Week 7 is here and I’m officially petitioning for a 32 game season. This is the place where I lament the ever moving closer to the end season of fake and real football. Fauxreal ootball if you will (and I won’t). So now that I have lamented let’s get onto the links and blurbs and start/sit questions.

Tim Tebow: He’s the fantasy darling this week and I’m right up there with everyone else touting his fake greatness. It’s hard not to like how the Mountain Donkey’s whole attitude changed when he came in. With Orton they were all like, this sucks, I’m a pack mule trudging up the side of this mountain with all this dude’s crap on my back, and then low and behold here comes Teebs and they’re all like, get this shizz off my back let’s run! Or something like that. He has a great matchup, it’s “Gator Day” in honor of Tebow’s 2009 championship team, the Dolphins have a horrid pass defense, and Tebow has yet to have a bad fantasy game in his very short career due to his rushing ability. Yeah, it could all fall apart, but he’s safer than most because when his arm fails him, which it will at times, he can revert to his legs and the uplifting power of Tebow Nation.

Evan Silva’s weekly matchup article is a must read as usual.

Zach Law of the aptly named site Zach On Sports has a pretty cool series of interviews with Fantasy Football ‘perts that you should check out. Myself and Clint Chugg are on there as well as a lot of other awesome guys.

Curtis Painter: From what I’ve seen of Mr. Painter I can tell you first of that he has very, very bad hair, but secondly he’s got good pocket presence and can, at times, show great ball placement. I have a good feeling about this game against the poor Saints defense. He will be throwing the ball constantly trying to catchup.

Mark Ingram: I had Ingram ranked really high this preseason and he hasn’t been living up to that ranking. His 3 TDs in the last 4 games looks good on paper and there are stats like red zone carries that point to some fake football goodness, but he needs to go ahead and have a breakout game. This is the game I believe he does it. If he doesn’t I’m going to pitch a fit!

Rob Gronkowski knows how to spend his bye week.

Pro Football Focus’ Akshay Anand takes a look at what to watch for in this week’s games.

You Heard It Here First has a good Buy/Sell article up.

Sam Bradford: They go and get Brandon Lloyd for him and he goes and hurts his ankle and will soon be Feeley’d up. That’s going to be the new Pipp’d. But not really.

Jackie Battle: He won’t be battling Tom Jones for stage time. Get it? Yeah, I know, we all get it.  Battle is really not good at the football, but he is good at running fast and straight forward, but with 20+ touches and the Chiefs offensive line and good matchups he’s going to have the chance to be more than he is.

Friend of the site and fantasy guru Dalton Del Don has a great weekly NFL Notes column at Rotowire that is a must read each week.

GoAheadScore’s interesting stats that stand out from week 6.

Carl breaks down the Jim Schwartz vs. Jim Harbaugh scuffle:

Joseph Addai: He practiced and will probably play some football on Sunday.  This makes for a couple big fat do not start signs hanging around Delone Carter and Donald Brown’s necks.

The top QBR  for a player this season in pressure situations is 67.5 for Donovan McNabb. The worst is 0.1 for Mark Sanchez.

Should the Cowboy’s have thrown the ball on their last possession against the Patriots? Jonathan Bales takes a look at the data.

Al Davis’ death has given the Raiders freedom to blitz.

Carson Palmer: It looks most likely that Kyle Boller will start this game, but it’s not a lock. They are going to run the ball more often than not. I would stay far away from Raiders receivers today.

Rob Housler: The last time Todd Heap was out they threw the ball to Housler about 73 times, well 8, and he has some real talent. Keep an eye on him, especially in Dynasty.

Pete Prisco is kind of a dick, but I usually learn something from his weekly After Further Review column.

What are you missing when you watch a NFL game on television? Jene Bramel takes a look see.

Week 6’s Highlights. The Andy Reid gut punch should be #1.

A look at how important running backs are to their teams.

Check out this play from Buddy Ryan’s Houston Oilers playbook.

The Cold Hard Football Facts rip into some idiot analysts.

  1. Andrew says:

    Standard Scoring Point league

    2 rbs, 3 wrs, 1 flex

    starting @ wr mike wallace, bowe, vincent jackson
    Earnest Grahm @ RB

    What about RB 2 and Flex b/t:

    Hightower, Tolbert, Morrice Morris, Malcom Floyd?

  2. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    Hey Doc:16 team ppr w/ 2 TE and 4 flex spots….

    so,for TE2 and my last flex spot which two of these guys would you start:Julius Thomas,Fells,Fasano or E. Sanders?

  3. Principal blackman says:

    I am in a horrible bind. I need to decide whether to start Kyle Boller or AJ Feeley. Ugh. What a horrible night to have a curse.

  4. MJD Took A Knee says:

    So yeah I am not sure what I was thinking but I wanted to put in a early wire claim dropping my bye replacement TE Dickson for K. Hunter. Of course I picked up Hunter and dropped Dickson right away this fine SUN morning (maniacal laughter). Hopefully this is divine intervention and Dickson was going to have a bad game. I picked up Watson over Kendricks/Keller but with Rex not feeding Plax anymore do you think Keller picks up more targets?

  5. Van Hammersly says:

    Doc, do you have a gut feeling about this… .5 PPR league; who gets the flex spot: E. Graham, D. Thomas or Torain? Thanks!

  6. myheadphones says:

    Battle or Benson rest of the season fellas?

  7. CL says:


    Any interest in sliding Morris into my flex over Harvin? That didn’t sound right….? Alternate B: Bench Fitz for Harvin with Morris in the flex?

    1 pt PPR / return yards.

  8. hankg says:

    Who of the following would you start at flex? It’s a .5 ppr league. Brandon Marshall, Willis McGahee or Jackie Battle? Thanks.

  9. sit bits says:

    Start Decker or Little today?
    Start Torain or Morris today?

  10. Project badass says:

    .5 PPR, non-keeper

    I have Eli, Tebow, and Flacco…looking to deal Flacco for a WR/RB…would you trade Flacco for Manningham?

    My other WRs are Vincent Jackson, Welker, Lloyd, Little

  11. Chris says:

    Need 1
    M. Williams(TB)

  12. Yizouse says:

    So I’m twice bitten this week, by RB injuries (JC and JB[est]), and bye weeks (Welker, Nicks, A-Her, Bradshaw, Fitzpatrick). Plan A was package one of those bye-week WR with Starks for an RB1 who is playing this week. Plan A failed. Instead I’m rolling out some serious crapola at RB (Morris, Starks). Fortunately I’m playing an even crappier, 0-6 team and I have a shot. I have a W/R/T flex spot to fill.

    Plan B is offer A-Her for Finley straight up to fill the TE eligible flex spot. I think Finley’s owner is down on him, and I could pull this off.

    Plan C is drop SF Defense for a scrub to fill my last flex spot. Available: Clark, Dickson, James Jones, Antonio Brown, Harry Douglas. Only RB worth a mention is Ben Tate, and he’s probably not even that this week.

    Is plan B even a good idea, long-term? I’m not in love with it but it could get me out of the jam. Or would you go plan C- and with which player? I am starting C-Paint as my QB2, and am thinking of trying to shoot the moon with Clark. OTOH, Dickson and Brown have great matchups.


  13. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Andrew: Don’t trust most of those guys, but I’d lean Morris because I know he’s going to see the ball.

    @Oilcan Giuseppe: Sanders, Fasano

    @Principal blackman: I’d lean Feeley

    @MJD Took A Knee: Tough call. This would be the game Keller shows up if he’s going to show up. Watson gets his targets just doesn’t do much with them usually. Keller has more upside, but isn’t as safe.

    @Van Hammersly: That’s a tough one. I like all three. Graham seems the safest for work, but all three are very close for me.

    @myheadphones: I’d lean Battle because I like their schedule, but Benson is a little safer.

    @CL: Really tough choice. I’d keep Fitz in for sure. Morris is the safer bet for touches.

    @hankg: Leaning Battle

    @sit bits: Little, Torain

    @Project badass: I’d make that trade

    @Chris: Little

    @Yizouse: I like plan B. I think you’ll get similar production the rest of the way.

  14. inspiritu says:

    I’m so conflicted, I’ve seen a close variation of this question a handful of times so I know other people have the same situation. BUT I SIMPLY CANT DECIDE, so im leaving it up to you, doc:

    Pick two RBs to start:

    Beanie vs. Pitt
    Graham vs. Chi
    Battle vs. Oakland
    Torain vs. Car

    Your rankings say to start Beanie and Torain but I’m having a tough time trusting Shanahan.

    Thanks! Love your site

  15. OC Housewife says:

    DeMarco Murray or McGahee? .5 PPR?

  16. OC Househusband says:

    Vincent Jackson or Breaston? non ppr

  17. MJD Took A Knee says:

    Are you kidding me? Someone just picked up Keller for his Flex spot really. Thanks though Doc looks like it’s Watson.

  18. Random Collmenter says:

    start morris or addai? .5 ppr.

  19. andrew says:

    @ doc

    So morris is rb 2, what about @flex,

    Floyd, gilbert or hightower?

  20. OC Househusband says:

    Tony G. or Fred Davis??? .5 PPR. Thanks again.

  21. DrPepper says:

    Who would start in flex spot between d murray, Jackie battle, and Daniel Thomas? Thanks!

  22. OC Househusband says:

    .5 ppr – DeMarco Murray or McGahee?

  23. tourinct says:

    Questions, Questions, Questions?
    #1 Freeman or Flacco?
    #2 Freeman, Flacco or Tebow?
    #3 MJD, Ingram or D Thomas?

  24. Commish Cauda (formerly Mike) says:

    12-team, no PPR

    Larry Fitz or Santonio Holmes?

  25. James Worthy says:

    Hey! Can you rank these RBs for this week? E. Graham, D. Thomas, Torain, Ingram, Battle, Morris.

  26. Gametime says:

    Last minute decisions… who do you like at the flex spot. DeMarco Murray or Daniel Thomas?

  27. bobbo says:


    1pt per reception, 1pt per 20 yrds rec, +5 at 100yds bonus

    Start 2: Vincent Jackson (Revis Island?), Greg LIttle, or Percy Harvin (Ponder?)

  28. bobbo says:


    VJax and who? Little/Harvin?

  29. Doc

    Doc says:

    @bobbo: Little

  30. Bobbie says:

    do you like marques colston or beanie wells in for the flex spot?

  31. Jeffito says:

    2 decisions… Tebow or Brees? Finley or Gates. I know… tough decisions to make :) Wish I had such options at other positions.

  32. bobbo says:

    @Doc: Murray or Battle?

  33. Doc

    Doc says:

    @bobbo: Murray in PPR, Battle in non

  34. bobbo says:

    @Doc: Last one, in the battle of Matts… Matt Ryan or Matt Hasselbeck?

  35. barker says:

    decker or hardesty or j stew non-ppr for flex

    pick 2

  36. Doc

    Doc says:

    @bobbo: Ryan

  37. barker says:

    deangelo williams or j stew

  38. Nick says:

    @Doc: Is it worth picking up Addai in my 10-team non-ppr? Id have to drop M Thomas or Ridley…or wait till this week is over and dump my bye-week fill TE

  39. Doc

    Doc says:

    @barker: Stew

    @Nick: I’d grab him for Thomas

  40. bobbo says:


    1ppr, 1pt for 10 rushing, 1pt for 20 rec, +5 bonus at 100

    Steven Jackson or Beanie Wells?

  41. Nick says:

    @Doc: Damn, I just realized i cant drop Thomas b/c I need 2 WR next week to fill byes. in fact i will have to drop Ridley, Starks, Torain or Murray after this week to grab another WR…at this point do you like Addai over any of those RB’s?

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