We have the two best teams in the NFL facing off tonight.  Not just because they got to the Super Bowl, but because they are actually the two best teams. That doesn’t always happen and this game is set up to be a classic.  Will it be? I actually think so.  Remember the Cardinals/Steelers Super Bowl? There are a lot of similarities between that matchup and this one.  I’m looking forward to it.  No, really.

The Steelers and Packers are similar in many ways. They both play football with a football, but use their hands for the most part.  They both are led by two very good quarterbacks; one who snubs old cancer survivors and the other who corners them in the men’s restroom. They both have good linebackers, but with severely different hairstyles. They both have a top tier wide receiver and their defensive coordinators are clones of each other.  James Starks doesn’t have the history of Mendenhall, but has the ability.  The most glaring difference is in the offensive lines, whereas the Packers have a good O-line, the Steelers are playing almost all backups.  This could be a problem, but somehow Roethlisberger always gets out of sticky situations!

I’ve gone back and forth on this game and I’m having a hard time deciding. On paper it looks like the Packers have a slight edge, but these Steelers have been there before and the Packers haven’t.  I think in the biggest of games, that can be a real factor and moves this game to a draw. Sorry everyone, there will be two Super Bowl winners this year!

I’m going to have to think about this one a little longer.  Let’s take a look at some links to surf while the pregame festivities put us into a stupor.

If you can’t get up for this game, then let Vince Lombardi fire you up!

Evan Silva breaks down each position for the big game. He likes the Packers to take it in a close one.

Football Outsiders have an extremely detailed look at the game and they have the Pack Attack taking it as well.

What lies in the bowels of Cowboys Stadium?

Marshall Faulk and Deion Sanders somehow sneaked/snuck into the Hall of Fame.

Playerfilter compares Roethlisberger and Rodgers.

Expect the Packers and Steelers to suck donkey kong next season.

I haven’t decided who I am picking yet, ok?! Stop hounding me!  With Pouncey out, B.J. Raji could have Legursky for dinner and still need desert. The guy is large. But the problem will always be containment with Big Ben.  If he can roll out, watch out.

Rotoworld’s Mock Draft is a nice primer to get you ready to argue about who your team should take.

Michael Vick comes back from being brutally tortured by a pack of Pit Bulls to win Comeback Player of the Year!

Cold, Hard, Football Facts take a look at the Super Bowl and pick the Steelers.

The Top 10 Should have been Super Bowl MVPs.

Aaron Rodgers has actually had some trouble with quality pass defenses this season, but has also been on an unbelievable roll.  When things are clicking for him there is almost no way to stop that offense.

This Pro Football Weekly writer likes the Steelers.

Matt Bowen asks 5 questions as we go into the game.

The Steelers have a dominant defense.  They control the run without breaking a sweat which allows them to give more resources to stopping the pass, either in coverage or blitz schemes.  Can they stop Aaron Rodgers? Probably not, but can they slow him down? Yes.  If the Steelers can keep the game close, I like their chances.  This is Roethlisberger’s third rodeo and I would rather have him with 2 minutes left than just about any QB in the league.  I see the defense keeping it close and Big Ben pulling it out in the end. Ewwww.

Steelers 24 Packers 21

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