Hola Razzballians.  We are finally starting to settle in to the NFL season.  At this point you should be expecting some trends to develop, but many trenders were tarnished in week three (see the law office of Green,Davis, Simpson, Burleson, and Branch).  Trying to predict what will happen in this crazy fake sport is like trying to prevent Christopher Walken from playing the creepy guy in every movie he’s in.  It’s just not happening, but let’s try anyway.

This Week’s Studs

Andre Caldwell-seeing more playing time as a result of Jerome Simpson’s impending jail time, Caldwell showed why he has a chance to be the most consistent target in the Bengal passing game.  With Green up and down (5 targets, 4 rec., 29 yards in week three) Caldwell filled the gap by garnering 12 targets (5th in the league) for 6 receptions and 53 yards.  Unless Simpson’s munchies allow him to eat the mountain of evidence against him, you should expect consistency from Caldwell in the future.  Some of you may remember his sporadic production a year ago when he played third fiddle to the T.Ocho show.  I see him as a solid flex play this week in what should be a shootout with the Bills, or at least one team shooting out the Bengals and the Bengals shooting blanks.  Either way, he should see a lot of targets.  If Simpson is sidelined, I like Caldwell as a solid flex/WR 3 going forward.

Michael Jenkins-Cagey drafters may have taken a flier on Jenkins in hopes that he would work his way to a solid spot in the tenuous Vikings pass game, only to drop him after two weeks of lackluster production.  Tied for 8th in the league with 11 targets, Jenkins joyously jumped on nine of those passes, gaining 88 yards.  Personally, I’m not as confident in his sustained production as I am, in say, Caldwell or Sidney Rice’s, but you can bank on a few facts:  McNabb will need mcthrow it, a lot; Bernard Berrian is an abomination, and Percy Harvin’s headaches will frustrate fantasy owners at least a handful of times this season.  Keep your eye on him.

Sidney Rice-Those who drafted Rice in hopes that his talent would overcome Tavaris Jackson’s lackthereof, were finally rewarded when Rice played his first game of the season on Sunday, putting up a respectable eight catch, 109 yard performance on 10 targets.  As bad as Jackson is, his chemistry with Rice is apparent and he now goes from easily droppable to damn near must startable.  It’s one game, but his talent is undeniable and barring any injury setbacks, he is a guy I would like to have in my lineup.

Antonio Brown-Once again, he wasn’t blowing anybody away but after week one I wrote about Brown as the guy to eventually take the number two spot from Hines Ward and he is finally starting to take over that role. Targeted more times than Mike Wallace, Brown led the team with eight targets, capitalizing on four for 75 yards.  Ward was warranted a dismal four targets (3 catches, 17 yards), and Colonel Sanders sauntered in with five (2 catches, 21 yards).  Don’t wait until Brown explodes for a 100 plus yard, two touchdown game.  Get him before they start writing about him on ESPN and Yahoo.  In short, ask yourself this question: what can Brown do for you?

Torrey Smith-Torrey exploried the end zone on his first three catches and as a result he is a guy that is suddenly on everyone’s radar.  I will say that his talent is undeniable and he is a guy I was watching in the preseason along with Tandon Doss, but I do believe that if healthy, Evans will be a big play guy in Raven offense who can steal some targets.  The upside, however, clearly belongs to Torrey Smith and the way Flacco is throwing the ball, Smith is worth a waiver shot.  He had 8 targets, catching five for 152 yards and 3 touchdowns.

Dane Sanzebacher-“and we’ll order it from” Sanzebacher, “and then I’ll f-ing love him completely and then I’ll…” hopefully you get the Tenacious D reference with some strong liberties with the lyrics.  Now I would not endorse a strong waiver push for Sanzebacher, but he seems to be the primary red zone target for Cutler over the last two weeks and he sets up nicely for a stopgap play against the Panthers.  As long as the Bears’ receiver roster looks like a platoon from Apocalypse Now, desperate owners looking to fill in a flex might think about being a member of the Dane Gang.

Titus Young-the young man certainly put up a Titan performance against the Vikings, catching four passes for 51 yards on 8 targets.  I’d would be hard pressed to put him into any starting lineups but Burleson owners (I being one, twice over) should beware of this young upstart.  Burleson bombed with two catches on two targets for 12 yards as Titus stole his thunder time and time again.  He is guy to possibly snag off of free agency who could start peaking over the next few weeks.  He’s a man to keep an eye on for sure.

Brandon Pettigrew-Pettigrew looked like he had Mackey pedigree in the Lions comeback against the ‘Vikes.  Leading all tight ends with 13 targets, Pettigrew pulled in 11 catches for 112 yards.  The only problem with Pettigrew is shifty Scheffler who happened to command only one target.  Though research has shown that Pettigrew is the one Lion TE to own, I’ve been trying to notice a target trend with these two for over a year and I just can’t seem to nail it down.  Despite the big game, I would be reluctant to call Pettigrew a TE1 but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a decent play against Dallas next week.

Rob Gronkowski-‘nuff said.

James Casey-Owen owners were psyched to see some production with his five catch, 76 yard, and one touchdown performance, but even his long awaited awakening was no match for upstart James Casey.  Dropping hits like Casey Kasem, James jammed one of his seven targets in for a score, totaling five catches for 126 yards.  I’d love to say that I saw this coming, but I certainly did not.  The athlete from Rice played FB and TE, getting some runs out of the backfield and getting open for big plays.  An athlete this versatile is extremely valuable in our fake sport so I would certainly grab him if I were struggling at TE and I would keep a close eye on him even I weren’t.

Ben Watson-Watson proved that champing the fantasy sports world is indeed elementary, catching five of his 10 targets for 64 yards.  Just when it looked like Evan Moore (3 targets, 2 catches for 19 yards) was more than opposing defenses could handle, Watson reminded us of why he was a serviceable TE a year ago.  To be honest with you, I don’t like either guy unless you’re absolutely desperate, and if so I tend to like the youth and athleticism of Moore over the caginess of veteran Ben Watson.  Though McCoy is proving to be a serviceable real life QB, he doesn’t lead a very good fake QB life and thus he and his minions of receivers and tight ends are of no use to us.

Earnest Graham-those desperate to fill a flex in PPR leagues may want to earnestly consider taking a bite of the Graham cracker.  Through three games Graham ranks fourth behind only Mike Tolbert, Darren Sproles, and Matt Forte in receiving targets and he is tied for third among running backs with 20 total receptions.  His yardage total (116) is nothing too impressive and neither is fact that he has failed to reach the endzone, but a nearly seven catch average should be enticing for PPR owners struggling for consistency.

Darren Sproles-Spoles, in all honesty, is the most valuable fantasy running back on the Saints roster.  Due in large part to his work as a receiver, Sproles is number one in targets and number two in receptions among running backs through three games.  He’s a guy that may not be in a lot of starting lineups, but PPR buffs may be able to get him cheap for now.  Beware, however; he will not be flying under fantasy radar for much longer.

Boo Herns

Santonio Holmes– two targets for one catch and 19 yards.  He looked like he wasn’t even trying and on Sunday Sanchez threw more dump passes to Tomlinson than Charlie Sheen blew lines.  The Jets need to take the reigns off “Sanchize” soon, before Holmes owners go fantasy homeless.

Nate Burleson-two targets for two catches and 12 yards.  Once thought to be a rock solid WR3, the youth of Titus Young may be getting to Burleson.

Deion Branch-it’s hard to predict what Brady is going to do with the ball, but on Sunday against the Bills he certainly wasn’t sharing it with Branch.  Branch put up goose eggs for receptions and yards after receiving only three targets.

Danario Alexander-just give up on trying to figure out Rams’ receivers.  Alexander led the team with eight targets but caught only two passes for 28 yards.

Marcedes Lewis-looking more like a Plymouth Horizon hatchback than a Mercedes, Lewis has garnered only five targets, capitalizing on quatro for 43 yards.  The first cut is the deepest.  Say goodbye my friends.

Fred Davis-I picked him up in three leagues and told you to do the same only to see him catch one measly pass to Cooley’s four.  After week one I argued that Cooley would steal his targets when healthy and after week two I argued that it wouldn’t matter how healthy Cooley was.  Just call me Eggo because I am waffling hardcore with Davis.  I don’t think you should drop Davis if you took the time to sacrifice a claim for him, but we should monitor this situation going forward.

Zach Miller-over the first three games, Miller has nine targets, catching five for 41 yards.  The most consistent tight end next to Jason Witten over the last three years is no longer relevant.

  1. fred haase says:

    Yahoo is already on Titus Young BTW…

    I play in a PPR 12 team 14 roster spots…so there are some good options floating around on the waiver wire…

    In your opinion are Deion Branch and Aaron Hernandez droppable?

    Nate Washington, Denarius Moore, and Jacoby Ford seem to be beckoning me from the waiver wire and could be a better WR option than Branch(I own gimpy Maclin and need a strong WR 3 this week).

    At tight end I own Fred Davis along with Hernandez(I know…I should not have that many TE’s on such a short bench) , but Hernandez was so good early on I felt like he was undroppable. Gronkowski looked so strong in game 3, that now I worry about Hernandez production the rest of the year. Should I drop Hernandez or roll with Fred davis(or Greg olson who is available)?

  2. fred haase says:

    Oh and almost forgot…Marques Colston was actually dropped in my league. Is he too risky health wise going forward?

  3. nero says:

    Luckily I offered Fred Davis and Burleson (got keller and picked up Washington after week 1) for Deangelo Williams last week! I really don’t think there’s anything wrong with Williams as much as the playcalling and the offensive line gelling. Getting Otah back should be huge. Hopefully a little time (and more opportunities) will prove me right.

    Oh, and this youtube clip from THIS preseason


    Doesn’t look like there’s anything wrong to me.

  4. ringo says:

    So would you much rather roster Deion Branch or Nate Washington at this point?

  5. cockyphoenix says:

    Sidney Rice tends to catch footballs when he can reach them. Just something I’ve noticed

  6. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    best DEF p/u for this wk?….TB vs IND,AZ vs NYG,MIN @ KC or WAS @ STL?

  7. Nick says:

    I dropped Sims-Walker for L Moore. Now do i dump Collie, M thomas or Helu for brown?

  8. cockyphoenix says:

    @ringo: I like Washington just because there are fewer other options on that offense, i.e. more targets.

  9. Ickey Shuffle says:

    Nice write up! Same ques as Haase, Colston was dropped in my league. I have Ochocinco, do I drop Ocho for Colston, Torrey Smith, or stand pat?

    Thank you!

  10. hideousmutants says:

    Do you like Julio Jones vs. SEA or Denarius Moore vs. NE?


    SD Def vs. MIA or TB vs. IND?

    I’m leaning Moore and SD but would appreciate opinions from anyone who has them.

  11. cockyphoenix says:

    @Ickey Shuffle: I had Marques Colston on my fantasy team once. I frowned a lot that year.

  12. Lob Ball says:

    Time to fill in the hole left by Britt. There are slim pickings in my nonPPR league, but which WR would you go with?:
    Jacoby Ford
    Jacoby Jones
    S Smith (Phil)
    Titus Young

  13. MrHappyTime says:

    Who you like better for the rest of the season. Julio Jones, Danarius Moore, Antonio Brown or Dexter McCluster? Rank your top 2 please!

  14. T2green2 says:

    Still looking to deal one of my 2 Buffalo receivers…PPR, I have B Marshall, Bowe, S Johnson, Nelson, B Lloyd and N Washington……SJAX, MJD, D Thomas and DMAC…

    Deal S Johnson/Thomas for Mathews/M Williams……..2 man keeper league also


  15. Rob says:

    Do you like Caldwell over Austin Collie and/or Antonio Brown?

  16. DavedandConfused says:

    First Tenacious D reference I’ve ever seen in a FF article! I might have to go pick up Sanzebacher just in honor of it! With karate you kicked my ass good sir!

    Now a quick question – Ochostinko droappable? Thinking of grabbing L. Moore or K. Hunter, or do you think Ocho will start producing something more than tweets?

  17. Rags says:

    Anyone welcome to comment.

    What do you guys think of Jermichael Finley, Peyton Hillis, and Big Ben for Ray Rice, Phillip Rivers, and some throw in (I’d push for Hernandez, but doubt I’d get him)? Non-PPR.

    I have Olsen as my other TE.

  18. Pipa says:

    Would you consider dropping Burleson and/or Mike Thomas for any of the above listed in the studs article?

  19. Ickey Shuffle says:

    @Rags: I would take the side with Rice & Rivers, the stronger players. I was able to trade Big Ben, Hillis, & Mendy for CJ2K & Rivers and think I did OK on it.

    That O line for the Steelers is just plain ol’ bad

  20. Jones

    Jones says:

    @Fred-I made no mention of Yahoo in my comments about Titus Young. As far as Branch and Hernandez are concerned, I would try to trade Branch for something, even a solid backup running back; you never know what you could get. I bet you could package the two and get say a James Starks or even a Ben Tate depending on the owner’s needs. If you don’t think you could make a trade, I would drop Hernandez first and pick up Nate Washington. He should be great for the rest of the year. I own Olsen and Davis and it’s hard to decide who to play. I think Davis will still be serviceable but there is no denying the fact that the Panther’s offense relies heavily on TE play. Olson will always be a factor in the game plan. P.S. I would definitely pick up Marques Colston.

    @Nero-I agree that D-Will is worth the chance.

    @Ringo-I would rather roster Nate Washington. Branch could have a monstrous game here or there but he will not provide the consistency that Washington will.

    @Cocky-solid observation

    @Olican-I like TB or Wash.

    @Nick-don’t drop Helu. I would possibly drop Collie for Brown.

    @Ickey-thank you. That’s a tough question. I would try to roster Colston if possible but I really like Torrey Smith. I would drop Ocho for either, it just depends on how bad you need a win or how much a risk you are willing to take for upside. We know what Colston can do, but Smith may be more of a playmaker. I try not to annoint a person after one week however.

    @hideout-that’s a tough call. I actually like TB against INDY for D and Moore and Jones are toss ups. I tend to like Moore a bit more.

    @Lob-I would take Devone Bess. Ford, Young, and Caldwell are next on the list.

    @Mr.Happy-I like Brown then Jones but I am thinking of what there production will be by the end of the season. Brown and Jones’s roles will continue to grow. McCluster simply can’t take the pounding.

    @T2-I think you’re giving up way too much. Steve Johnson is the real deal. I like him a lot more than Mike Williams. Mathews is interesting but Thomas looks good. I don’t like that trade at all for you.

    @Rob-I don’t like him more than Brown, but I like him more than Collie depending on what happens to Simpson.

    @Daved-Rock on! I would drop Ocho for Lance Moore in a heartbeat.

  21. Jones

    Jones says:

    @Rags-I’d make that trade all day.

    @Pipa-I would probably drop either for Sidney Rice.

    @Ickey-I think you got hosed on that deal.

  22. Jones

    Jones says:

    @Pipa-I would also drop either for Lance Moore

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