Welp, there goes my supply of NyQuil. As your local (also only) Chargers fan, this essentially is the cherry on top of what could be considered, at best, a tumultuous offseason. Everything from Philip Rivers trade rumors, to keeping Donald Brown (why?), and even continuing reports that the Chargers are probably moving to Los Angeles wasn’t enough. Nope. Now, Antonio Gates has been suspended four games for PED use, because hey, why not?

“In my 12 years in the NFL, I have taken tremendous pride in upholding the integrity of the NFL shield and all that it entails.  I have taken extreme care of my body with a holistic approach and never taken any substance that was illegal or banned by the NFL. 

“In an effort to recover from a long season and although I was unaware at the time, I regret to confirm that I tested positive for a substance that is currently on the NFL banned substance list.  As an NFL veteran and team leader, I should have done my due diligence to ensure that what I was taking for recovery was within the NFL guidelines.  I have always believed that ignorance is no excuse when it comes to these issues, and I take full responsibility for my actions.  

“I’d like to express my sincere apologies to the Chargers, my teammates, coaches, fans and the league who have always supported me and expected and gotten nothing but the highest level of integrity from me.”

For a second, let’s not pay attention to the fact that “…never taken any substance that was illegal or banned by the NFL” and “…I tested positive for a substance that is currently on the NFL banned substance list” were written right next to each other, we have to assume that this will certainly have a rippling fantasy impact.

In my tight end rankings, I had him ranked fourth, just behind Greg Olsen and ahead of Travis Kelce. This obviously changes, and my updated rankings have him now at 10. My reasoning is: there really isn’t anything better behind him at that spot. I could see myself wanting Zach Ertz and above, because they’ll seemingly produce something in those four games, but beyond that, I’d rather roll with Gates on my bench and stream those four weeks.

In terms of who fills in… I’m going to be a bit more bearish on Ladarius Green than my peers… at least I think I will be. Here’s what I said about him recently:

“And do keep an eye on Green, who’s long since been forgotten. He may actually build some ground work to be a legitimate tight end option going into 2016.”

It’s no secret that Rivers prefers to spread the production around, and while I see the Chargers making Green their de facto number one tight end option, that doesn’t necessarily mean “Antonio Gates” like production. I moved him up a few spots, but I want to see how the situation develops. In the end, time off may actually be a boon to Gates value, as age and time in the league has taken it’s toll (including past injuries). His late-season fades have become common, and perhaps this staves it off a bit. Honestly, this seems like a pretty good value play if you plan on drafting Gates, but, as I just stated, do beware of Ladarius Green’s hype train getting off track. He certainly has the ability, and I do like him a lot, the thing is, he’s the type of guy where you want to see it first before you buy-in.

As for Rivers and the Chargers offense in general, I actually don’t see any issues here. True, Gates adds to the flow of the offense, but with the new addition of Melvin Gordon, Stevie Johnson, and the return of Danny Woodhead, I don’t think the bar changes here.

Regardless, even with all of this, the real question is: has he ever played basketball?



  1. Fantasy with Dase or Days

    Fantasy with Dase or Days says:

    In his (Green) career he has had five games with at least five targets (only saw more then five targets in one game). In those five games, he has recorded at least four catches in three games, gained at least 60 yards in four of them and found the end zone twice. That production per game in terms of fantasy points places him near the middle of the pack for his position among the TE1 options. We saw that Gates got six targets a game last year, which makes room for upside to produce even more and thus higher up among his position. The value play of Green for the first four games could be exceptional.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Fantasy with Dase or Days: I’m not going to argue against it, because I agree… but I think everyone is going to be buying, which drives his value down ultimately. I’d rather just draft Gates later and stream as necessary.

  2. Clint says:

    Where’s Bud Selig w/the obligatory ‘Look how we cleaned up MLB and how dirty the NFL is compared to us’ quote w/the several names that got busted along w/Gates in this? The more this stuff goes on, the more I’m finding myself agreeing with..gulp, Jose Canseco on enhancer usage. If it’s controlled & allowed & the guys sign up for it by looking for an NFL career, who cares? I find more worry over things like concussions that could grow out of it than the actual usage.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Clint: I think all sports are susceptible to this, and it’s largely a complicated issue. But I think a blanket and regulated allowance isn’t such a bad idea…

  3. GridIron Gary says:

    Hey Jay, getting back into the swing of things for fantasy football 2015!

    I’m the commish going over the settings for 2015; this is the 2nd yr of this league & it’s a keeper we keep 2 players. But looking at the settings I didn’t realize for team defense / sp teams that you can set points for kickoff & punt returns & there’s a micellenous category for the same thing so prob if I added that & I have someone for the likes of Antonio brown , etc I could get points for a kick off / punt return.

    – have you been in a league where there are points accessed to team defense /special teams , or just added micellenous for kickoff & punt returns.

    For kickoff / punt returns looks like it can be as followed;
    Every 1, 10, or 25 kickoff or punt return yards. If I did maybe every 25 kickoff & punt return yards equals 1 point. Or do you feel it’s a waste of a caregory.

    Now on to my main Q, the keeper, it’s the first time we will be doing keepers ; can select any two players from the 2014 team, first two rounds are for keepers & it won’t affect where you selected the player in 2014, then the snake style draft begins round 3.

    Just reactivated the league so I can view the roster to see who I want to keep, I have only 3 that are keeper worthy; Demaryius Thomas, Odell Beckham, & Jeremy Hill.

    & this keeper setting is year to year, we can pick new keepers for 2016, we aren’t stuck w/ these players forever.

    & the keeper lock date as of now is an hour before whenever we decide on the draft (it’ll prob be in Sept the Sunday/Monday before that first game of the season on Thursday sept 10)

    But would you recommend leaving it an hour before the draft or lock keepers let’s say 2 or 3 hours before the draft Or even much earlier that day if the draft is 8/9 pm?

    Lol I know it’s a lot just trying to get ready for the season! Thank you!

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