So, you are missing the fantasy playoffs this year. I apologize for the injuries your team had this season. I apologize you lost weeks because you benched players that outperformed your starters. I apologize for you scoring the 2nd or 3rd most points that week, but you played the #1 point performer. Now you are probably sad, angry, and frustrated or unhappy that you are not going to have bragging rights over your opponents. I assure you it could be worse. I read a case in my business law class Monday and I would like to share it with you. This Canadian man, we’ll call him Julius, bought two lottery tickets at 8:59 PM on day 1. As of 9pm, the tickets you buy are for the next days lottery. One printed at 8:59PM and 45 seconds, the other at 9:00PM and 7 seconds. Julius’s 2nd ticket had the winning numbers for day 1 and he tried to redeem his ticket, but was denied by the clerk stating the ticket, at 9:00 and 7 seconds was for day 2. Now Julius obviously fought this and argued he bought the ticket the previous day at 8:59, but was consistently refused. The highest court in Canada also refused him and now Julius is sad, angry, frustrated, and unhappy. Folks, it can always get worse. Now for all of you happy and fortunate beings that are still fighting for a playoff spot, let us talk football!

Last week I suggested you start the Texans offense. Brian Hoyer was serviceable but his ace receiver, DeAndre Hopkins didn’t do too much. The Texans were ahead early and ran the ball a ton, 38-27 rush to pass ratio, to keep their lead controlled. I was hoping for a shootout but the Texans defense remains strong and on a upswing. I am expecting them to win the AFC south if their Quarterback play is at least average. Alfred Blue was good out of the backfield netting you around 14 points from a likely flex position. He cemented his spot ahead of Jonathan Grimes, who didn’t do too much with his touches this past weekend. I look for this team moving forward to be Hopkins focused and be in close games throughout.

[graphiq id=”2Vwem5TI48R” title=”Ryan Tannehill Overview” width=”640″ height=”544″ url=”” link=”” link_text=”Ryan Tannehill Overview | PointAfter”]

This week, I have my first repeat appearance. I want to recommend the Miami Dolphins squad this week. Ryan Tannehill has really screwed me over countless weeks this year but I have to play the matchup. He is very possibly available in your league since he has caused much frustration to fantasy owners thus far. Baltimore could be the most injured team in the NFL this year. I think of their 22 starters in week 1, they have something like 5 or 6 remaining. Take advantage of this. The last 3 weeks Tannehill has been much improved and I’m hoping he’ll continue it in what is many league’s last week before playoffs. Either Lamar Miller or Tannehill will have a crazy day this week. If both do I will rejoice.

Miller is in the same boat as Tannehill, young with talent but inconsistent. This is the perfect week for him to bounce back after a slew of sluggish performances. His O-line is letting him down a bunch, yes, but he isn’t cutting well or finding the hole well either. He looks a tad banged up if you ask me, but who isn’t at this point in the season? If Miller continues this trend look for Jay Ajayi to get a look. I would RB2 Miller this week with upside potential. 

The receiving corps is more interesting. Jarvis Landry is a top WR play this week. He is phenomenal and he is Tannehill’s favorite target. He is easily a top 10 projected receiver going into week 13; 10+ targets shouldn’t be a problem. Rishard Matthews is struggling with a rib injury and looks like he may be cautioned this week, or even sidelined. I would not start him unless you hear news of him playing pain free. I’ve had a broken rib and man does it limit what you can do. DeVante Parker and Kenny Stills are more interesting plays this week. Both are deep threats that can rack up the YAC. The Dolphins seem to be looking to utilize Parker more as the season draws to a close and I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up their WR 2 the rest of the season. I would be confident flexing Parker in all leagues. Jordan Cameron is more Red Zone oriented but he is not a bad play this week either. Everyone pales in comparison to Landry Though. All hail lord Jarvis.



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  1. Crapshoot Kershaw says:

    so Julius tried to cheat the system since he felt bad 1 minute different from when he bought the 2nd ticket he would’ve won. He either should have read the rules or learn how to read. Psychologically he felt as if 7 seconds difference made him “deserve” to have the rules be changed in his favor. By rules he wasn’t any closer to winning than he would’ve been had he bought the 2nd ticket 23 hours later, or any other time of that ticket buying day. Courts certainly have better things to worry about (or should) than having to beat cases like that, and i hope Julius was on the hook for all lawyer bills in this frivolous case. it’s a shame for Julius that they don’t have an intelligence test to pass before you can buy lottery tickets, as he wouldn’t have been able to buy any and it would’ve saved him money/grief (but of course it would be much worse for the gov if they did have a test like this, as WAY less lottery tickets would be bought if they required this)

  2. Max

    Max says:

    hehehe, it all came down to when the transaction was officially validated and done. Even though Julius had paid for his ticket at 8:59, the transaction did not terminate until 9:00 and 7 seconds for the 2nd tickets because it needed to print and such. at 9:00:07 it was officially done so he dun goofed in the courts.

    • Crapshoot Kershaw says:

      @Max: ok, at least in that sense he had a “case” since he paid for both tickets before 9 PM. But clearly, anybody would know what makes that stuff official time is the ticket printed time, not what time you got to the store, or paid, or said hello to the cashier.

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