’s include: Andre Johnson, Percy Harvin, and Malcom Floyd (WR1/WR2/WR3 respectively). With James Jones and Early Doucet on my bench.
    Decker, Mike Thomas, and Sims-Walker are all available via waiver wire. Any thoughts? I love the waiver eligible’s targets and I’m not sold on my backups.

  13. Ryan says:

    I know, this sounds insane, but Matt Ryan @ TB or Eli Manning @ PHI? I feel like the Giants/Eagles game will turn into a shootout like it usually does, plus Matty Ice isn’t playing at home and is going against a solid D.

  14. Child Please says:

    How much would you bid on Daniel Thomas in a .5 PPR league with a $100 waiver wire budget

  15. Brian says:

    Pick two: Jacoby Ford, Devery Henderson, Eric Decker, Nate Washington?

  16. Brian says:

    Update above: not Decker.. meant to include David Nelson.. .5 PPR

  17. Ghost072 says:

    What do you think of this trade:

    Hakeem Nicks and Thomas Jones


    Steve Johnson and Tim Hightower

    Johnson is my 2nd WR and I’ve been playing Hightower over Starks, but I don’t like his long term prospects with Shanahan. Jones is a throwaway, but if I could pair Nicks with Megatron, I think I’d be set at WR.

    My team:

    Romo, Fitzpatrick
    Ray Rice, James Starks
    DeAngelo Williams, Hightower
    Calvin Johnson, Steve Johnson, Mike Thomas
    Jacoby Ford, Denario Alexander
    Gates, Hernandez

  18. Plainview says:

    12 team non-PPR: Having a difficult time deciding who to start at WR, which is the weakest part of my team (need to start 2):

    Mike Thomas
    Dez Bryant
    Lance Moore

    Also, if I drop one (or more) of those, I could pick up Jerome Simpson, David Nelson, Jabar Gaffney, Nate Washington or Early Doucet

    Any thoughts appreciated.

  19. Ghost072 says:


    I start Thomas, Bryant and Moore if you don’t make a move, but I’d seriously consider dropping Massaquoi for Nelson and starting him in place of Thomas (unless either Bryant or Moore can’t go this week, then you’d obviously start Nelson for one of them). Massaquoi has talent, but it is being wasted in the Cleveland offense, while Nelson just took over the slot role in Gailey’s wide open offense. He has the most upside out of those available WRs, by far.

  20. John says:

    I’m in disarray with JC on IR… Below are my “spare pieces”. I’d like to pick up Decker, any ideas?

    Bench RB’s: Tate, J. Stewart, D. Thomas, Woodhead
    Bench WR’s: J. Jones, R. Meachem
    TE’s O-Daniels, Marcedes

    I have Big Ben on my bench with Rivers starting. 10 team league, so not sure it’s worth carrying two QB’s.

  21. Mo says:

    Having major issues at TE. I was offered T-Gon for Thomas Jones. Should I take it?

  22. mt45 says:

    Fred David is sitting on the waver wire and im debating on dropping Cook for him. Whould you make this move?

  23. John Barleycorn says:

    @Jones: Thanks. We’re of like minds. I countered with Maclin for Thomas only, but he countered with White instead of V Jax for both. I guess I’ll try to scare up another trade while I run DWill at RB2. Maybe Maclin for Bradshaw.

  24. SoCalStrong says:

    Sidney Rice? Drop him? IF he is healthy will he even have anything to offer in that offense?

  25. Jones

    Jones says:

    @projectbass-I’m not goint to lie, I am not a waiver budget guy. I have never in my life played in a league so my answer would just be a complete guess.

    @Mike B-Simpson and Washington the same but Simpson slightly better.

    @bonerjams-I would drop Jones for Decker and Doucet for MSW

    @Ryan-it depends on how much your league penalizes interception because Manning will have a few. TB’s pass D is no where near as scary as the Eagles. I like Ryan.

    @childplease-see my comment to project bass

    @Brian-Washington and Dev. Henderson

    @ghost-take that trade all day

    @Plainview-I would start Bryant and Moore, then Thomas. I would drop captain vowel name and pick up Jerome Simpson or Nelson.

    @John-I would drop Jones and pick up Decker. Woodhead would be next on my list.

    @Mo-not with JC out. There has to be a serviceable TE on the waiver wire. How about Fred Davis, Scott Chandler, Greg Olson, or Pettigrew?

    @MT45-I would make that move. Cook could improve as the year goes on but Davis is producing now and my feeling is that no one will scoop up Cook with the fact that he has 3 catches in 2 games.

    @JohnBarleycorn-I can’t believe he didn’t take the Maclin for Thomas trade. I think Maclin is worth more than Thomas alone. I think it’s a good move to not panic and shop around a bit. Maclin for Bradshaw would be goo. Is this a ppr league?

    @SoCalStrong-I own Rice and I am worried that he will pretty much be useless. With his talent I am keeping him on my bench and dropping less talented players but there may come I time when I pull the trigger. It would be hard for me to imagine that Rice is your least talented player so I’d see what he can do when he comes back.

  26. John says:


    You would drop Julio Jones for Decker, or were you thinking James Jones (to which I definitely agree)?

    Sorry for confusion.

  27. Jones

    Jones says:

    @John-definitely not Julio Jones. I meant James Jones. Sorry about that! I would consider dropping Lewis for Decker, but it seems like you have some pretty solid WR depth. Owen Daniels has been struggling so I would lean toward dropping Lewis if there was a serviceable TE on the wire in case you eventually cut ties with Daniels.

  28. John says:


    Thanks for the quick response. Since we only start 2 WR it’s not bad depth.

    Fred Davis, Gresham and King are available. Davis’ hype is all over the place. Maybe I’ll drop Lewis for Davis and pay the matchups.

    Also, Harvin was just dropped, you think I should swoop in? If I don’t wait, I’d lose my #1 waiver spot, which doesn’t seem like a good idea at only week 3.

  29. Jones

    Jones says:

    @John-I think of a #1 waiver spot like having an extra 7th round pick. In that case if I could draft Percy Harvin in the 7th round I would be happy. It really depends on how much you covet the #1 claim. I’ve seen guys and been a guy who holds it too long, watching productive player after productive player go buy and then blow it because you’re eventually desperate to make a move. In one of my leagues I blew my #1 waiver claim on Ben Tate after week one because I knew Foster would be “hamstrung” for a while and it worked out. It’s really personal preference.

    p.s. I would drop Lewis for Davis.

  30. Jones

    Jones says:

    @Chet-I wouldn’t make that trade. It’s an interesting offer but Bryant is a monster. Owners just have to put up with the fact that he will miss a handfull of games.

  31. Jones

    Jones says:


  32. Dan says:

    I need to fill in 1 WR spot and my flex spot (WR/RB). Which two of these players should I start?

    Lloyd, Branch, Tolbert, Ingrahm.

    Also, which TE: Keller or F Davis?


  33. Jones

    Jones says:

    @Dan-sorry it took so long to get back at you. I would play Lloyd at your WR spot if he’s playing and Tolbert at flex. Tolbert is a must start. Keller and Davis are both good plays but I like Grossman to lean on Davis Monday night against some linebackers who are good at rushing passers but not at covering tight ends.

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