Wassup guys?  By now we know the drill.  I’m looking at target trends and you’re looking for a W on gameday.  Let’s rock.

Sensational in Week Six

Michael Crabtree: So far this season the crab tree has been more crabby than fruitful and more gimpy than nimble.  However, this past Sunday the former first rounder showed his pedigree, catching nine passes for 77 yards on a whopping 15 targets (ten more than anyone else on the team).  I’ve spotted him on waivers in two of my leagues and chances are, other impatient owners have dropped him too.  He’s a number one receiver with talent and the way the Niners are playing, I would want this guy on my team.  With the golden boys on bye, your chances of acquiring Crabtree are even greater.

Nate Burleson: I actually dropped Burleson last week, fearing Young’s emergence and Pettigrew’s studliness.  Those who played him were rewarded with a touchdown and ten targets (2nd behind Pettigrew) as well as a mediocre four catches for 39 yards.  He certainly trumped Titus in the target department, doubling him up to the tune of ten to five, but I’m still not buying a complete resurgence.  Perhaps it’s because I don’t want to look like an idiot for dropping him, but perhaps it’s because he is, at the very least, the fourth best receiving option on the team.  I still like him a bit more than Titus for the time being however, and those desperate for bye week plug ins could do much worse.  You have to like the Lions offense at home this week against the Falcons.

Jerome Simpson: I should have known that our country’s legal system runs on high viscosity motor oil because I haven’t heard anything on Simpson’s case in a coon’s age.  Despite his obvious distractions, Simpson has commanded the second most receiving targets in Cinci over the last three weeks (Green) and has only one fewer reception than his young stud teammate (13).  He has, however, failed to reach the endzone and it’s clear that he is at most the second best receiving target, and possibly third if you give the nod to Gresham.  Nevertheless, he’s a decent desperation bye week play, especially against Seattle whom they meet after the bye.

Pierre Garcon: One thing Reggie had on Pierre was targets, but after three straight weeks of blatant favoritism on Painter’s part, Pierre now holds the target title too.  Leading the way with 11 targets (to Wayne’s 6) Garcon had another solid performance, catching eight passes for 52 yards.  He has 323 receiving yards over the last three weeks and he has a clear chemistry with Painter, who seems to be finding his sea legs with each passing week.  Last week I said that I liked Wayne slightly more than Garcon, but now I’ve got them neck in neck with the smart money on Garcon going forward. 

Fred Davis: Fred is once again right said after a solid week six performance during which he saw a spike in targets (11), receptions (6) and receiving yards (95).  The better statistic may be that counterpart Chris Cooley only commanded one target.  For the moment I still see him a notch or so below TE1 capability, but he’s strong play against the Panthers this weekend and he could be a great safety net for John Beck if he indeed gets the nod.

Jabar Gaffney: Though Davis has once again found success, these last few weeks have not been particularly friendly for teammate Santana Moss.  It’s no joke that Gaffney has only two fewer targets than Moss over the last two games (14) but 40 more receiving yards and only one fewer reception (6 to 7).  The numbers aren’t great for either receiver however, and considering the potential for some QB confusion, I don’t know if I love either one.  Gaffney will obviously be an asset, however, if he does indeed challenge Moss for the number one receiver role, or at least number one receiver stats.

Antonio Brown: Ok ok. I’m sorry for all of you who have played him over the last two weeks.  I’ve suffered too, but you have to admit that the last two weeks have been bizarre for the Steelers to say the least.  Two weeks ago, Big Ben throws five td’s, two of which were to Ward and last week Ben only had a total of 12 completions.  I know we’re supposed to look for trends, and trends over the last two weeks suggest that Brown is down, but dare I say that these last two weeks have been aberrations? I still believe that Brown is the # 2.  Get it, Brown is the #2.  Laughing is better than crying.

Darius Heyward-Bey: I wrote about him last week and all he did was solidify the fact that he is the number one in Raiderville.  Denarius Moore and Jacoby Ford are nothing if not inconsistent but Bey is even keel.  Darius more than doubled up his competitors with nine targets for six receptions and 82 yards and he has been absolutely rock solid over the last three weeks (4/115, 7/99/1, 6/82 respectively).  Though I don’t expect Palmer to light the world on fire, there is no doubt that he is a better pure passer than Jason Campbell which means I like DHB even more now than I did 24 hours ago.  It wouldn’t be surprising, however, to see a slight dip in production for a couple of weeks while the two build chemistry.  My advice would be to stalk your prey carefully and bounce when the time is right.  Grab him if he’s out there and keep an eye out for impatient owners who may drop him.

Greg Little: Playing more like a giant, Little has commanded more targets than any Browns receiver over the last two games (20) and has seen more production in every other statistical category.  With six receptions and over 50 yards receiving in each of his last two games, the little engine is showing that he can provide owners with modest serviceability.  Clearly no Browns receiver is going to wow the fantasy world, but it is clear now that Little is your best bet.  He’s a sneaky play against the Seahawks this weekend.

Aaron Hernandez: Since he returned two weeks ago from injury, Hernandez has shown us why Brady likes his tight end better than Gronkowski’s.  Once again Hernandez led the team in targets (14) and in the two games he has been back, Hernandez has outperformed Gronkowski to the tune of 13 receptions for 124 yards and a touchdown.  Over that same span, Rob has mustered a measly 11 receptions for 105 yards and he hasn’t scored a touchdown in three weeks.  If you can still buy Hernandez low, good for you.  If you can still sell Gronkowski high, good for you.

Random Awesomeness (courtesy of FFtoday.com and KFFL.com)

Top Ten Week Six Target Tarantulas (not necessarily your household names)

  1. Michael Crabtree 15
  2. Brandon Marshall 13
  3. Mike Williams 13
  4. Greg Little 12
  5. Marques Colston 11
  6. Pierre Garcon 11
  7. Danario Alexander 10
  8. Miles Austin 10
  9. Nate Burleson 10
  10. Jabar Gaffney 10

Top Fifteen Receiving Targets in Last Three Weeks (all players)

  1. Jimmy Graham 37
  2. Wes Welker 32
  3. Mike Williams 30
  4. Michael Crabtree 29
  5. Calvin Johnson 28
  6. Brandon Pettigrew 28
  7. Hakeem Nicks 28
  8. DHB 28
  9. Pierre Garcon 27
  10. Jeremy Maclin 26
  11. Darren Sproles 25
  12. Kellen Winslow 25
  13. A.J. Green 25
  14. Roddy White 25
  15. Victor Cruz 24

  1. MrHappyTime says:

    Sidney Rice or Julio Jones for the rest of the year?

  2. Adam says:

    Start 2 of 3 this week….Holmes,decker,or little in standard league

  3. farcus says:

    how do we feel about a benson/vernon davis for felix/witten trade? both witten and davis would be kept for one more year.

  4. BigChibbs says:

    2 Decisions to make this week for my TE and WR3 positions…

    O. Daniels or F. Davis

    Heyward-Bey or Doug Baldwin


  5. hideousmutants says:

    would you offer Manningham for Crabtree straight up?

  6. barker says:

    is this trade vetoeable ?? it was vetoed in a 12 team league

    i give garcon j stew a hern for rivers tolbert heyward bey

    he has heath miller as his best TE and is in last place and he has tebow

    my team after trade rivers colston mike williams tb manningham rice cj2k graham decker bn schaub heyward bey tolbert lance moore felix fa pick up

    really need an answer cause im a little pissed

  7. TheTinDoor

    JTin says:

    PPR league, I’ve been offered Garcon, giving up Mike Tolbert.

    2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex league. I already have:
    RB: CJ, Forte, Sproles, R.Bush
    WR: Nicks, B.Marshall, Crabtree, Mike Thomas

    Do the deal? I haven’t played Tolbert all year.

  8. Steve Stevenson says:

    Can’t get anyone to give me anything for Cruz, but would you drop him for Crabtree? This is for my WR4 spot where we start 2 and a Flex.

  9. Bernie Lomax says:

    Who looks more serviceable as a backup QB down the road?

    Bradford or Sanchez?

  10. Mr2Bits says:

    Would you lose Jacoby Ford for Crabtree in a PPR league?

  11. AdamH says:

    Got a tough choice this week. I need to pick up a WR and a K due to byes. My kicker is Gostkowski, who I’d rather not outright drop but I don’t think I have a choice. My other choices are Cutler or Freeman (my only 2 QB’s), Tashard Choice (handcuff scoop for my Demarco Murray), or CJ Spiller (handcuff for my Fred Jackson).

    Which two of Gostkowski, Cutler, Freeman, Choice, or Spiller are you dropping?

  12. AdamH says:

    For reference to above post, my team:
    QB Freeman
    WR Wallace
    WR K Walter
    RB LT
    RB Ingram
    TE Finley
    W/R Demarco Murray
    D Den

    B Fred Jackson
    B Andre Johnson
    B Jahvid Best
    B Tashard Choice
    B Cutler
    B Spiller
    B Gostkowski

  13. Steve Stevenson says:

    @Mr2Bits: Yes

  14. Steve Stevenson says:

    @Bernie Lomax: Bradford

  15. Ethan says:

    Is Matt Schaub and Jordy Nelson a fair trade for Aaron Rodgers?

  16. Jones

    jones says:

    @Mr. Happy-I like Rice a little better right now.
    @Adam-Holmes and Decker
    @Big-Owen Daniels and DHB
    @hideous-no, let’s not get too carried away.
    @farcus-that trade seems kind of useless to me but Felix Jones will be out for looks to be at least three weeks so I wouldn’t do it if you’re getting Jones.
    @Barker-I wouldn’t veto that trade and I actually think you’re getting hosed a bit. Your roster is pretty solid but I don’t like the idea of you giving away starters for bench players.
    @JTin-I’d do that if I had your team
    @Steve-I would consider doing that…leaning toward yes.
    @Bernie-both are awful. I guess I would rather have Bradford with his new Lloyd weapon.
    @Mr2-yes, I would. Ford just isn’t going to be that consistent.
    @Adam-Gostkowski and Choice. Check the overall fantasy numbers for kickers. I guarantee there are better kickers than Gostkowski on waivers. I own him and dropped him too.
    @Ethan-absolutely not. Jordy Nelson is basically a WR3 and Schaub is no world beater. Rodgers is the #1 overall fantasy player. If you are getting Rodgers, good for you. If you’re losing him, absolutely not.

  17. Nick says:

    J Nelson is on my waivers in a 10-team. Is he worth it, to drop Torain or DHB. My WR are only C Johnson, Holmes and M Thomas so I could use a bye week fill other than DHB

  18. Nick says:

    Sorry, meant David Nelson, makes big difference lol

  19. Nick says:

    Burleson also on waivers….sorry for split posts

  20. slum pickens says:

    Ok my rbs are Torrain, high t, Starks, murray, d Thomas and battle. Wr are Jennings, vjax, n wash, dhb, little. Ryan is my qb, who would you drop for say john beck, Alex smith, Andy dalton or colt mccoy? Ryan is drowning me.

  21. Ethan says:

    What about Schaub and Burner Turner?

  22. Jones

    Jones says:

    @Nick-I wouldn’t drop either of those guys for David Nelson or Burleson.
    @Slum-it’s almost always better to drop WR’s, simply because your chances of picking up a productive one on waivers is much greater than picking up a productive RB week to week. I would drop Little for Dalton.
    @Ethan-That’s much better but Mark Sanchez has essentially the same amount of fantasy points as Matt Schaub. I would only make that trade if I were really weak at RB.

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