There is not much going on after one week of the regular season. All we really know so far is that with all the player safety concerns over head injuries and leg injuries don’t compare to the danger of collarbones. We have to hope they don’t try to legislate these hits out as well. Otherwise it will really turn into flag football. With all this being said, you should really not want to make any trades after Week 1. But if you do, or if someone in your league is panicking, here are some players you might want to grab cheap or sell high.

Sell High:

John Ross: WR| Cincinnati Bengals

Not only is John Ross not as good as he was this past week, but neither is Andy Dalton. Sure, Ross had a great game with two touchdowns, but a lot of things worked in
his favor in this matchup.

First, Joe Mixon missed most of the game with injury. This allowed for Andy Dalton to throw the ball. And throw the ball he did. He had a career high with 418 pass yards against a pathetic Seahawks
secondary. The big beneficiary of this was Mr. Ross with 158 yards. This is not likely to continue moving forward this season. Not only because he may end up hurt at some point. But also, because A.J. Green will be back sooner rather than later. This will relegate Ross back to the WR three on the team, and on a
team who wants to run the ball with Mixon. This is not a great position to be in. If you are looking to buy him? Don’t. He is going to cost you more than he is worth, and you will be sorry in a months’ time.

Marquise Brown| WR| Baltimore Ravens|

Another receiver who exploited a bad defense this week was Marquise Brown. The Dolphins suck. They have already phoned it in and they are tanking big time. This ruins all value for their players. But it also makes opponents look better than they should. This was certainly the case with Hollywood Brown in Week 1.

Sure, four catches for 150 yards and two touchdowns is great. Anytime you have a 37.5 yards per catch average you need to take notice. But he only played on eight snaps. This is correct. Marquise Brown only played eight snaps on Sunday to have these stats. How many games like this do you think he can have
on only eight snaps? Not many is the answer.

The Ravens still want to be a run first team. When they do throw the ball, a lot of those will head to the running backs as well as the tight end position. We saw this take effect also as Mark Andrews had eight catches of his own for 108 yards and one touchdown. This is where most of the offense is still going to go in Baltimore. So, if you can find someone who believes in Brown to an absurd degree, get what you can for him now. Because much like John Ross, the production is not built to last.

Buy Cheap:

Jameis Winston| QB| Tampa Bay Buccaneers|

Sure. You should never trade for a quarterback. The position is very deep. So it is not worth giving up much for them. This still remains true and don’t ever change this mindset. That said, there will be a lot of people nervous over the Week 1 performance of Jameis. He looked terrible and he reverted back to his turnover ways with three interceptions. Including two of them being returned for touchdowns. But this is still a Bruce Arians offense. And Mike Evans and Chris Godwin are still there along with O.J. Howard. This means he still has the weapons to rebound. Even on a bad team, which the Buccaneers are. Garbage time means pass time. Ryan Fitzpatrick is no longer there for the team to fall back on. So, this will be the Winston show all season.

Remember how bad Blake Bortles was? Well, he still finished as a top 12 quarterback occasionally because of garbage time and so will Winston. If there is an owner out there who is already nervous about him, throw out an offer and see if they bite. If they do? You have a top 12 player for the season for cheap. If they don’t? Hey, you are no worse off than before.

  1. Clokwerc says:

    I have 1 empty spot in 12 team half ppr league. Who would be the best to hold onto for the season? In FA there is:

    DJ Chark

    I have Seattle def and in FA are:


    I also have Winston and Trubisky and in FA there is:

    No one really sticks out to me.

    • dominick

      Dominick says:

      I would stay with the quarterbacks that you have. For your defense Dallas has very good matchup’s coming up and so does Karolina. And if you have to pick somebody up I like Quinn

  2. eballs says:

    Choose one (0.5 ppr)


    • dominick

      Dominick says:


  3. Gus says:

    Miles Sanders was dropped in my league. Would you add him over Justin Jackson ROS?

    • Snacks Zillion says:


    • dominick

      Dominick says:


  4. Clokwerc says:

    should i drop CJ Anderson for TY Mongomery? If Bell has surgery what do you think hes the rb1 for the Jets rest of season?

  5. dominick

    Dominick says:

    I don’t think Bell will need surgery but Montgomery would definitely be a good pick up

  6. patdaddy1985 says:

    Would you try to trade for either of Melvon Gordon or Antonio Brown?

  7. dominick

    Dominick says:

    Only if you have a nervous owner and they’re going to sell for cheap. Otherwise no

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