What’s up fans of football, fake and real?  Can you freakin’ believe the 49ers are 8-1 and the Eagles are 3-6?  Sorry Drew but I had to rub it in.  My old school profile picture of Ronnie Lott beats your old school Randall Cunningham any day.  I just had to get that off my chest.  Back to reality, fakality or fake reality; it depends on how you look at it.

Some Real Lookers

Harry Douglas-I actually thought that ole’ Harry could have been a decent sleeper pick around draft time but a struggling Matt Ryan has meant no nookie for Douglas.  Sunday, a day in which the dougster caught eight passes for 133 yards on a redonkulous 14 targets (twice as many as any other Falcon-White) was surely an aberration right?  I don’t know if it was a hurting linebacking core that prompted the Falcons to gameplan the way they did, or if it was simply an adjustment after Jones’s hamstring aggravation, but conventional wisdom has to tell you that Douglas is at best the fourth receiving option behind some true studs in T-Gonz, R-White, and Coolio Jones.  He can’t be rosterable can he?  Not so fast grasshopper.  It is interesting to note that over the last four games Douglas has 25 targets, 14 receptions and 252 receiving yards compared to Roddy White’s 31, 15, 211 yards and one td.  Though the Falcon’s have not released any definitive information on Jones’s reaggravation, if he indeed misses time, Douglas could be a decent spot flex start against the Titans on Sunday.

Ed Dickson-the inconsistency of the Ravens offense and the TE2 numbers have undoubtedly deterred some potential owners from rostering Dickson, but Daniels owners in need of a bye week replacement or those who play a TE in the flex may want to note that Dickson is sixth overall in TE targets on the year with 68, ahead of guys like Jermichael Finley, Fred Davis, Greg Olson, Dustin Keller, Owen Daniels, and Aaron Hernandez and tied with Tony Gonzalez.  He commanded a monstrous 14 targets against the Seahawks on Sunday, catching ten passes for 79 yards.  He’s seventh in receptions by TE’s with 40 and is top fifteen in receiving yards and touchdowns.  Over the last five weeks however, Dickson is fourth in TE targets and receptions and is top ten in receiving yards and touchdowns.  His role seems to be increasing as the year goes on and those looking to bolster the TE position for the playoffs may want to take notice.

Damian Williams-Williams made a nasty touchdown grab in the back of the endzone on Sunday, his second in as many weeks.  He racked up five catches 107 yards on a team tying seven targets (CJnotsolame).  Munchack loves the kid and thinks he’s getting better every week which tells me that he will continue to see a lot of looks in the future, especially with a banged up Nate Washington.  I like his upside a lot going forward.

Steve Smith and Brent Celek-let’s call a spade a spade.  The Eagles simply do not look good in real life.  However, their appeal as a fantasy powerhouse still remains.  The latest juggernaut to emerge is the once great Steve Smith, shaking off his rust by catching five of his team high 10 targets for 47 yards.  With Desean long gone and Maclin missing in action, Smith took over and had a big day, a day I assumed would belong to Jason Avant.  I don’t like to make bold predictions based on one week’s performance but I do like guys who re-emerge after showing promise in the past.  He’s worth keeping an eye on.  It’s also fair to note that teammate Brent Celek is top six in TE targets, receptions, yards, and touchdowns over the last five weeks.  I may like Celek slightly more than Dickson for the simple fact that the Eagles offense is more explosive.

Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid-guys who came up big that you should be cautious about

Donald Jones-the Bills got housed on Sunday and were forced to pass early and often.  Jones was the target beneficiary, garnering 10 and catching six for 51 yards.  However, he only caught one ball for six yards last week and is coming off an injury.  That, coupled with the fact that David Nelson is essentially the exact same player and that Fred Jackson will be #2 if not #1 in receiving targets week to week, suggests that Jones should remain on the waiver wire.

Titus Young and Nate Burleson-Stafford threw the ball 63 times in a pitiful loss to the Bears on Sunday, resulting in some unbelievably high target numbers and some inflated statistics for typical underachievers Titus Young and Nate Burleson.  Burleson and Young were both targeted nine times, tied with Pettigrew and second to the 19 targets of Calvin Johnson.  Burleson faired slightly better statistically, catching eight passes for 83 yards compared to Young’s seven catches for 74 yards.  The Lion’s offense has been truly offensive and I see no reason at this point to invest in either of what used to be two promising players earlier in the season.

Andrew Hawkins-the 25 year old Toledo grad caught five of his career total ten catches on Sunday.  He also commanded the second most targets with five.  Apparently A.J. Green’s injury is insignificant, but on Sunday, Hawkins even outplayed the usually consistent Jerome Simpson who didn’t catch a single one of his four targets.  Andre Caldwell, the team’s fourth option, only caught three of his team high eight targets for 25 yards.  Hawkins is worth nothing with Green on the field, but it’s possible that he could move into the starting spot if Green were to miss any time.  He’s worth keeping an eye on but he’s certainly not worth an add at this point.

Chad Ochocinco-Ocho oh-no looked ok on his two catches Sunday night but he still kind of looked like a skittish lab rat, especially when he stepped out of bounce on his first grab even though he had plenty of room to turn it up.  It’s also fair to note that Ocho only commanded two targets and his performance at this point seems to the the exception to the rule.  However, Collinsworth did make a quite a few comments about how good Ocho looked in practice last week and how the Pat’s coaching staff was impressed with his work.  He may be worth monitoring going forward.  Hey, maybe he’s just a slow learner.

I Stand Corrected-guys I misjudged to some degree last week

Denarius Moore-the chemistry between Moore and Palmer is palpable and after two straight solid weeks, Moore’s performance is arguably turning into a trend. Moore blew up on Thursday night, catching five of his seven targets for 123 yards and two touchdowns.  DHB was once again completely absent, not receiving a single target, and his primary competition, Jacoby Ford, suffered a foot injury and is likely to miss at least one or two weeks, paving the way for more greatness from Moore in the future.  I don’t know what to say to DHB owners at this point other than I don’t think anyone saw this coming and it’s possible that he simply does not mesh with what they are planning to do with Carson Palmer at the helm. Moore, needless to say, is a must add if he’s available.

Vincent Brown-last week I mentioned Brown as a guy to keep an eye on, and he proved to be more than that, catching five passes for 97 yards and a touchdown on a team high nine targets.  He clearly outshined his counterpart V-Jax who was held to only one catch and 22 yards.  Floyd’s status for week 11 does not look good par Norv Turner’s post game comments.  He has yet to practice and even if he comes back, it may not matter with the way that Brown is playing.  Brown is definitely worth an add and a potential flex start against what could become a shootout with the Bears in a key game for both teams this weekend.

Earl Bennett-last week I lauded Bennett’s chemistry with Cutler but I cautioned the consistency of this slot receiver.  However, this past week he posted nearly identical numbers, catching all six of his targets for 81 yards.  I still wouldn’t expect the world out of him but Cutler should continue to find him in key situations.  I like him as a flex play in PPR leagues going forward but don’t expect a lot of touchdowns as Bennett is not exactly a formidable red zone target.

Bummer Man…That’s a Bummer…Do You Mind If I Do a J?

Leonard Hankerson-hopefully you got that Big Lebowski reference but in all seriousness, I feel bad for the young upstart who was placed on I.R. after tearing ligaments in his hip.  In his second consecutive start, Hankerson caught eight balls for 106 yards on a team high nine targets.  Shanahan called the loss of Hankerson “devastating” and I really liked his upside.  I know it’s early, but a lot of you guys are in keeper leagues or dynasty leagues and if you don’t have a good keeper option he could be worth a stash and a wait and see for what he does in the offseason.  Either way, he’s a good guy to keep in mind for next year’s drafts as he should make a good late round sleeper given his potential to remain a starter next year.

  1. barker says:

    12 team league trade ( deadline fri. )

    i give vick colston graham i get eli fitz jacobs ingram was offered to me

    i offered vick manningham hern for eli boldin jacobs

    QB schaub ( donesky )
    RB rice jstew felix
    WR harvin manningham decker vin brown ford
    TE hernandez gresham

  2. Pipa says:

    would u drop daniels for celek?

  3. Super says:

    QB for week 11

    Carson Palmer or Vince Young if Micheal Vick can’t go?

  4. PSmurf says:

    Good info dude.

    Just wondering about Bennett – If he can catch all his targets on the way to the endzone, why wouldn’t he be able to play jump ball once he’s there?

    Also other than Forte, what other WR will he trust to throw it too? rock hands Williams?

    Just trying to pick your brain on Bennett because as you may have figured out, I own him in a couple leagues. Thanks!

  5. Nick says:

    Hey, would you start Damien Williams, T Smith, Starks or Helu at flex next week? Also do you like V Brown over any of the guys stated above in 10 team league? At this point J Best is eating up a roster spot for me.

  6. Ryan says:

    Vincent brown or Damian Williams this week for waiver pickup in standard league?
    Tough choice and I need a fill in!!

  7. Jones

    jones says:

    @Barker-I don’t really know what you’re hoping to gain from those trades. It’s my understanding that Bradshaw will be back at some point which devalues Jacobs quite a bit. I like Manningham more or at least as much as Boldin and Vick is at least equivalent to Manning from a fantasy perspective. If he were missing significant time it would be a different story.

  8. Jones

    jones says:

    @Pipa-with Schaub out, Leinart may actually rely on his TE a little more so I would see what happens after next week. It may be good to roster Celek and drop another, lesser player if possible.

  9. Jones

    jones says:

    @Super-Palmer all the way.

  10. Jones

    jones says:

    @PSmurf-you make some good points but my concern is that Bennett is a slot receiver and in his four years in the NFL he has caught a total of six touchdown passes. I actually think they are more likely to throw a fade to rock hands than try to slip Bennet over the middle. It’s really just a matter of area, in the redzone, LBs are free to sit lower and safeties don’t have to sit as far back given the boundary of the end zone. Logistically, this result in fewer scoring opportunities over the middle. I’m not saying you should totally drop him because of this reason, but my argument is simply that he is way more valuable in a PPR league than standard scoring given his history and what he will be asked to do on the football field.

  11. Jones

    jones says:

    @Nick-I like Williams over Smith slightly simply because I think Williams will command more of his teams targets. He will most likley provide more consistency, whereas Smith is a feast of famine type of player. Helu is a more appealing flex than either because he will carry the ball and get looks in the passing game, but make sure you see who Shanahan is starting on Sunday. I wouldn’t drop anyone you listed for Vincent Brown except maybe Torrey Smith. I think you’re splitting hairs there though.

  12. Jones

    jones says:

    @Ryan-I like Damien Williams slightly more due to his long term upside and his chance to see more targets on a consistent basis.

  13. Nick says:

    @Jones: Does it really matter who Shanny states as starter? We saw last week (or maybe 2 weeks ago) he said he started Torrain and ended up gaving most of the carries to Helu. So regardless, you would start Helu over Damien, Smith & Starks at flex, right?

    For WR1,2,3, I have C Johnson, Holmes & Robinson. Do you agree with that or would you put D Williams or T Smith in over Laurent since he is facing a tough Washington Pass D?

    Also, you have to hold Best at this point right? I just get that feeling he won’t be back this season and is eating up space on my roster!!!

  14. Jones

    Jones says:

    @Nick-no. I thought I wrote that in but did not. Yes, I would start Helu. I think your receiver situation is good as it it. williams and Smith could be more productive than Holmes but I still wouldn’t sit him for those guys. I read from rotoworld in a report that came out yesterday that Best is nowhere near getting ready to play. He hasn’t been cleared to practice and from then he will need to be cleared for contact and then cleared to play. I would drop him. Maurice Morris looks cemented in as the starter, though newly aquired Kevin Smith has the best chance to usurp him. Kieland Williams will not be much of a factor.

  15. Fernando says:

    Friday the 18th is the trade deadline.

    10 team standard scoring league: Qb, wr, rb, te, w/r, w/r, w/r, k, def and 6 on bench.

    My team: Qb Romo, wr R. White, Manningham, rb Peterson, Gore + Hunter, S. Jackson, D. Murray, Bradshaw, J. Battle, D. Thomas, te Celek, Ballard, K Hanson, Def matchups

    Yesterday, I got two trade offers
    > I’ve been offered Welker and Antonio Gates for R. White, Manningham, Battle. Gates is looking old. I don’t know.
    > I’ve been offered a chance at Hernandez, but may come at a cost. My opponent made a trade proposal Hernandez for Murray. He says it’s to get my attention and he would be willing to work something out. Also, in his note, he mention Ballard . I’m not selling Murray.
    So, what would you do and how would you counter. Thanks.

  16. Mr2Bits says:

    Who do you like as a fill in TE this week with Owens on a bye?

    Dennis Pitta
    Todd Heap
    Jared Cook
    Scott Chandler
    Zach Miller
    Kevin Boss
    Anthony Fasano

  17. barker says:

    i am playing the kid i am tied with in third place ( he has more points ) this week and there are 4 5-5 teams behind me so i figured if i don’t win this week i may greatly decrease my chance of making the playoffs. so i couldnt afford vick not playing or playing half a game and also a skeleton lineup with vin brown and decker on revis island

    there are not many teams with spare RBs — so in my view this trade breaks down as vick for eli not as much upside but steady as any qb fitz for graham almost an even swap and colston for jacobs and ingram its hard finding RB and jacobs should at least hold the fort this week

    my only other offer was colston for benson which really didnt help me this week and i would be out a #1 WR

    please tell me i’m not crazy for making this trade…

  18. Jones

    Jones says:

    @Fernando-I would take that first trade in a heartbeat are you kidding me? You’re getting Welker and Gates for a pile of mediocrity. Gates is not old at all by TE standards and he’s been getting a lot of great looks. I like Gates 10 times more than Hernandez. It’s obvious that Gronkowski is not only the first TE Brady targets, but the one he prefers most in the endzone. Hernandez for Murray is a rediculous offer. You’re crazy if you don’t take the first trade in my opinion.

  19. Jones

    Jones says:

    @Mr2bits-are those really the only TE’s on waivers? What do you guys play three TE’s per week? I guess I’d have to go with Jared Cook out of that bunch.

  20. Jones

    Jones says:

    @Barker-you’re not crazy given the circumstances. The thing about trades is that a good trade is often dependent on your team needs and given your rationale it’s not bad. I think you’re losing out slightly but at least you have a good backup TE so you’re not losing much. Given what you’ve explained I think that trade is good for you. It’s hard giving people trade advice sometimes when you don’t really know what the situation is. On a side note, I actually like Vincent Brown a lot this week for the fact that Vincent Jackson will be on Revis island which should mean extra targets his way. Either way, make the trade if it’s a must win for you.

  21. Jones

    Jones says:

    @Barker-my bad…Decker will definately be on Revis Island…wrong game. I still like Brown against the Bears however.

  22. Jason says:

    Question #15/ response #18. Thanks Matt for the direct advise. Sometimes, I over think stuff and need a push.

  23. Mr2Bits says:


    Yea, its bad and I have Heath and Owens off on the same week

  24. Fernando says:

    Matt I wrote #15/ your response #18. So, I accepted the deal (Welker and Gates for R. White, Manningham, and Battle). My team now looks like this:

    Qb Romo, wr Welker, rb Peterson, Gore + Hunter, S. Jackson, D. Murray, Bradshaw, D. Thomas, te Gates, Celek, Ballard, K Hanson, Def matchups

    League set up allows flexibility: 10 team standard scoring league: Qb, wr, rb, te, w/r, w/r, w/r, k, def and 6 on bench.
    > I’ll claim S. Moss off of waivers to back up Welker.

    > Now, what would be your opinion on flipping Gates and keeping Celek and Ballard te committee? Their playoff schedule looks a lot better than Gates (Bal and Det). Maybe I could package him with S. Jackson or Gore and get another rb 1. I don’t know I’m just trying to have the strongest and best playoff match up team I can put together.

  25. barker says:

    thank you — i know this must be a hard job ( not sarcasm ) because u want all your advice to work out for everyone everytime ( impossible )

    its weird u mention brown because i dropped him for a kicker prolly shouldnt of done that but i had kasay

    i like to get objective trade advice which is why i don’t normally put complete context in the question but this is a weird circumstance where i thought i needed to do it and given the other options or lack thereof i thought it was just about right or the best i was gunna do

    u also told me not to trade for vick last week so i guess i messed up

    anyway this column has been great all year and your advice is much appreciated just wish i woulda heeded it and not traded CJ

  26. Ryan says:

    Would u start Bennett over Holmes ?
    Standard league
    Worried about Sanchez

  27. Adam says:

    Holmes,Bennett,v brown,d Williams this week? Standard league

  28. Jones

    jones says:

    @Fernando-I think you have a great team and shouldn’t be too concerned about Gates’ matchups. Gore would be the guy to package if you were to make a deal. Harbaugh said he considers the team as having a “stable of running backs” which sounds a lot to me like a potential committee. I would depend on who you could get. If it’s Lesean McCoy, Matt Forte, or Fred Jackson I would consider doing it.

  29. Jones

    jones says:

    @Barker-thanks buddy. We all wish we had hindsight and the truth is that some things are impossible to see coming. Stuff like that happens every year. Your team is solid though so don’t worry too much; you’ll be fine and good luck!

  30. Jones

    jones says:

    @Ryan-not in a standard league. Holmes has a good potential to score every single week. PPR maybe.

  31. Jones

    jones says:

    @Adam-I’d start Holmes for sure and I’m leaning toward Williams. My decision is based on the number of targets these guys will receive and there potential to score touchdowns.

  32. Frank Rizzo says:

    Qb Carson Palmer, Phillip rivers
    Rb Matt forte, Ryan Matthews, Mcgahee, Helu
    Wr Andre Johnson, miles Austin, decker, Cruz, plaxico buress, Sidney rice, percy harvin
    Te Owen Daniels
    D jaguars
    K Dan bailey

    Need to pick up TE for week and don’t know who to drop….

    Jermaine Gresham, Brent celek, Benj Watson, Ed Dickson, Chandler.

    Thinking about dropping Owen Daniels let me know what you think?

    Thanks jones.

  33. Jones

    Jones says:

    @Frank-that’s tough. Your roster is full of guys who may not be huge contributor but who are tough to drop. Dropping Daniels is a tough decision given the options left at TE. I like Gresham the most out of those guys, especially if Green is out this week. Dickson has more fantasy points by a hair, but Gresham has missed two games. I guess I would agree that Daniels is the best player to drop given the fact that you can’t play Johnson or Austin.

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