Hey everybody!  Hope all you guys had a non Suh-like Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately, now that the delicious Thanksgiving week games are over, we are left with a groggy, hangover week 13 with only up to a handful of notable games.  Here are some interesting stats that may help ease the pain of hangover week:

49ers still haven’t allowed a rushing touchdown/Tebow wins again
I’m sick of talking about the 49ers defense.  While I hope Steven Jackson gets a rushing TD, I’m not holding my breath.   Jackson hasn’t run the ball in since week 8 and only has run it in 4 times on the season.  On a different note, I could talk about Tebow all day, he’s dreamy.  Look for 5 straight in Bronco town.

Two of the most curious, playoff potential teams are the Jets and Raiders.
The Jets next three opponents are 0-9 since the start of November.
The Raiders next three opponents are 9-0 since the start of November.

With Pittsburgh’s win over the Chiefs
It marks the first time in since the ’92 season that a team has won back-to-back times in the match up.  Until the Steelers 13-9 win last week, the two teams alternated wins and losses for a total of 11 straight meetings.

Speaking of Pittsburgh, only 4 times since the merger has the Steelers allowed 4.0 YPC or more. 
The Steelers currently allow just over 4.0 YPC.

Only one quarterback with a winning record has a QBR less than 80.0.
I couldn’t believe it wasn’t Sanchez; my 5 years old niece could make better throws.  But luckily for him his QBR is 80.9, a full 2 points higher than Wacco Flacco (78.9).  Despite this fact, Flacco is the better QB; I will never believe otherwise.

The Bengals run defense is No. 2 in yards per play allowed (3.5) and No. 5 in yards per game allowed (92.7).
But the Bengals are also tied for sixth worst with 10 rushing TDs allowed.

Speaking of Cincinnati, they are 7-4, which is good.
However, they are 6-0 against teams with losing records and only 1-4 against teams with winning records, which is bad.

Sproles (348 yds.), Thomas (340) and Ingram (340) all run for surprisingly similar yardage.
What is not similar is their YPC.  Sproles averages 6.8 YPC, Thomas, 4.7 and Ingram, 3.7.

Patrick Peterson tied the record with punt return touchdowns by a rookie – 4
Rookie of the Year?  Could be.

The Jaguars have allowed 13.0 PPG since week 5.
Unfortunately, they’ve only scored 13.2 PPG over that same span.  Despite averaging more points for than points against, their record is 2-4 in that 6 game stretch.

Ryan Fitzpatrick has a 47.7 passer rating for November.
His contract extension is for 59 million over 6 years.  May have pulled the trigger a little too quickly on that one, eh Buffalo?

Matty Ice started the season ice cold.
Over his last 6 games, he’s had four games with 100+ ratings and five games resulting in a W.

Chris Johnson finally broke out with 190 yards Sunday.
You can expect this trend to continue.  Over the next three weeks, Johnson faces the paper thin run defenses of the Bills, Saints and Colts… if you can even call them defenses…

  1. JimParkey says:

    Which WR do you believe has the most value, ROY: Wayne, Decker, S. Moss, Manningham or L. Moore?

  2. Fernando says:

    10 team standard league: qb, wr, rb, te, w/r, w/r, w/r, k, def and six bench

    My team: QB Romo; WR welker, moss; TE Gates; RB peterson + gerhart, gore+hunter, s. jackson, d. murray, a. bradshaw, c.j. spiller; K hanson; DEF patriots

    Kevin, injuries and under performing players have hurt my standings the past few weeks. So, it looks like I’ll end up with fourth place. However, I’ll make the playoffs weeks 14-16, but I need some advise on what to make of my def. I own N.E (ind, was, den, mia). However, Tennessee (buf, n.o, ind, jac) and Philadelphia (sea, mia, nyj, dal) are available on waiver. If I have to add tenn or phi I have to drop a player.
    > Which player would you drop for tenn? (maybe D. Thomas, Hunter, Moss)
    > I like 15-16 Ten, but which Def would you go with for 14? Because it may help make my decision of the two def I’ll hold on my team for the rest of the season. Phi vs. Mia or Pats vs. was?

  3. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    Congrats on the playoff birth Fernando! A shot at the playoffs is what the regular season is all about.
    >If I had to drop a player, it would be Thomas, even though he is arguably the most valuable out of the three. Don’t drop Hunter, he is Gore’s get out of jail free pass. Keep and stash him. Same with Moss to an extent, even though there has to be a better FA WR available, right? Thomas, while probably outproducing Moss and Hunter, will not produce enough to make you worry about letting him go.
    >Tough call. I’d probably go Pats based on statistics and gut feelings.

  4. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    Decker (1,
    Wayne (2)
    L. Moore (3)
    Manningham (4)
    S. Moss (5)

    If you’re looking for someone to drop, Moss is far and away the worst on the list, in my opinion.

  5. Rocky says:

    I am really contemplating a risky trade here. I was thinking of offering Forte and Gates for A Pete. I have Gronk as my starting TE, with Mendy and Murray as other rbs. I am not liking Barber’s split involvement in the offense and don’t really need Gates. I don’t need to win next week, and the guy I am dealing with will get a chance to knock out the 2nd seed giving me the bye in the playoffs. Should I do it?

  6. Justin says:

    When talking about the Raiders upcoming opponents you must not be counting the week 12 games because the Phins and Lions both lost!

  7. Scott says:

    Would u bench turner and start aj green or Antonio brown at flex this week?

  8. I really think DeMarco Murray is the offensive rookie of the year.

    P.S. It’s refreshing to find a gay sports writer (outside of outsports).

  9. Adam says:

    Would U start packers defense,steelers defense,or broncos defense this week.? Tough choice

  10. PapaFrog says:

    How are the Jets next 3 opponents 0 and 9 since November if Washington won last week and Philly beat the Giants two weeks ago? Not sure what schedule you’re looking at. :)

  11. Nick says:

    Would you pickup Donald Brown dropping Knox or T Smith or my backup QB Sanchez (10 team league) with Tebow starting.I also have Starks & Helu on my bench with K Smith starting at Flex this week (so long as hes back)

  12. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    It’s a tough one because I don’t know the extent of AP’s injury. He looks like he will be sitting out this week, and I don’t see why the Vikings would be in a rush to get him back. I would wait and monitor AP’s health until offering the deal. If/when AP is healthy…go for it. You may be able to ask for more than just AP as well, if you wanted.

  13. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:

    @Justin: I wrote this article before week 12 with my “predictions” in place. Nice eye though. I appreciate the fact that someone actually reads the articles. I will be more careful in the future. You get the point with the records though…

    @PapaFrog: Again, I wrote the article before week 12, but thank you for reading the article. Nice to know what I write doesn’t just get passed over by the readers. As for the Philly win, just missed that one. My bad. You get the point with the records though… they are lopsided.

  14. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    I’d probably start Turner. None of the match ups are all that great and it’s harder to take out an entire running game than one receiver.

  15. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    Plankton? Anyways, I’m not gay… not that there is anything wrong with that. I just appreciate the godliness of the miracle child. If you would like a gay sports writers opinion, check out the Herald’s Steve Buckley… nice guy.

    Demarco Murray for ROY, sure why not. ROY could divide up tons of different ways.

  16. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    I’d say Broncos. I don’t trust the Vikings offense without AP who looks like he will be on the shelf another week at least. Plus they have been playing on fire.

  17. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    I would debate dropping Smith, but thats only if your other WR are firmly intact. If there is even any doubt about your WRs, don’t bother with Brown.

  18. Rags says:

    I’m starting Eli in an elimination game.

    I have the GB D/ST (in our league, D/STs get return yardage as well as TDs, but tackles for a loss count for a point, and yards allowed is counted along with pts allowed.)

    Do I stick with GB, limiting my upside but also limiting my downside, and hope they break a kick return TD?

    Or do I grab Denver against Minny (I have AP/Gerhart), Was against the Jets or Oakland against Miami?


  19. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    If you can afford to drop someone, I would probably pick up the Broncos’ defense. The Giants will get the yardage and a decent amount of points, Miami’s offense has been okay as of late, and I don’t know what to make of the Skins/Jets game. But what I do know is that AP is almost certainly not playing this week and Denver’s defense has been on fire. A lot of times defenses can be crap shoots, but in this instance, I would take the Broncos as the best bet.

  20. anthony says:

    I need help with my flex this week and my QB.

    Desean beanie percy and santana?
    Leaning toward percy

    Eli or cam? All season I have been going back and forth.

    What do you think? Thanks a lot.

  21. Frank Rizzo says:

    Hey Adam,

    Do I start Celek or Gresham at tight end this week, week 13?
    Do I start Phillip Rivers, Carson Pamler, or Ryan Fitzpatrick?
    Also, if you had to pick two players to start out of Ryan Matthews, McGhaee, Plaxico, and Andre Johnson who would u start? It can be any two…..

  22. Frank Rizzo says:

    Oh yeah it’s a ppr league.

  23. Frank Rizzo says:

    I also have Roy helu to choose from with Matthews, McGahee, plax, and Andre?

  24. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    I’d agree with you on Percy. Jackson’s on/off attitude can completely kill his value any given week, Wells’ knee was acting up again last week during the rams and just no on Moss. With AP and Jenkins out, look for Harvin to get a hefty workload. His stats should be the best?

    Cam v. Manning is almost identical for me. If I had to choose one, I’m going with Newton, barely. I think his legs put him over the top.

  25. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:

    @Frank Rizzo:

    I would actually choose Fitzpatrick, believe it or not. Rivers isn’t reliable anymore after not even reaching 200 yards passing last week. Palmer’s options to throw too are dwindling with Moore and Ford questionable on the week. Fitzpatrick played much better than his stats showed last week (ehem… Steve Johnson drops) but I think he comes back with a vengeance this week v. a middle of the road titan pass D.

    Out of them, I would probably choose McGahee and Plax. Johnson is actually my least favorite of the group, believe it or not. Helu and Matthews are tied for 3a. and 3b respectively.

  26. Sam says:

    +0 ppr, Garcon or Knox? Garcon has been pretty brutal 4 out of these last 5 weeks…and I doubt Orlovsky is gonna help the situation, even if he does have to throw 30+ times while hopelessly trailing the Pats all game. That said, I don’t have a whole lot of faith in the Hanie-Knox connection either….

  27. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    I’d go Garcon. His match up is better, he has 35 targets in his last 4 games and, if you think about it, Orlovsky might be a step up from Painter. I’d play Garcon and hope that Flowers can hold Knox and Hanie.

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