The five day wait between weeks 1 and 2 can be a lonely time. After months of fantasy anticipation, countless hours of research and time spent crafting your league trophy acceptance speech, 0-1 can feel a lot like 0-4. However, this is NOT the time to panic.  That’s what the dummies in your league are doing, and obviously you’re the genius of your league because you’re here at Razzball right now. Four days ago, you were certain that you had just assembled the greatest team of fantasy monsters in the universe, so don’t let a week one defeat at the hands of Kenny Britt lead to any rash decisions. Hold onto your studs, but don’t be shy about capitalizing on the panic of others.

Week one was a bit bi-polar and the awesome/crappy performances of a handful of teams have created some nice windows for potential trade value. Here are a few teams to scope out and one trade strategy you’ll be putting to use this week…

ATLANTA: Wow, 12 points. Everyone’s favorite preseason offense managed to play an entire game without getting into the end zone. Hopefully this performance dimmed some of the glow from this offense in the eyes of your competition. All of the pillars were there: 8 grabs for Roddy, 300+ for Matt Ryan, and Turner ran for 100 while catching 3 passes in a game for only the third time in his career. All that was missing were the points, which is where fantasy players feast.

PITTSBURGH: Yes, it was against the Baltimore defense, but this performance was beyond ugly. Throwing 3 picks and a single touchdown is not how we envisioned the season beginning for Large Ben, but that’s all about to change. Check out the Pittsburgh schedule. After consecutive 42-6 beat downs of the Seahawks and Colts, you won’t see a Steeler anywhere near a trade block. Now is the time to strike.

Try this: Scan the rosters of the 0-1 teams in your league and look for those that contain Falcons or Steelers. These are the people in your league most likely to buckle and give up on Mendenhall or Ryan after their week one bombs. Strike up a dialogue with your targeted team and make sure to remind them how nice it feels to start out with a win. I’d throw out the names of buzz backs like Beanie and Hightower to anchor a package for any of the top Steelers or Falcons.

WASHINGTON: Please, settle down. The ‘Skins had a nice week 1 victory over the division rival Giants but let’s not get carried away. Rex Grossman is still Rex Grossman. He’s hopefully older and wiser at this point in his career, but there is a reason he hasn’t been handed the keys to a week 1 start since 2007. Grossman has played more than 8 games in a season exactly once and is the owner of a shiny 42/40 career touchdown to interception ratio. No thanks. Running back Tim Hightower’s productive fantasy day masked a crusty 2.9 yards per carry average. That’s getting down to Marshawn Lynch range and you don’t want to be anywhere near a Seahawks reference these days.  Washington has a fairly soft upcoming schedule so the window to trade these guys may stay open a bit longer, but don’t hesitate to flip them at any time.

Try this: Immediately start engaging in trade talks with Steven Jackson’s owner and see if you can work out a deal with a Hightower based package. Hightower is most likely not one of your top 2 backs so you should be able to endure a couple weeks without Jackson and then roll out a serious team when he returns. In terms of Grossman, hold onto him and see if he builds up some more value against Arizona this week before you sell.

DETROIT: The Lions came out in week 1 with a solid 27-20 win over Tampa Bay, in a game where Matthew Stafford was in complete control. The Lions half of that box score is stuffed with points and now is the time to saddle up to this young, explosive offense and all the fantasy greatness it has to offer. If you’re willing to gamble on the enormous injury risks here, there are piles of fantasy points to be had from the Lions. Personally, I love me some gambling and I’ve got already got all my huevos in the Stafford basket. Staff, Best, ‘Tron and even Burleson will be hooking your team up with fantastic fantasy production this season, but trading for them won’t be easy.

Try This: Master the “Pupu Platter” – A savvy fantasy football day trader I know came up with this term, and I love it. The guy has pulled off many a good trade with this strategy and you can too. The term “Pupu Platter” is used to describe a trade offer of multiple lower/mid-level players for one stud player. Instead of a platter consisting of fried shrimp, egg rolls, and beef skewers, you hit the hibachi and fire up a spread with Shonn Greene, Sidney Rice, and Malcolm Floyd as the ingredients. Obviously nobody is going to accept three waiver wire caliber players for Andre Johnson, so don’t be afraid to offer up some decent names.

For example, say you offer up your RB2, WR3 and WR4 for a top running back. The key here is to analyze the deal from the back end. After you complete a trade like this, you will have two open roster spots which will be filled with waiver wire players. The players you subsequently pick up won’t be stars, but could conceivably contribute to your team at some point and THAT is the key to the deal. You can probably pick up two new WR5’s off the wire, which will help offset the loss of your WR3 and WR4. After it all shimmy-shakes out in your Whirlpool, you’re dealing your RB2, WR3, and WR4 for a stud RB and 2 WR5’s. You always want to be receiving the best player in any trade and this is how it can be done.

Now wipe off the barbeque sauce from your remote control, clean up the empty cans of PBR from the weekend and see which owners in your league might be ready to flip the panic switch and hand over an impact player.

  1. JIM says:

    Would you trade mcfadden and wayne for Arodgers. its a .5 ppr lg. and qbs get 4pts for a td. i have matt ryan, mccoy, vjackson,welker, and bradshaw on my team as well. thanks

  2. dirtyd says:

    Really set on trying to get James Starks. The owner who has him has no QB. He wants Stafford. I also have Matt Ryan and now Cam Newton. Is Stafford too much to give away for Starks? (Mcfadden, Felix Jones, Shonn Greene, Reggie Bush are other Rbs)- I dont trust Greene/Bush

  3. FrankStallone says:

    Have a trade offer on the table – my Manningham and Hightower for his Mendenhall. Problem is Hightower is my 2nd RB and we have a WR/TE and a WR/TE flex. If I do this, then it means I have to start some combo of Brandon Gibson, Jacoby Ford, Brandon Jacobs, and Dustin Keller every week. Leaning towards no, because I just have so little faith in my depth to compete every week with them starting. It’s PPR by the way, so Mendy is boom or bust.

  4. Lubey says:

    Hey great read! Nice to see something a little different than all the other fantasy analysis. Def bout to dish out some pupu platter trades now!

  5. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @dirtyd: good question. First, nice job picking up Newton, that gives you some more to work with. I like starks as well but Stafford is going to be great, keep him. He has no qb so you have the leverage…start with newton and a throw in for starks and go up from there.

  6. FrankStallone says:

    WR/TE and WR/RB, sorry.

  7. Lubey says:

    So here is the pupu:

    Fred Jax, Collie, JStew
    Steve Jax

    What do you think?

  8. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @lubey: thanks! Good luck with the pupu platters!!

  9. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @lubey: not bad. If you can survive until sjax comes back (which could be a few more weeks) without fredjax and stew, then go for it. Collins kills collie so no loss there.

  10. FrankStallone says:

    I don’t understand all the Steven Jackson love. He’s had one beastly fantasy season, and that was five years ago. He’s not going to kill you, but he won’t be leading you to any fantasy championships either. Never worth the price it takes to get him.

  11. Chunk says:

    Heres my chump dump on the table… I mean pupu platter:

    I give: tony gonzalez, addai, D branch

    I get: Gronkowski

    Is this enough? dude is starting Witten at TE anyways, I figure he will be willing to give up Grontron for less than full value. addai and branch are worthless on my team and significant upgrades over dudes backups

  12. Chunk says:

    Also just want to echo Lubey and commend you on your excellent and unique article. This is the kind of advice that is crucial to success and can’t be found anywhere else.

  13. Chunk says:

    .5 PPR

    fitz for reggie bush and mike thomas

    which side do you like?

  14. FrankStallone says:

    Fitz, by eleventy billion miles. I’d have broken my finger from pressing “Reject Trade” so hard and quickly.

  15. mcdizzle says:

    pupu platter? i always refered to it as the chump sampler :)

  16. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @FrankStallone: the mendy deal is real tough. Id do it because im a fan of mendy and he is a certifiable stud but couldn’t blame you if you held off due to your depth issues.

    As for sjax, he is one of the few feature guys out there who gets looks in the passing game as well. The point here is hopefully his current owner is desperate and will sell him at a discount.

    @chunk: start with TGonz and branch for Gronk and work up from there. I also like the fitz side of they other deal. And thanks for the kind words…much appreciated.

  17. xlunited1 says:

    Glad you’re high on the Lions offense..I drafted Stafford, Best, Megatron in hopes it would be a breakout season for this offense. Just need Stafford to stay healthy. My question for you is my #1 RB is Matt Forte. He looked great Week 1, but should I try and trade up or can I feel confident starting him every week. And it is a PPR league.

    Thanks and great job with the article, I’ve been enjoying reading your stuff since you joined Razzball.

  18. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @xlunited1: I think you’ll be fine with Forte. You’ve got two good PPR backs there and arguably the best WR in the game. If Stafford stays upright you’re gonna be tough. I’ve got a couple teams constructed almost identically to this.

    Thanks for reading and good luck this weekend.

  19. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @JIM: sorry, I missed you…I wouldn’t make that deal. DMC is a monster and as you read above, I’ve still got faith in Ryan and the ATL offense. Roll with Ryan and keep your huge advantage at RB with shady and DMC.

  20. Ogiers says:

    Since Chris Wesseling referred me to your blog, I have really been enjoying the fun and thoughtful analysis. What do you think of the “Pupu Platter” trade I just executed? 12 team, non-PPR:

    Offered: Reggie Bush / Jason Witten
    Receiving: Felix Jones

    I offered Reggie Bush and Jason Witten for Felix Jones, trying to upgrade my RB corps and taking advantage of having both Owen Daniels and Witten and believing that Daniels will get his alongside AJ over the course of the season, eliminating my durability concerns with Bush while obtaining an RB2 or at least a much better Flex than Reggie with a lot of upside.

  21. TD's N Beer says:

    Im thinking of offering a trade to get Chris Johnson and Give up Jahvid Best. You talk very highly about the Det offense. Do you think I will need to offer more. My Bench is sitting Mark Ingram, Jacoby Ford and Amendola Im in PPR League and this guys team is looking horrible

  22. Alex says:

    Tried a different tactic in one of my leagues and it might have blown up on me. I have good RB depth with Rice/Gore/Wells/Starks/Snelling but I got destroyed at WR with Fitzgerald/Collie/Thomas/Evans/Gibson (we drafted about a month ago, shame on me).

    Who do you think will be a good RB to put out there for a trade? I was originally leaning Gore since he has a name premium, but if Starks starts getting 20 touches people might bite. I think Beanie has more value on my team as a spot starter than he would in a trade. Any insight is apprecaited!

  23. exactly says:

    in a 12 team PPR, my rbs are rice, forte, hillis and greene (must start 2, can start all 4) and my wrs are s. johnson, m. thomas, meachem, l. moore, little, amendola (must start 3, can start 5)…

    so would you trade greene for wayne or britt? or is it too early and just stand pat?

    If i trade greene, I can also flex in Henne or M. Sanchez. Thanks for the advice.

  24. exactly says:

    Also, based on your advice…i could offer greene for s-jax? Thoughts.

  25. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @mcdizzle: ha chump sampler is a good one too.

    @Ogiers: I like it. I’m a big Felix Jones fan. Might be a bit much but if you have that kind of TE depth, you could try it. However, Felix hasnt been the king of durability himself.

    @TD’sNBeer: Offer Best and see what the guy says. With CJ having a down week one, maybe that works but I think you may have to kick in something alongside Best to get it done.

    @Alex: Wow, quite a stable of backs. I agree, I think Gore has the most “name value” in trade at this point. See what kind of WR you can swipe for him, but dont settle. I’d rather roll with Thomas at WR2 for a week or two than undersell a good back this early.

    @exactly: I’m not sure what your scoring system looks like but I’d assume starting the QB at your flex spot would be the way to go. If you feel like dealing a back, Greene is the one and I wouldnt argue with giving him up for Britt. Hasselbeck is pretty old and crusty but he seemed to love Britt on Sunday. And if you can survive without Greene until SJax returns then go for it. Just keep in mind it may be a few more weeks.

  26. exactly says:

    thanks, jeff…so you definitely like britt’s situation more than wayne? Basically, on the scale of trade offers, would you try in this order: britt, s-jax, wayne?

  27. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @exactly: Wayne had a nice day on Sunday but I just don’t feel comfortable with that situation at all. Close, but I’d lean Britt. Try the SJax deal first, then Britt.

  28. Exactly says:

    @jeff brubach: coolness

  29. DrunkWisconsin says:

    @dirtyd: Starks will be a starter by the end of the year…and Cam Newton has TONNNs of upside. Giving away stafford is a GREAT CHOICE. He will be injured at somet point his year. So you are giving away pretty much net -0- (with a great back up and someone who has tons of upsdie) for a future starting RB. … Also, I’m a packers fan…so take that for what it is worth…but I think ryan grant is way overrated.

  30. DrunkWisconsin says:

    @FrankStallone: Isn’t steven jackson also having injury problems…I wouldn’t love him…he is mid to bottom tear top 30 RB

  31. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @DrunkWisconsin: Yes, Steven Jackson is out this week. The hope is that his owner will buckle and trade him at a discount.

  32. DrunkWisconsin says:

    @Alex: Gore has been hurt for the past 6 straight seasons…see if you can get a bite there…to alot of people he is a top 10 guy. Maybe try to get a top 10 reciever? Also, rice is great, starks will start by end of year, and snelling isn’t worth as much as he could be (right now no one wants to trade acutual tallent for potential tallent).

    @exactly: Kenny Britt is top 5 tallent, and green keeps looking like he is going to be a horible second/third round pick (LT looks faster coming out of the hole).

  33. surfmonger says:

    ok. Never pulled off a trade before. In fact, I’ve never even seen anyone trade in this league… but I’ve got the S Jackson owner talking. 12 teams, standard scoring.

    I do have Hightower, but the problem is that he is my no2 guy! I know he’s not super-duper, but last year Torrain saved my ass, so I trust the skins’ gameplan and OLine to get me something. and I just cleared my bench to make room for some potential late bloomers, so I don’t know if I can work the puupuu platter option. here’s my team.

    J. Freeman
    M. Schaub
    R. Rice
    T. Hightower
    R. Mathews
    D. Williams
    M. Wallace
    E. Sanders
    J. Jones
    V. Jackson
    S. Chandler
    F. Davis
    L. Kendricks
    K, DEF
    R. Lindell

    Yes, I have three risky TEs, b/c passed on them in the draft and I don’t know who’s going to be good down the road. I like Davis and Kendrichs, but they have the same bye week. (I may have a serious problem at TE and RB for wk 5)

    my potential trade partner needs a RB. he’s got B Jacobs subbing for SJax this week. other players that I’m interested in include
    G. Jennings (don’t think that will work)
    J. Nelson
    D. Bess
    J. Maclin
    B. Watson

    he’s asking me to make an offer. should I aim high? and what would that look like? at what point does it not become worth it for me?

    Hightower, D williams and Julio Jones
    SJax, J Nelson and Maclin?

    Thanks for your help!

  34. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @surfmonger: you’ve got the leverage here, as the other guy needs to make a deal. Start with a low offer and see how he responds. What you’re aiming to do here is get jackson at a discount due to the other owners desperate situation. Just offer hightower and go from there.

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