SEO titles? Whatever. Prime time football has been anything but exciting this year as the matchup makers somewhere in a private bunker in Norad provided Santa tracking and NFL scheduling. “The Giants are a fun team!” Somebody shouted and everybody agreed, and 11 weeks into the season, NFL fans were treated to a 30-10 drubbing on prime time football. OK, Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski were out there doing their thang (which is basically calling each other on the phone and pretending to be somebody else) but everybody else basically treated it like a scrimmage game. Over on ESPN 2, Peyton and Eli welcomed several puzzling guests on to their show after running out of guests like Russell Wilson, Drew Brees, Tom Brady, and so on. Instead, the fans of Monday Night Football were treated to analysis by former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice while the usual broadcast crew couldn’t pronounce “Chris Godwin” correctly, favoring the moniker “Goodwin” for the Super Bowl-winning, Pro Bowl-making, 5-year veteran of the league. And we wonder why armchair journalists writing on semi-serious fantasy football sites are the ones getting all the love. [sigh] OK, let’s see if we can make sense of anything for your fantasy football teams. 

The New York GiantsSo the Giants put up 215 yards as a team. Full stop. I mean, Jonathan Taylor and Justin Jefferson basically did that by themselves just this week. The digital fishwraps were up in arms about whether Jason Garrett should continue to be the offensive coordinator in New York after last night’s dismal performance, and so far it looks like the former Cowboys’ coach will have a chance to finish out the season. Let’s be fair: Giants “star” running back Saquon Barkley has basically missed the season (and will basically have fantasy value only in PPR leagues because of all the dump passes he’ll be taking). Giants’ quarterback Daniel Jones has been miserable since his concussion and is clearly still not well. The entire Giants receiving corps is one giant injury. There are offensive linemen who have scored more touchdowns this year than Kenny Golladay has. Usually the Giants have been good for at least one receiver breakout per week — which is awesome for DFS — but we’re probably looking at Garrett trying to show he can balance the offense for the rest of the season, lest he find himself chasing an assistant job next year. Start Giants players at your own risk — including Saquon. 

Rob GronkowskiHe’s back and he’s special. 6 catches, 71 yards, start everywhere so he finally gets that “veteran” experience he’s always looking for when calling USAA. Also, how has USAA marketing not done a commercial with Gronk being confused about his “veteran” status? Seriously, there’s a freebie idea USAA. 

Leonard FournetteLenny had a quiet night on the ground but added another 6 catches for 39 yards. Ronald Jones might get some extra run here if the Bucs want to protect Fournette in the hopes that “Playoff Lenny” is ready to beast mode again. Last night Fournette and Jones basically did a 60/40 split, which might be the usual going forward because Bruce Arians knows the regular season is for show, and playoff season is for dough. 

OK friends, that’s really about it. Tom Brady did fine. Chris Godwin did fine. Mike Evans — fine. You knew all of that. I’m so sorry to all you Saquon managers, but you’ve got a worrisome offense that might not produce for the rest of season. Good luck this week and let me know how your Week 11 went! 

  1. Nightpandas says:

    Hey Blair

    12 team std

    3 Keepers: Kamara JJEFFERSON AGibson (maybe Deebo or Cordarelle)

    Got an offer for Kamara: Swift and backup and Waddle

    Think this helps me now and the future…thoughts?

    • everywhereblair

      everywhereblair says:

      I got ya on the other page, but I go ahead and make the trade. Kamara’s at his ceiling value and Swift is rising, so I think you’re fine.

  2. Jolt In Flow says:

    5 out of 6 of my teams won. I’ll take it. My best week yet.

    How’d you hold up this past week, EWB?

    PS. I have to bring baseball into this based on recent news. Your boy Robbie Ray took home the Cy Young. Starting odds for him winning were +10,000. Still a genius call. Always will be.


    • everywhereblair

      everywhereblair says:

      Hope I can do another long shot call this year lol

      My teams are injured, injured, injured. Somehow I’m still floating along in an eliminator against Andy Behrens with a team that’s basically Jalen Hurts and whatever rando people are alive. Donezo in RazzBowl thanks to Henry dropping. Somehow still alive in my charity league against the GOATs on DataForce. Could sure use one of those Alvin Kamara 6-TD games right about now!

  3. helpifyoucan! says:

    somebody anybody help :)

    Trade dealine in 2 hours

    give: Miles Sanders, Mark Andrews, Dak Prescott
    Get: derek carr, deebo samuel, noah fant

    its a keeper leage, Deebo is $11 to keep, none of sanders/andrews or prescott are keepable

    • everywhereblair

      everywhereblair says:

      Yeah I’m happy keeping Deebo if it’s a standard salary cap league with a cap around $200-$260. That’s a good value. Fant would be a nice keeper as well. Good luck!

  4. Mike says:

    What’s up man? Happy Thanksgiving. 2 questions for you both PPR.
    1- please choose 1 TE and 1 Flex from..McLaurin, Bateman, Eli Mitchell, Goedert and Logan Thomas( if active)

    2- Dak or Wentz? Do the inactive’s for Dak make you nervous?
    Thanks man

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