You made the playoffs or you really don’t want to be the last place team because your league mates make the last place owner run through Central Park at midnight wearing only a Jim Brown beanie while singing Memories.  Here at Razzball we are all about keeping your giblets warm, so we’ll take a look at some possible defenses to target in these last 3 weeks of fantasy.

Defense is one of the few positions where you can actually find usable teams in the free agent pool because matchups are extremely important in figuring out who to start.  I’ve compiled a grid of the defenses that have the best matchups for the rest of the year. The numbers relate to the average points given up to D/ST’s for the season.  So of course New Orleans is #1, which means you don’t want to start any defense against them.  Duh.

As you can see Cleveland, KC, and Oakland all have great schedules, but yes, their defenses are unplayable unless you are in a 32 team league.  So this chart isn’t a ranking by any means, but it should help you craft a nice lineup for the next 3 weeks.  One lineup I am liking right now is that of Tennessee and Arizona.  Both could be on your waiver wire and their schedule together goes a little something like this: Wk 14: STL @ TEN, Wk 15: ARI @ DET, Wk 16: STL @ ARI.  Another good possibility is New England.  Yes, their pass defense has gone to the dogs, but they have two home games up in the cold vs. Carolina and Jacksonville and one at Buffalo.  Of course none of this matters if you have a good defense with decent matchups, but take a look at the grid and see what your D/ST schedule looks like.


  1. Jo says:

    Good read, I need a win this week to make my 2 week playoff.

    Start WR Britt vStL or Maclin @NYG?? (PPR League)

    I haven’t gotten a chance to actually see Britt go yet so that’s making my decision tougher.

  2. vinko says:

    Please rank the following rb’s for the rest of the season – Grant, Charles, and K Smith. Need to drop one of the three, but not wanting to give my league too much help, either. Thanks in advance

  3. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Jo: I like Maclin. The Giants have been really bad in pass D recently. Britt is close, but you know the Eagles will pass.

  4. Doc

    Doc says:


    Grant @CHI, @PIT, SEA
    Charles BUF, CLE, @CIN
    K Smith @BAL, ARI, @SF

    I would have said Smith last week, but he ran a little possessed last week vs. a good Bengals rush D. He was reacting to all the talk about how badly he had played. A lot depends on which weeks you think you might need help.

  5. Howie says:

    Thinking playoffs (wks. 15 & 16)…

    1) Drop Carson Palmer for Alex Smith?

    2) WRs Meachem and A. Bryant are on my waiver wire… I assume one would attempt to pick them up in that order? Is Forte a likely candidate to cut and free up a roster spot for one of them?


  6. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Howie: Do you have another QB?

    Yeah, I would go Meachem then Bryant. Tough call on Forte. Really depends on what you need. He is still the #1 guy and gets receptions.

  7. Doc

    Doc says:

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  8. Howie says:


    Yes…Big Ben. However, A. Smith’s schedule those weeks is quite tempting and you never know with the concussion thing.

    Other candidates from my squad for dropping… Slaton, Wells, Driver. Upon further review, perhaps Driver is the way to go if I can get Meachem?

    Here’s the rest of my RBs/WRs (non-PPR) who I don’t think are droppable (could be wrong!:

    RB- DeAngelo, Turner, Jamaal
    WR- Megatron, Roddy, Carolina Smith


  9. Drew says:

    Pick 2, .5/reception

    LT, Benson, Pierre, Maroney, Taylor, (Harrison – pending #3 Waiver Claim)

    Also, Roy Williams or Kenny Britt as my WR3?

  10. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Drew: LT, Pierre


    @Howie: I like Smith and I can see making the switch. Keep an eye on Slaton’s status. He could be out again. Right now I think you have to hold.

  11. Cheese

    Tyme says:

    I currently own the Cincinnati D, and I’m in the first week of the playoffs, so I think I should make a move, especially since they are in Minnesota this week, and at San Diego next week. Here are potential plays that are available in my league (16 teams)… Buffalo, KC, Washington… that’s pretty much it. I was leaning towards Buffalo, especially with Cassel’s crappiness, and Charles proneness to fumble.

  12. Ronnie P says:

    Should I start Flacco or A. Smith at QB ? Need the W

  13. Fran says:

    which two rbs should i start?

    k. smith, pierre, j. stewart, chris brown.
    j.harrison pending

  14. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Tyme: Cinci has been playing at a high level, but i agree that in Minny is too risky. I like Washington out of those.

    @Ronnie P: I like Smith

    @Fran: Pierre would be my first choice then probably Stew, tough though.

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