We are on the cusp of week 7. Before we know it the Colts will be 14-0 and we’ll be talking about if they should sit Manning or go for an undefeated season and blah friggin blah.  I don’t want to be there yet! I want to stay in the heart of the season forever! I know it won’t happen, but that idea of cutting down preseason and adding a couple games to regular season sounds ok with me.  Anyway, I’ll complain about the season being too short later as well, so be prepared!  Here are a few thoughts before this weekends matchups:

Jerricho Cotchery: The Cotch Rocket is still hurting and won’t play in Oakland.  I still feel like Cotchery can be a useful fantasy player and the fact that they are resting him instead of throwing him out there to reinjure his hamstring is good for his owners.

Michael Crabtree: Isaac Bruce and Josh Morgan will split time equally with Crabtree. There really is no need to start him this week. If you need a bye week filler think Mike Wallace or Morley Safer.

Anquan Boldin: Boldin is a game-time decision, which isn’t good since his game time comes around later than most other game times. If you have Steve Breaston and Quan, and are sitting one of them, I wouldn’t worry about it, but otherwise get to worryin’ or get to losin’.

Anthony Gonzalez: The toast of Preseason Razzball Town should start to practice next week. I’ve held him because I am just that crazy. He will probably take Garcon’s place and Collie will still see work out of the slot. I would drop Garcon as soon as AGonz comes back, but hang onto Collie until he breaks his leash and heads off into the sunset.

Percy Harvin: He reinjured his shoulder during last week’s game and is questionable for this week’s.  With Sidney Rice getting a lot of special attention from Old Man Favre I don’t see Harvin doing much if he plays at all. If I owned Harvin I’d hope he would sit out this week and take the extra time to change his last name to Farvin.

Clinton Portis: He has yet to practice this week, but I’m not sure he has practiced at all this season.  The man has like 4 broken bones and the Bird Flu.  They will wheel him out and line him up and he’ll get your team some yards and may fall into the endzone, but don’t expect much.

Chad Ochocinco: Eight five does not need the ability to say shizz to the world at any moment it pops into his addled mind.  Unfortunately Twitter has give him this ability.  Each week there is a “story” about what eight five tweeted and I can’t repeat what it was this week since I didn’t pay enough attention, but I can assure you it was nothing important.  But no matter how irrelevant his voice is, his legs and hands are relevant on the football field. He is a solid #2.  And I mean that.

Miles Austin: With Roy Williams not 100% I think Austin will break the curse of one and done wide receivers we’ve seen this season.  Will he gain 250 yards again?  I know I’m going to shock you when I say this, but, no.  But that doesn’t mean he won’t get his targets and Atlanta’s pass D is hurting, especially with Williams out.

Jonathan Stewart: The Daily Show finally stopped showing crappy reruns and gave us a good episode. He has been gimpy this week, but his matchup is too favorable to sit him. The Panthers are going to run and run and then have someone in the stands draw up some more running plays when they run out so they can run some more.

Ahman Green: He signed with his old team and is already injured. He must have hurt his hand while signing. Or maybe when the owner slapped him on the back to congratulate him his shoulder dislocated.

Ryan Grant: It’s been reported that the Packers were trying hard to trade for a running back before the deadline since Ryan Grant looks like a slug on valium. But instead they got Green. This doesn’t bode well for Grant. He could have a decent game against the pitiful Browns’ run D and then you should stick him with a hook and toss him into the trade waters.

  1. BSA says:

    Well the always befuddled new england fan trying to play fantasy sports that require me to not be so geocentric is gambling with BenJarvus Green-Ellis. I am thinking with his stepping up and Morris being hurt he may takeover as the number 1a back this weekend across the pond.

  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    @BSA: I don’t see him starting over Maroney. He could get garbage time since they will probably kill the Bucs, but I don’t love him.

  3. BSA says:

    @Doc: Maroney is an interesting case here in New England.

    As to loving Green-Ellis – I don’t I just love his play better than Maroney’s and have little else to play with this weekend for the RB/WR position:
    SSmith, Coffee, Macklin, DWard are on the bench.

    I am quickly learning that waiver position is more important in FFB than FBB.

  4. AdamH says:

    In a vacuum: Cotchery or Choice

  5. AdamH says:

    *for the season*

  6. Sos says:

    Start 3 this week, .5 ppr: forte, lynch, L T, hightower, maroney

  7. Sos says:

    Also, in same .5 ppr league, pick 2 of austin, harvin, walter, boldin. And in a ppr league, pick 2 of LJ, washington, or jacobs. Thanks.

  8. Sos says:

    Crap sorry one more: ppr- moss or austin?

  9. Sos says:

    Crap sorry one more: ppr- moss or austin? *edit: santana

  10. Doc

    Doc says:

    @AdamH: Choice

    @Sos: Forte, Lynch, LT

    @Sos: Austin/Boldin



  11. Commish Cauda (formerly Mike) says:

    With Sims-Walker and Burleson on byes, and Anthony Gonzalez eating up a bench spot, I’m left starting the following in a PPR league this week:

    DeSean Jackson
    M. Massaquoi
    Josh Morgan

    Morgan is obviously the problem.

    Do I dump Morgan for a long shot sleeper this week like Malcom Floyd, Jacoby Jones, Davon Bess or James Jones, (not much out there)?


    Trade Sims-Walker for Jennings, (which would also allow me to dump Morgan for free agent Eddie Royal)?


    roll with Morgan?

  12. Commish Cauda (formerly Mike) says:

    Here’s another one where I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel…

    PPR league…LeSean McCoy or BenJarvus Green-Ellis this week?

  13. ETMcgee says:

    help me pick 3 please. standard scoring, non-ppr:
    RGrant, PThomas, Benson, JStewart, Mendenhall, Maroney.

    i was thinking the first 3, but maroney/stewart are occasionally creeping into the discussion.

  14. Doc

    Doc says:

    @ETMcgee: Stewart, Grant, Benson

  15. Drew says:

    Pick 2, .5/reception

    PT Bruiser

    I’m leaning Grant and LT2

  16. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Drew: I’m leaning your way. Grant and LT have great matchups. I think both are sells if they can go off, but I still like their matchups.

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