I’m still here in Cincy and will be going to the game tonight, so tomorrow’s post may just be drunk me with my head passed out on the letter eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Peyton Hillis, wow, just Wow! 220 total yards and 2 touchdowns against a Patriots team that hadn’t given up 100 yards rushing to a running back this season.  This guy (as Coach Gruden would say) was out chopping wood all day.  Just keep throwing him out there and thank the fantasy Gods for their blessings on your team.

Arian Foster: And another Wow! Foster is turning into a great back right in front of our eyes.  If you own him in a dynasty don’t sweat Ben Tate, Foster is the real deal.

Matthew Stafford: He reinjured his right shoulder, but they don’t know how bad it is.  Since it is the same shoulder I wouldn’t get my hopes up, which sucks because he was playing well and his schedule looked great.  Shaun Hill may or may not be able to go this week, which is just great for those wondering if they should grab him off waivers.  If you are hurting at QB and we know Stafford is out for a while, Hill will be a good grab.

James Jones: For some reason he just can’t hang onto the ball, but he still had 123 yards and a touchdown and should continue to see more looks than Driver even when he returns.

Javarris James: Four carries and two touchdowns is a pretty good number. Well, that’s more than one number, but I digress.  Of course that won’t happen again and he’s not worth grabbing, but it’s still something he can tell his grand kids about.  But Donald Brown might have a different story to tell.

Dez Bryant: Watching this guy is like watching Randy Moss in his rookie season.  Just throw the ball up to him.  And Jon Kitna can see it too, which has been pretty bad news for Miles Austin (or should that read “ugly bad news”?).

Jacob Tamme: He had 17 targets and is now a PPR stud.  With all the tight end injuries this season Tamme has become a top 5 tight end very quickly.

Ryan Mathews: He reinjured his ankle and is cementing his dud status for this season.  He has a bye week next week, so he will have time to heal up.  I could see dropping him if the injury looks bad and you have someone that can help you immediately. If you can get him cheap in dynasty, go ahead.

Darren McFadden: He had yet another 100 total yards game.  It’s impossible to keep this guy down, well, unless he has a bye or faces the Steelers, which he does for the next two weeks.

Jacoby Ford: Talk about a breakout game.  Ford almost single handedly beat the Chiefs with his 6 receptions and 148 yards and a 94 yard kickoff return for a TD.  The Raiders keep searching for a consistent receiver so there is a good chance Ford starts to see more targets, but it depends on what he does with those targets of course.  I’m going to support team Jacob instead of team Darrius.

Michael Vick: He picked up where he left off, just like his battery mate Desean Jackson.  Both are worthy of every week startage.

Santonio Holmes: He had a nice game and looks to finally be coming around.  I don’t see any reason not to get him in your lineup on a weekly basis.

Aaron Hernandez: Finally a touchdown! Wait, there were two? Wow! AHer still has to compete with the Gronkster, but it’s good to see him in there on the goal line.

Steve Johnson: The guy just keeps producing.  With a name like that, you would think he’d be selling insurance or running for 2,000 yards.

Percy Harvin: Even though he looked hobbled in practice he came out on Sunday and looked like a man-beast.  This guy is just getting better and better.  Even though he didn’t score, this game felt like a statement game.

Brett Favre: Just when you think he is done in and done for he throws for close to 450 yards and 2 touchdowns.  He’s not going to be consistent, but he’s worth a QB 2 spot.

Seyi Ajirotutu: He helped a lot of teams this week, but sadly don’t expect it to keep up.  The offices of VJax, Floyd and Gates will serve him with cease and desist papers soon enough.

Ronnie Brown: He ended up with 99 total yards and a touchdown, but got most of that on the first drive.  I think it’s time to take of his training wheels and see what he can do.

Matt Schaub: Yet another crapfest of a game. I can’t say my Schaub-led team is doing too fantastic, but he gets the Jags next week.  That will help.

  1. Shippity says:

    Just offering props on the ajirotutu call – that would’ve saved my week if I didn’t pull him late this morning when I heard Gates might go. Wish I just slept in.

  2. Shippity says:

    *insert weekly rant on Haley misusing JC here*

  3. Gambler says:

    I think Shaun Hill still has a broken arm so if Stafford is injured, Stanton would be the starter.. You’ve got to feel bad for the Lions, they are actually ok this year, they’ve had 3 really tough losses. They could easily be 4-4 or 5-3..
    But I’m guessing Stanton would be bad for Calvin Johnson owners.

  4. el gaucho insufrible says:

    HAHA! I really like the title of this post.

  5. barker says:

    looks like i shouldnt have done the hillis + shiancoe for wayne + witten trade at least for this week especially considering my RB are now only rice charles and forsett could it really be possible that hillis was the best of that group at least fantasywise for this season

    damn u haley just give charles the damn ball

    ( hoping hillis gets hurt secretly )
    PS should i drop forsett for ??? any RB on waivers i think lynch is available

  6. Wilsonian says:

    Should I drop Keller for A-Her?

    And/or should I drop Blount for A-Her or to stash Vjax? Blount is 6th on my depth chart, fyi.

  7. Joel says:

    Doc: Stafford was my week 10 replacement for ARod. with other qbs on bye, not willing to wait around for a day to see if he’s ok. So, my Q is: favre (@bears) and Bradford (@SF) are on the wire — which should I pick up to be my week 10 qb??

  8. romosahomo says:

    I was offered payton and mjd for Charles, forte, and orten… is this a big win or should i try and pry just manning.. which deal looks better?

  9. Wilsonian says:

    @Wilsonian: or I could pick up Moeaki, Cooley or Pettigrew, instead of A-Her.

  10. LMack says:

    Two things, one statement, one question.

    1. I hate Arian Foster.
    2. How many leagues do you own Beanie Wells in, Doc?

  11. Art Vandelay says:

    Time to get off the Kitna bandwagon? Would you drop him for Shaun Hill?

  12. Rookie Season says:

    What Def do you like this week?

    Buff v. Det, Minn @Chi, Det @ Buff (WW), Miami v. Tenn, Indy v. Cin, Den v. KC, Atl v. Bal (WW), Car @TB, St.L @SF, Jax v. Hou, Hou @Jax, Cle v. Jets, Cin @Indy. Got a bottom priority for WW, so Det and Atl might be hard to get.

    Also, Bradford @SF or Hill @Buff (assuming the start)?

  13. 24hourjack says:

    non PPR league(2 RB,2 WR,1 TE,1 W/R), I’m a bit top heavy on WR……..just curious how serious you think my RB situation is……..

    RB….LeSean McCoy,LeGarrette Blount,Thomas Jones,Willis McGahee

    WR….Wayne,Harvin,Bryant,Mike Williams(TB),Knox,Driver….

    I guess my real question is,should I attempt to sell high on Bryant,Harvin,or Williams,OR….count on these three and look to get someone to overpay on Wayne?….

  14. Nick says:

    @Doc: New Orleans defense is on bye next week but there matchups going forward look to good to drop them, right?

    can I drop Donald Brown to grab a defense to fill in next week? Options include TB v. Car, Arizona v. Seattle, Seattle v. Arizona or Detroit v. Buffalo

  15. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Shippity: That sucks. Yeah, Haley remains ignorant.

    @Gambler: It’s his non throwing arm and all he needs is to be able to hand off with it. He thinks he’ll be able to go, but we’ll see.

    @el gaucho insufrible: Thanks!

    @LMack: Too many

    @barker: I would

  16. Romosahomo says:

    Charles and Forte for Maurice Jones Drew? Who wins this trade?

  17. The Vaporizers says:

    I like Charles!

  18. Wilsonian says:

    @Doc: yo yo Doc, what do you think about my question in post #6 and my follow-up in post #9 about the available TEs? Thanks dood.

  19. Joel says:

    @romo…I like the Charles Forte side much better

  20. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Wilsonian: I’d grab AHer for Keller

    @Joel: Favre has always done well against the Bears. I’d see if he can keep it up.

    @romosahomo: It’s a decent deal. I’d give it a shot. I still like JC a lot, but Manning and MJD are less risky than those 3.

    @Art Vandelay: I’d give it a shot. I like Hill if he can get on the field.

    @Rookie Season: I like Tampa with Clausen starting.

    @24hourjack: I’d see what you can get for Wayne, and if you can’t get good value try the other guys.

    @Nick: I’d grab Tampa. As long as you don’t need Brown I’d drop him.

    @Romosahomo: I’d want Manning in the deal.

  21. Wilsonian says:

    @Doc: what about dropping Blount to stash VJax? I have Hillis, DMC, CJ, McCoy and Best ahead of Blount on the depth chart and I can only play 3.

  22. Christopher says:

    @Shippity: second that emotion…

  23. Rookie Season says:

    @Doc: You’re right when you said you’re going to be drinking. As much as I like Tampa, I don’t get to have Tampa as an option. Any others in Post #12? Have fun tonight!

  24. Derrick says:

    Are you a Bengals fan?

  25. Nick says:

    @Doc: Yeah, I have Blount & McCoy starting next week, with Greene, R. Brown & Torain on my bench so D. Brown is the one to drop, right?

  26. Roger Lodge says:

    I own Malcom Floyd so I offered Dwayne Bowe and Marshawn Lynch for Vincent Jackson. He countered with Bowe and Ryan Torain for Vincent Jackson. So should I accept? It is a standard scoring 12 team league.

    Here’s my roster:
    QB Matt Ryan, Atl QB
    RB Adrian Peterson, Min RB
    RB Jahvid Best, Det RB P
    RB/WR Dwayne Bowe, KC WR
    WR Calvin Johnson, Det WR P
    WR Greg Jennings, GB WR
    TE Jacob Tamme, Ind TE
    D/ST Eagles D/ST, Phi D/ST
    K Dan Carpenter, Mia K
    Bench Ronnie Brown, Mia RB
    Bench Vernon Davis, SF TE Q
    Bench Malcom Floyd*, SD WR O
    Bench Marshawn Lynch, Sea RB
    Bench Ryan Torain, Was RB Q
    Bench Matthew Stafford, Det QB Q



  27. Joel says:

    Is it worth picking up Pierre Thomas? someone cut him yesterday.

  28. stumanji says:

    @Roger Lodge: On value alone I think that’s way too much to give up for a rusty VJax. On top of that, Jennings is on bye next week; who would you play at WR2 if you gave up Bowe? You have no other options.

  29. stumanji says:

    @Joel: I think he’s worth a stash if you have somebody to cut. I wouldn’t want to rely on him for any production though.

  30. Roger Lodge says:

    @stumanji: Thanks for the advice. I was thinking of picking up Amendola or Meachem off of the FA list after the trade (or I could easily pick up another flavor of the week as well, i.e. Ford maybe?) Either way, I don’t think that next week’s WR situation would be that big of a problem. I must admit that I thought I was getting a steal, but I haven’t had very good responses. I’ve seen both Torain and Bowe described as elite sell-high candidates lately.

  31. Kustard says:

    Anyone know where to find statistics on passes dropped? Thanks.

  32. Wilsonian says:

    @Roger Lodge: I definitely agree with Stumanji. Bowe has been playing better as of late and Torain had played decently before his injury. We don’t know what his injury, holds, but if he comes back fine, he’s still a good RB2/flex option. I honestly would trade VJax for Bowe and Torain right now if I could. I would click accept pretty fast on that one, if that tells you anything.

  33. Ken says:

    hey doc, I got a trade question.

    Should I trade JC, H. Ward, E. Manning, Cooley, for Gates and P. Manning?

    I would solidify my TE spot with the best TE in the game but I’m afraid he wont be as valuable with Vjax and Floyd back. Also Eli is outplaying P. Manning as of recently. I’m pretty secure at WR and RB so far. Thanks for the help man.

  34. Shippity says:

    Looking for a TE fill-in again for Gates in W10. Do you think Dreesen will get his looks again @ JAX or could a Daniels return get in his way? I’m looking at this ugly bunch:

    Olsen v Min
    Dreesen @ Jax
    Watson v NYJ
    Celek @ WAS (I’m not sure Vick knows he exists)
    Gronkow @ Pitt

  35. Shippity says:

    fftoday has targets and catches – the difference isn’t exactly drops since not all targets are catchable but it gets you closer than just receptions

  36. Shippity says:

    I always take quality over quantity. I love JC but if you have startable RB options I think you have to upgrade TE and QB here.

  37. Ken says:

    teah i was thinking that too. I have Gore, Hillis, Moreno, F. Jackson, and Lynch. We play with 2 rb and a flex spot but I figured Moreno or one of the others would compensate for the lose in pts from JC.

  38. Jim says:

    Hey Doc,

    I have the potential chance of trading Mendenhall for Frank Gore. I want to make a trade that involves me trading Bowe, T. Brady, and Mendenhall for P. Manning and Frank Gore. Is that a good trade? What about trading Mendenhall for Frank Gore. I want someone predictable who is going to score 12-18 points and Gore has done that while Mendenhall has either flopped or scored pretty high. I also have AP, Rice, and Lynch for RBs. For WRs, I have M. Williams (TB), Nicks, Gates, Tamme, and Rice.

  39. stumanji says:

    @Roger Lodge: I think you missed the boat on Torain’s true sell-high period (I traded him and Orton for S-Jax about 3 weeks ago). Bowe could also be considered a sell-high, but I’d rather get an active player that can help my team than a prospective trade for VJax. Even if you don’t think Bowe is going to keep up what he’s been doing, I think he’s a much better play than any WW guys you listed above.

    I think Bowe for VJax or Torain for VJax is reasonable, but not both.

    Just my 2c.

  40. John K says:

    is Hill a better backup qb than cassel (i start eli manning)? i know nothing about this “football”

  41. John K says:

    … or garrard?

  42. trey says:


    would you trade brandon marshall for Tamme going forward? I have Keller who isnt cutting it and also have nicks/andre johnson and only 2 WR spots non PPR and marshall has been an underwhelming flex option of late


  43. Doc

    Doc says:

    @John K: As long as Hill is healthy enough to play I like him more than Cassel. I like garrard a lot for this week, but wouldn’t want him as my starter.

    @trey: I wouldn’t. Marshall has a nice schedule going forward.

    @Jim: I think the Mendy for Gore trade isn’t much of an overall difference, but I would much rather have Manning than Brady now so I would do that.

  44. Spliff says:

    So when Romo went down, I grabbed Stafford now that he is down, who do you like the most from below? Should I plan on playing the matchup each week?

  45. Liz says:

    Hey Doc,
    So a kid in my league has Gore on the trading block.

    My team is Cutler, Mendenhall, A. Foster, Bradshaw, Reggie Wayne, Bolden, Miller. The only noteworthy people on my bench are Sidney Rice & Lance Moore.

    The kid proposed Gore for Bradshaw & Boldin. What do you think?

    Thanks, Man!

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