Good news folks, Razzball has renewed my contract for a third season! While I’d love to say that I am to Razzball what Game of Thrones is to HBO, or The Walking Dead is to AMC, it simply would not be true. I’m more like Silicon Valley and Better Call Saul. But hey, that’s something right? Speaking of The Walking Dead, is it too early to start the “who does Negan kill” conversation? Just let it be Glen and let’s be done with it. Ok, back to me. As excited as I’m sure you all are to the prospect of me spending another year spewing nonsense intermingled with football advice, I’m twice as excited to be back. However, I’d like to make a minor request. Good or bad, I’d appreciate you leaving me a comment after reading my posts. If after reading something I’ve written you instantly wish you had the previous six minutes back, then please say so. If taking a dump is more enjoyable than listening to my advice, then tell me about your dump. Got it? Good.

Even though it was a full year ago, it feels like just yesterday that we collected all eight pieces of the Triforce, defeated Gannon and his minions, and saved Princess Zelda from certain peril. Since then a full season of fantasy football and baseball has passed, and during that time Gannon’s underlings have recaptured Princess Zelda as part of their plan to resurrect the ashes of their evil leader. Wait, WHAT???

Last year, in The Legend of the Bid Button, I introduced my strategy for approaching fantasy football auctions. I absolutely urge you to go back and read (or re-read) that post as I do not want to rewrite it today. For those of you that adamantly insist on not doing so, I will try and summarize as briefly as possible. Set a budget for each position on your roster. Use these values as soft limits. That means do not be afraid to bid a little more for the right player. But if you do, be sure to adjust your budget to account for the extra spending. When targeting players to bid on, compare players based on their “points per dollar” (PPD) value. This value is determined by dividing a player’s projected fantasy points by their estimated average cost. This will give us the number of points that player will give you for each dollar you spend on them if you purchase them at their estimated average value.

Here is a simple example. Adrian Peterson is projected to score 244 points and has an average cost of $58. That’s an average of 4.24 points per dollar. Mark Ingram, on the other hand, is projected to score 239 points, just 5 less than Peterson. However, Ingram’s estimated cost is only $37 (6.53 PPD). Why not draft Ingram for $37 and save yourself $21 that you can use to get yourself a shiny new wide receiver?

Here is my starting budget: QB=$10, RB1=$50, RB2=$30, WR1=$30, WR2=$25, Flex=$30, TE=$10, K=$1, DST=$1, Bench=$13 (7 players)

This post is based on a one-point PPR league.


Cam Newton347.673310.53
Russell Wilson329.7418.717.63
Aaron Rodgers321.6327.511.69
Tom Brady241.1912.918.69
Andrew Luck302.9716.218.70
Drew Brees294.151421.01
Blake Bortles282.38740.34
Ben Roethlisberger281.6412.522.53
Carson Palmer276.539.130.38
Tyrod Taylor274.452.7101.65
Eli Manning271.367.237.68
Philip Rivers270.09645.01
Matthew Stafford265.94388.64
Kirk Cousins265.363.282.92
Ryan Fitzpatrick262.902.797.37
Andy Dalton262.093.477.08

Cam Newton is the consensus top quarterback in everyones rankings, including mine. I project Newton to score more points than any other quarterback, but I still have no intention of winning him on auction day. Let’s see why? Newton will cost about $33. If I go after Russell Wilson I will save about $14 and it will only cost me approximately 18 points. Personally I’m targeting both Tom Brady and Andrew Luck. Even though Brady projects to 241 points, I still have him as my fourth best QB because those points are based on only 12 games. If I can grab Brady for $13 and pair him with a cheap $2 backup like Tyrod Taylor, I’ll be all set.

However, the QB that really intrigues me based on PPD is Blake Bortles. For just $7 I can get 282 points. That’s quite a return on my investment, leaving me with an extra $9 or so to bid on other players. And don’t kid yourself, $9 is a lot in an auction. When it’s over, you’ll look back at all the players you missed out on by a few dollars and only then will you realize how important that $9 was. I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable with Bortles as my QB, but I wanted to put the option on the table.

Running Backs

David Johnson277.1349.25.63
Todd Gurley261.6255.34.73
Devonta Freeman252.4645.35.57
Le’Veon Bell251.59475.35
Jamaal Charles250.9937.26.75
Lamar Miller247.6843.35.72
Adrian Peterson244.2557.64.24
Mark Ingram239.0136.66.53
Ezekiel Elliott234.2855.44.23
LeSean McCoy226.1733.46.77
Matt Forte211.072010.55
Eddie Lacy209.7136.75.71
Doug Martin209.2637.85.54
C.J. Anderson206.4922.79.10
Latavius Murray200.4315.313.10
Danny Woodhead198.494.643.15
Thomas Rawls192.6628.16.86
Carlos Hyde191.7422.48.56
Duke Johnson188.574.640.99
Giovani Bernard188.313.948.29
Jeremy Langford187.899.918.98
DeMarco Murray186.6313.913.43
Ryan Mathews177.879.618.53
Matt Jones172.996.526.61
Jonathan Stewart172.3823.67.30
Jeremy Hill170.4215.710.86
Melvin Gordon170.357.223.66
Ameer Abdullah166.553.547.59
T.J. Yeldon166.323.448.92
Charles Sims164.201.4117.29
Frank Gore163.755.629.24
Theo Riddick163.541.3125.80
Arian Foster163.078.219.89
Rashad Jennings160.894.139.24
Dion Lewis148.15274.08
Shane Vereen147.171.1133.79
Justin Forsett146.992.461.25
Bilal Powell140.721.4100.52
Darren Sproles140.151.2116.79
LeGarrette Blount137.222.359.66
Isaiah Crowell137.021.3105.40
Chris Ivory133.772.946.13
James Starks126.751.2105.62
DeAngelo Williams123.82524.76
Jay Ajayi122.551.772.09
Derrick Henry112.894.226.88
Jerick McKinnon110.681.479.06
Javorius Allen110.271110.27
DeAndre Washington106.551.666.59
Chris Thompson106.271106.27
Tevin Coleman106.001.475.71
James White105.321.665.82

Here’s an important point to keep in mind. Expensive studs are never going to have an attractive PPD value. But that does not mean you should avoid them. That would be a bad plan of attack. One of the reasons we use PPD is so that we can save a few dollars here and there so we have extra dollars to spend on a stud. Studs, barring injury, are your best source of consistent points. We can, however, use PPD to help us determine which stud we should target. Todd Gurley is projected to score 10 more points than Devonta Freeman, but he also costs an additional $10. I think I’ve got to go with Freeman here.

Matt Forte is projected to score 211 points and comes with a $20 price tag. Both Eddie Lacy and Doug Martin are projected to score 209 points yet they have an average cost of about $37 each. Are they really worth $17 more than Forte?

Here’s another. Latavius Murray at $15 for 200 points (13.10 PPD) or Danny Woodhead at $5 for 198 (39.6 PPD)? This is your brain. This is your brain on PPD.

Wide Receivers

Antonio Brown364.79635.79
Julio Jones336.5058.35.77
Odell Beckham Jr.319.7358.15.50
DeAndre Hopkins302.3050.55.99
Keenan Allen268.9025.110.71
A.J. Green266.71485.56
Brandon Marshall266.5536.67.28
Jordy Nelson264.4438.36.90
Allen Robinson264.3540.76.49
Dez Bryant263.7947.45.57
Alshon Jeffery260.0333.37.81
Brandin Cooks253.63289.06
Demaryius Thomas249.0624.710.08
Mike Evans247.4031.87.78
Amari Cooper247.2828.98.56
Jarvis Landry247.1317.414.20
Sammy Watkins244.34308.14
T.Y. Hilton242.7221.711.19
Randall Cobb234.7415.814.86
Julian Edelman233.9919.811.82
Golden Tate231.2911.320.47
Jeremy Maclin228.6214.216.10
Eric Decker226.6712.318.43
Larry Fitzgerald222.548.227.14
Doug Baldwin221.651613.85
Kelvin Benjamin218.1915.514.08
Jordan Matthews215.154.943.91
Emmanuel Sanders213.908.624.87
Donte Moncrief209.688.823.83
Michael Floyd203.316.929.47
Michael Crabtree198.513.556.72
Allen Hurns193.244.344.94
John Brown192.685.435.68
DeVante Parker191.674.839.93
DeSean Jackson191.614.542.58
Tyler Lockett189.893.455.85
Marvin Jones188.40447.10
Willie Snead180.851.6113.03
Stefon Diggs178.912.668.81
Torrey Smith177.241.898.47
Kevin White171.763.155.41
Tavon Austin165.441.6103.40
Vincent Jackson164.751.5109.83
Sterling Shepard164.47354.82
Corey Coleman162.411.6101.51
Travis Benjamin160.881.4114.92
Markus Wheaton159.741.3122.87
Steve Smith153.501.3118.07
Josh Gordon152.815.229.39
Mohamed Sanu152.741.5101.82
Kamar Aiken148.491.2123.74
Pierre Garcon147.461.4105.33
Rishard Matthews145.291.4103.78
Mike Wallace142.521.689.08
Michael Thomas142.231.688.89
Devin Funchess138.851.877.14
Phillip Dorsett137.231.2114.35
Terrance Williams137.191137.19
Laquon Treadwell131.322.259.69
Jermaine Kearse130.351130.35
Will Fuller126.991.966.83
Tyler Boyd125.52262.76
Sammie Coates125.081.2104.23
Kendall Wright123.551123.55
Kenny Britt121.951121.95
Robert Woods121.651121.65
Anquan Boldin116.301116.30
Jamison Crowder115.581115.58
Nelson Agholor114.601114.60
Ted Ginn Jr.112.301.766.06
Chris Hogan107.031.197.30

With all of your savings at QB and RB, you should have enough dollars to get Antonio Brown. But if you get outbid on Brown because someone in your league was willing to spend $80 on him, make sure you get one of Julio Jones, Odell Beckham Jr or DeAndre Hopkins. You’ll thank yourself later. These are the studs to which I was referring earlier.

By now you should be a pro at spotting PPD values. Anyone stick out in the top ten wide receivers? How about Keenan Allen. If I can get him for under $30 I am taking him every time.

Brandon Marshall and A.J. Green are both looking at potential 266 point seasons. Marshall costs about $11 less. I’ll take Marshall.

I’m not quite sure how anyone could take Sammy Watkins over Jarvis Landry or T.Y. Hilton. Or how about Emmanuel Sanders over Jordan Matthews?

Both of Randall Cobb (14.86 PPD) and Golden Tate (20.47 PPD) appear to be excellent value picks. And if you’re not afraid of Larry Fitzgerald (27.14 PPD), his value could be through the roof.

Tight Ends

Rob Gronkowski245.4449.15.00
Jordan Reed212.1625.78.26
Greg Olsen211.2117.911.80
Delanie Walker195.158.423.23
Coby Fleener187.005.335.28
Travis Kelce185.90726.56
Gary Barnidge170.363.351.62
Antonio Gates168.772.180.37
Zach Ertz168.642.470.27
Jason Witten161.372.662.07
Tyler Eifert160.883.250.27
Julius Thomas157.891.983.10
Jimmy Graham152.642.561.06
Martellus Bennett149.74274.87
Dwayne Allen146.541.881.41
Zach Miller144.201.2120.16
Charles Clay143.741.595.83
Eric Ebron136.281.2113.57
Ladarius Green123.351123.35
Kyle Rudolph122.641122.64
Clive Walford114.781114.78
Jacob Tamme110.831110.83
Austin Seferian-Jenkins107.161107.16
Jared Cook106.472.248.40
Vance McDonald104.921104.92

In snake drafts I can see you drafting Rob Gronkowski, but in auctions, there is no way I can justify spending $50 on a tight end. No freaking way. I’ll take Coby Fleener for $6 and call it a day. Heck, how about the ageless Antonio Gates for two bucks!

An auction can change at a moments notice. One click of the bid button can have a rippling effect on the rest of your auction. The best thing you can do is to be prepared. Know who you are targeting and how much you are willing to spend on each of them. Know who you plan to avoid. Nominate these players when it’s your turn and let your league mates lower their remaining budgets bidding on them. However, don’t be a fool. If you can get a player you really weren’t targeting at a deep discount, take the player. I’m not a fan of  width=”200″ and his $47 price tag, but if I can get him at $35, I’ll take him. Dez is not going to go for $35, but hopefully you catch my drift.

You can download the spreadsheet here. If you enter the number “1” (no quotes) in the “drafted” column that row will be highlighted in green to represent a player you have drafted. Entering any other value highlight the row in red to indicate a player that is no longer available.

Good luck. Wisdom, power and courage!