I first came to Razzball years ago searching for help with my baseball teams.  It was actually a recommendation Peter King had made via Twitter.  I had just entered a new, incredibly competitive league, and was looking for an edge.  That is when I was introduced to Grey.  For those of you who don’t know, Grey Albright is the alpha and omega, the be-all, end-all of baseball knowledge.  I was introduced to a slogan, SAGNOF.  Again, for the uninitiated, the term means “Saves/Steals ain’t got no face”.  Boiled down, it means you never pay full price for saves and steals, because more often than not a no-name, know-nothing player will come out of nowhere, and do the same at a reduced price.

In my years of coexisting between the fantasy baseball and football worlds, I have noticed that there are some similarities between this fundamental law of baseball success, and the world of fantasy football.  Kickers and Defenses fall into this category.  Don’t pay more for Stephen Gostkowski, when you can get someone for $1, or in the last round, who will be comparable, or even better. And I believe that exists at the Running Back position, perhaps the most important in all of Fantasy Football.  And as far as I can see, in my fantasy football experience, the team that seems to exemplify this the most, the Kansas City Chiefs.

Enter The Kansas City Chiefs Running Back.  The Faceless Man.

For as long as I can remember, the KC running back machine has performed.  It made stars of Priest Holmes, Larry Johnson and Jamaal Charles.  It has produced 30 points game from Spencer Ware and Charcandrick West .It has seen 20 point games from Joe McKnight, Knile Davis, and Dexter McCluster.  For over a decade, this system seemingly produces Running Backs every year capable of putting up big points, regardless of who is carrying the ball.  Every time a K.C. running back switches teams, I always make a note to watch them in their new homes, and they never seem to produce the same numbers.

The Kansas City Running back is no one.

Who is our next faceless man?  Well, I had hope for one, but she has returned to Westeros.  Up next, Kareem Hunt.  The next man up for the faceless men comes with quite a pedigree.  Here are some factoids that stuck out to me.

  • Senior Year: 1878 Total yards, 40 receptions, 11 TD’s.
  • Won Most Outstanding Player at the Senior Bowl.
  • 1 Fumble in his entire college career, that was 856 touches.

As of right now, it seems that Spencer Ware is holding court.  But Hunt is there, and by all accounts is showing really well in camp.  One KC beat writer, Adam Teicher, has Hunt leading the team in both rushing and receiving (among RB’s) during the regular season, based on what he has seen during camp.  And does Andy Reid have anything to say on the matter?  “I’ve been around a lot of good backs and smart backs, and he’s right in there.”  Doesn’t it just make your mustache tingle.

A man has a name, it is Kareem Hunt.



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  1. Blind umps have rights too (seriously their union is that strong) says:

    oh shit, man of my own heart. me and friends went as about 5 of that crew for halloween what will be 2 years ago. we knew PERFECT randy’s too, they couldn’t make it. we had rickie/julious (complete with rum/coke cup)/lucy/bubbles/lahey (me). if i had more money i’d have bought a 76 NY’er for it (couldn’t find a shit mobile but COULD find a 9,800 craigslist lahey make car days before in my area)

  2. Zach

    Zach says:

    Welcome to Razzball Randy!

    • Randy Leahy

      Randy Leahy says:

      @Zach: Hey, thanks for having me!

  3. Dom says:

    Really liking what Kareem hunt is doing, would you trade Eddie Lacy for Kareem Hunt?

    And should I try to try to upgrade TE position might cost me Pryor or stay still

    And lastly who would you consider my top 3 RBs in order and who to start yearlong

    QB Aaron Rodgers
    RB Mark Ingram
    RB Frank Gore
    WR Jordy Nelson
    WR Dez Bryant
    TE Austin Hooper
    Flex Terrelle Pryor

    QB Eli Manning
    RB Danny Woodhead
    RB Robert Turbin
    RB Jamaal Williams
    RB Eddie Lacy
    WR Martavis Bryant

    K Adam Vinateri
    Def Bengals

    • Randy Leahy

      Randy Leahy says:

      @Dom: Hey Dom,
      Gotta believe Ingram is your top back, and hopefully AP doesn’t carve out too much of a niche for himself. I am a big Woodhead fan, and would probably put him at your #2 over Gore. Gore at #3, and then sort of a jumble after that.
      And yes, I think I would pull the trigger on Lacy for Hunt. While there is inherent risk for both of them, being this far down on your depth chart gives you the chance to take a high ceiling risk.
      Good Luck!

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